Diva Milano The One

Diva Essenza Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier: Terracotta, The One!

The Diva Wrap Conversion is a full buckle baby carrier that can be used from birth up to 2-3 years. It is sewn from Diva baby wraps, and can be used for front and back positions.

Nina Sekulic, Serbia

Where to start … 🙂 For a few days we hosted this beauty from the collection Diva Milano The One! Adjustable carrier, from birth to 2-3 years (no need for insert), conversion from woven wrap. Tested on a mother of 1.75cm and 65kg (this is due to the belt I’ll describe) and a baby of 9+ months, 73cm and something less than 10kg…. I have to admit that I’ve been watching Diva for a long time, thinking about when they have discounts, but I never dared to order it, so you can imagine my happiness when I saw her in the album for testing with Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps! They always looked so elegant, maybe because of patterns, maybe because of photo model, and maybe because of the name itself. Design itself is beautiful!

It’s not my color, I would personally decide, for example, for Pino Bamboo, although this perfectly fits this autumn day. But if you want to look perfect, you have to take care of styling 🙂 I mean, it does not go bare with sweat suit😂 (if someone takes care of it). Carrier is very soft. Until now, I did not have the opportunity to try wrap conversion carrier on clasp, so I’m really surprised by this softness. I suppose that during the summer you can stand in it. Unlike a soft panel, the belt is extremely tough. I often read in reviews that mothers do not like soft seatbelts, they are folding, they are broken, etc. However, by testing this carrier I realized that my bass soft belts fit. Here is the belt, as I said, very tough, and wide and I somehow did not know how to put it, and to be completely comfortable. If I put it on my waist, it’s kind of high, it’s very hard on my hips and it’s stinging me, and I’m having a narrow waist and wide hips, so neither position was comfortable. I did not bother to worry about it now if we were dealing with the store, but for a longer time, it was uncomfortable for me. It is comfortable on my shoulders, but for my taste, I would like it to be a little puffy, maybe a little stuffed, such as Zmajcica, which I tested before this carrier. As far as the pin and adjustments are concerned, the carrier has interesting solutions. It’s easy to adjust the width of the panel between the legs because the fabric is glued with a velcro tape for the belt itself, so it just slips and narow and there are stripes that are ordered to hold the panel like you installed it. It is easy to adjust the length of the panel! It can be done literally in walking, which I liked most, in the same way as you adjust, that is, you cut and release the shoulder straps. And I like the solution for the high belts, simply, but I have not come up with it yet. At the ends of the belts there are ribons, so the belt is just a watch and a link with that rubber and nothing hangs. I think I covered everything. 🙂 The conclusion is … What about me personally, this carrier is not The One, that is, if I had to choose one for the entire beige path, it would not be this because it is basically not perfectly comfortable, but if I could make myself a collection of carriers, I would definitely include this for some shorter wear over the summer. Thank you LTC❤️ and thank you very much Diva Milano Baby Carriers for letting me try this beauty.

Sanela Trefalt, Serbia

Thanks to the LTC we have pleasure to spent some time with Diva Milano The One, wrap conversion, full buckle baby carrier. The One is definitely simple to use, especially panel adjustment, the height and the width. I really like the way you can move the panel along the belt, and fix it with velcro tape. Carrier is so light and can be fold and fix with the straps sew into belt, so you don’t need to take her off when baby wants to get out and in. Shoulder straps can be worn parallel or crossed, for me, it was better to wear it crossed, because when I was wearing parallel I couldn’t reach the buckles on the connecting strap🙄. It wasn’t comfortable for me to wear it that way although I adjust the height of the connecting strap ( I’m 167 cm tall and the baby model is about 75 cm/9kg ). This carrier is comfortable for prolonged carrying and design is stylish. We were happy to worn this Diva on my son’s first birthday 🧡🧡🧡! The terracotta pattern is so autumnal! 🧡Big thanks to all those who gave us this opportunity!
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Ivana Glisic, Serbia

Carrier is made of woven wrap and should be carried from the beginning to the end of the wearing. Diva comes in its bag, which is always nice to see 😊. When it arrived, I first noticed the belt. It is wider than belts of carrier that I have tried so far, and the filling seemed to me to be “weird”. I was bumped to the conclusion that we will not respond but actually I was wrong. Belt’s a nicely laid because the wide baby’s bottom falls very nicely. However, baby in carrier is standing high enough so that my head has bothered me when carrying it forward because I did not see the way in front of me. I concluded that we had time to carry on our back 😂 and so for the next couple of days we enjoyed exclusive wear on our back. Baby also stands here high enough for such wearing is ideal.
Diva carrier was generally comfortable, soft and pleasant. Since we are neither at the beginning nor at the end of the night, but somewhere in the middle (12 months, 9-10kg), I can not really figure out how much the carrier really is The One. Although I would say that with bigger children, wearing on the back is more pleasant.
Certainly thanks to Diva Milano Baby Carriers on this great donation and the opportunity to try out their carrier.

