Bazzinga Primus carrier

This carrier is amazing donation from Bazzinga carriers.

It is meant to be used form 4 months till 20kg.

Marijana Mojsilovic, Serbia

My carrier – Primus model baby size, full conversion. All praise 🙂 The carrier is soft, gentle, and at the same time firm. I do not feel the weight of my baby, which currently has 8 kg. In comparison with other carriers we used, this is the easiest to install. We also easily adjusted the bulkhead during the first assembly. Sleepy dust is definitely, every time we sleep during walk. I must also commend speed of production carrier, the smoothness of the arrangement and the delivery. All praises for the Bazzinga team. By the way, we will commend LTC group, through which we learned about these wonderful carriers.

Maja Mircic, Serbia

We had the opportunity to host Bazzinga carrier, primus model, for a week. As the first carrier with buckles we used, we only have the words of praise. Only now I understand when mothers say that the carrier is soft. It’s really soft and reckless, both for the baby and for me. In moment is getting tight, release, there is a possibility of adjustment on two sides. The baby often fell asleep in it, which says it all. Baby currently has 5 months and about 7300gr. My back was sometimes hurting, and sometimes not, what I prescribe to my inexperience in fitting carriers.

Natasa Bogicevic, Serbia

Thanks to a group of enthusiastic and wonderful women, I had the opportunity to test this carrier. My happiness that I have opportunity to test this brand was even greater because Bazzinga was been shortlisted when I decided which carrier to take it for myself, before baby birth and a chance to try anything before I buy. Now baby has 6 months and about 8.5kg.

With carrier I can easily come upon the first meeting. Everything was clear to me what it was doing. The belt is comfortable, it fits nicely on body and I like it with a lumbar support, gives me the feeling of extra comfort. The panel can be easily adjusted to height and width with string. The shoulder straps are well stuffed and soft, with the gurney of the right does not rush, it is better to say a bumper under the armpit. Considering that I have Ruckeli carrier whose system of buckling is significantly different from most of the other carriers, I had a problem in the beginning to get, tickle and correctly install the transverse buckle on the back. I tried it with cross straps. Feeling during wear in this way is definitely more pleasant to me but to install … ugh.

As I have never had assistance in fixing, that was some tampering and sweating. It’s great to me that no matter how good I was (not) professionally fitting, every time I was comfortable and I did not feel load on shoulders. And I went into the rhythm and each time I was getting faster, I was looking forward to a nice time and I planned longer walks outside, the older brother got sick and for the last three days we almost did not use it … so my chance was dropped “I clicked” with a carrier to the end. Thank you very much BaZZinga for donation and LTC team for intermediate!

Snezana Kljestan, Serbia

Baby and I tried this beautiful Bazzinga and we really enjoyed it. So far we have been wearing only in elastic wrap and we have no experience with these carriers. But we got on. I was thrilled with the fact that the carrier on all sides has some adjustments, clips and what everywhere there are holders that curl excess straps. Now, as there are already so many options for tightening, I almost always touch something out of it 😆 so that we did not even equally spell one day. Some day was better, some worse. Usually, both of us were comfortable even when we did not fit properly. The baby has 7.5 months and about 9kg.

Selana Smiljanić, Serbia

I would like to thanks Bazzinga team and the great group Lena’s traveling carriers for the oportunity to rent and enjoy in this amazing carrier – model Primus. This is the most comfortable carrier I have ever tried!
I heard so much recommendations from other mums and now I know why they are so satisfied. Wrapped with beautiful material, baby’s legs are always in perfect M position with knee-to-knee support. It holds her body so firm, so I never worry that some unexpected can happend (especially when she is on my back). I use back carry when baby is wake with narrowed panel, and front carry for sleeping time with expanded panel. It’s so easy for tuning, so I didn’t fell effort in any moment when I need to adjust it. My little girl is 13 months old and about 10kg. Both of us are in love with these cutiest Bazzinga owls ❤ 🦉🦉🦉#lenastravelingcarriers

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