Maja Mircic, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test this real Diva. Baby has 5 months, weighing about 7.5kg. As the second carrier with the buckles I tried, I needed to go in with it, most of all around the setting of the panel. The first one I tried was adjusting with strings, so I thought that everyone in the world had it 😂, and as soon as I saw that they were not there, I thought she could not 🤣. When I realized it was another story.
I tried it with both parallel and crossed straps and it suits me more when they are crossed. Just because I needed help when I was in a hurry, when it was very difficult for me to do it myself, because the baby got out of control and started to mumble, he wanted to get out. But as soon as we go out, master falls asleep and when he is not sleeping time 🙂 Carrier is so soft and comfortable, and much more beautiful live than on the pictures. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps and Diva Milano Baby Carriers on this wonderful opportunity that you have enabled us 😍 #lenastravelingcarriers #divamilanotesterltc

Selma Hamidovic Kujucev, Serbia

We hosted the Diva, the fourth carrier with buckle. The baby has 7.2kg and 6.5 months. I must say that we somehow missed another day for testing to make the impression complete. She is beautiful in itself, but I did not deal with it. She was kind of loose and I could nottighten it to the end, but I’m glad we had the chance to try it. Thank you very much #lenastravelingcarriers #divamilanotesterltc

Natasa Bogicevic, Serbia

#lenastravelingcarriers #divamilanotesterltc #divamilanoinserbia
Thanks to the Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps I had a great pleasure to test one of buckle carriers from Diva Milano’s collection. It was The One! Model, full wrap conversion in Terracotta design.
It was my first time to be in touch with any ssc full made of wrap, so really, I can say that this carrier fulfilled all my high expectations. Baby tester is 6.5 months old, 9 kilos weight and 71 cm high.
First of all, this carrier cuddled my baby completely. We did a front carry position. With very roomy and soft panel, it was so easy to get an ideal M and C positions. Wide padded waist belt was very comfortable on my hips, who wore all baby’s weight, where shoulders were not involved at all. Although I am a kind of person that prefer crossed shoulder straps, with this carrier it was not working well with me. Straps were too close to my neck, giving me unpleasant feeling.
My impression was that baby was an ideal size for front position. Cross belt on the back was completely backward on shoulder straps but still just in the middle between blades, where baby’s top of a head was in front of my chin. I think that bigger babies would require back position otherwise, theirs head could block mum’s view.
Despite a feeling that I missed a few more days for testing (5 was not enough for me this time), I freely can say that this carrier has all my positive impressions. I recommend it!
Thank you all for a chance!

Jovana Aradski, Serbia

Boy is 21months old and around 11kg, and I am 179cm and 69kg.
First impression about Diva that is really gorgeous even on picture but also in live. I really like suck pack for carrier. Materials and color are really quality made and beautiful. Waist was good for me, but I felt weight on my shoulders and somehow not quite tight even as my husband helped to tight them up. I think I will have an issue if we go for a longer walks. Thanks Ana and girls for let us try this carrier.

Miljana Sabli, Serbia

We have been hosts for this gorgeous carrier. This carrier is made as full wrap conversion and it is so soft and amazing. The waist is more wider and firmer than on other carrier we have tried so far, but for me it is perfectly fine as I don’t have issues with any. We have been front and back carry and it felt comfortable in both ways. Baby has 14 months and 10kg. The weight is equally transferred on shoulders but I needed to tighten up straps because somehow they were slipping. Thank you for opportunity to try this carrier.

Marijana Mojsilovic, Serbia

Diva Essenza Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier Terracota The One was our quest thanks to LPN and Diva Milano. At the moment of testing baby is 9 months old and has almost 9 kg. With its appearance, this carrier deserves to be called Diva. Although it is not my favorite colour, the pattern is beautiful, the material is soft and translucent. The panel perfectly adjusts to the baby, I think that I got the best M position right in this carrier. The panel setting is simple, both, height and width. I have the only complaint on the shoulder straps, which didn’t give me comfort. I had to tighten them up again during the walk. But the belt was perfect for me, although it is harder than I prefer.
Thanks for the opportunity to try this wonderful carrier.

Doroteja Bejuk, Croatia

Diva Essenza Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier Terracota The One
The picture is not the best one but the carrier is one of the best we have ever tired. The reason I wanted to try this one is as it goes from 4-25kg and you read this correct. I have tried so many carriers till now but this justify the name of the carrier “Diva” as much I was skeptical on this 25kg it shows completely opposite and there was no reason for doubt. Before I start using it I have carefully investigate a carrier. the thing I would change is the small hood which will not be possible to use with much bigger carrier. The waist is really wider than on other carriers I tried and when you carry bigger child you will carry it lower so it is perfect. I have tested with kid od 13kg and 90cm and we have been in really 2 long walks and few sleeps in it. The straps I tough it would be too narrow but they were really comfortable and I have not felt the weight of my kiddo. Panel is still wide enough and almost goes from knee to knee to my kid of 90cm. I was amazed by this carrier and the price is perfect also as this is the one carrier you can use from beginning till the end of babywearing.

Neda Krtolica Stojanovic, Serbia

One of the most beautiful carrier I have seen. It looks like an old gold. So soft, easy to tie and equally transfer baby weight. One pretty nice surprise as I have not expected to like it this much. Baby is 10 months old and around 9kg.

Nives Mandic, Croatia

I have tested Divu Essenza Wrap Conversion Buckle Carrier Terracotta The One with my 3 year old daughter around 15kg and 1 year old son around 9kg. Carrier is so soft and easy to adjust but It has not work for me for some reason, after longer walks my back was hurting. I think leg extenders would be good idea for later on.

Andrijana Cesar, Croatia

We have tested Diva Milano The one. Baby was around 11kg. I am not fully satisfied as even as I tied up waist till the end I had more space in between and it was hard to tied up straps in walk. So it is nothing my cup of tea.

Iva Brekalo, Croatia

We had pleasure to test this carrier several days. The carrier is so beautiful, wrap is so soft but it have not suit me. When I carry in front my baby was somehow pull to outside (14months and 9.5kg) and than straps were dig in to my shoulders and back. And because the carrier is so soft my kid find a way to be more acrobatic and that makes carrying even harder. So we are still in search for the right one for us.

Katarina Keyt, Croatia

Diva Essenza Wrap Conversion The One is the perfect carrier for us. First I was impressed with design and it perfectly goes with my styling. Carrier is so soft on touch and easy to adjust. Waist is wide and hard, but I would not say it is to stiff or to soft, just right. The straps are soft and does not hurt after long walks. Panel is easily adjustable on height or width and baby is in perfect position with deep sitting so close to the one in wrap carry. The hood is it on clicks which is better solution for me personally from buttons because when baby sleeps in back carry I can easily use it to keep his head steady with just one click on straps. Baby has 11 months and 9kg, and I am 160cm with 57kg on my body type carrier is perfect, especially with back carry as baby can be carried really high. The carrier I have used one day for 6hours with small breaks for feedings and changing and after those 6 hours nothing has hurting me, not even shoulders. For me this is The One and real DIVA because it is magical and baby will sleep in it every time.

Mirela Gudic, Croatia

I had a pleasure to test Diva Milano carrier. First I need to say that I am babywearing toddler on my back and onbuhimo type of carrier is not the one I like and it is really hard to find comfortable carrier and because of that If I needed right now a new carrier Diva will be in my top choice. Why? Because when I first put baby in it I have easy find perfect position to be very comfortable for her and me. My daughter have 2 years and 11kg. We have tried several longer walks and more short walks. The weight is evenly balanced on shoulders and hips so there is not straps digging in to your shoulders or waist which will bother me. The materials are very soft. Adjusting is easy and everything was easy to tied up and it will not slide. This carrier burst my idea that softer waist is not for older children, because on this one I did not have issuer of overturning or basically any issues. I am giving a big plus to this carrier and I will always gladly recommend as consultant this carrier. #divamilanotesterltc#lenastravelingcarriers

Sara Dabic, Croatia

Diva was also with us and they come at perfect moment to rescue us as our pushchair just got broken and our carrier was on holiday and my daughter was teething. She is 11 months old and around 10kg. The color is not something I would personally choose but it is extremely comfortable.
We have been back carry also and it was comfortable, the weight is equally distribute and nothing was bother me. The thing I like the most are easy straps and clicks for putting a hood which I can easily put by myself even in a back carry. The carrier is somewhere in between for me, I love how comfy it is but some practicality can be improved.

Nataš Pešterac, Serbia

With us on rent is Diva Milano The one carrier. .Design and color can be combined easy with outfit, but it is a matter of taste. Material is made of a soft woven wrap and it is great to me. The baby is four months old and he is carried forward only, baby is not complaining and I am comfortable. The belt is quite wide and it suits me. It is easy to adjust and I do not feel the baby at all. It makes it much easier for me these days in the apartment. He enjoys being with me so I can do a lot,sometimes baby sleeps in a carrier. .We like it and would recommend it further. Soft, easy to tighten, distributes weight nicely.

Tamara Babin, Serbia

We had a pleasure to try Diva Milano, our first buckle carrier. Like it’s name says, this carrier is a real Diva, wonderful, comfortable, perfectly soft. Our baby is 5 months old and weighs 10 kg. It was a little bit hard to adjust, but when we menage it, we realy enjoyed. It was for a short time, but very sweet. All recommandation for this carrier it is very comfortable and light.

Milena Maslic, Serbia

Thanks to the Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we have pleasure to spent some time with Diva Milano Baby Carriers, wrap conversion, full buckle baby carrier. The One is definitely simple to use, especially panel adjustment, the height and the width. I really like the way you can move the panel along the belt, and fix it with velcro tape. Carrier is so light and can be fold and fix with the straps sew into belt, so you don’t need to take her off when baby wants get out. This carrier is comfortable for prolonged carrying and design is stylish. I freely can say that this carrier has all my positive impressions. I recommend it!🧡Big thanks to all those who gave us this opportunity!
#lenineputujucenosiljke #lenastravelingcarriers #divamilano #divamilanotesterltc #divamilanoone #divamilanoinserbia

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