Neko Switch Alba adjustable baby carrier

Neko Switch Alba
Adjustable baby carrier – baby size
This is amazing donation from Neko and unique opportunity for testing in our market.

Marijana Mojsilovic, Serbia

One candy carrier 🙂 sweet colors, fine and smoot. At the moment of testing, the baby has 6.5month, 8 kg and 70 cm. Clothing size 74. 74. Adjusting the carrier is very easy, narrowing the panel with buttons, which has especially impressed me, because there is no worry that one side is wider or narrowed. The shoulder straps can be installed in two ways, on the panel or on the belt. The producer anticipates a belt buckle for babies who have not sitting yet, but we have tried both ways, although the baby does not sit still. As for comfort, the belt is soft, it does not go off and does not feel it is there. Also, the baby’s weight does not feel. The only complaint is that I had the feeling that my left shoulder strap slip and it will fall off. But I note that I have distinctly narrow shoulders, size T-shirt XS. Although, with other carriers, I did not have this problem, so I leave the possibility that I did not completely adapt the carrier to myself, because the right was great. In any case, carrier is wonderful and we would gladly wear with it.
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Milena Makic, Serbia

Thanks to the wonderful LPN team, we were able to host this wonderful carrier. This is also our first wearing in buckle carrier (and writing a review 😁), so the excitement was even greater. Carrier arrived nicely packed in her bag. I really liked the design, which perfectly suited my little girl. Bearing in mind that it is made of woven wrap, and according to impressions of mothers who use wraps made of woven fabric, I assumed that Alba would provide us comfort. And indeed, carrier is very soft, the weight is nicely arranged, I did not have the feeling of any kind of discomfort, and that I do not mind anything during the wearing.
At the time of testing, the baby had almost 2 months and weighed about 6 kg. I was especially impressed with setting panels for smaller babies when it comes to width. I really like that the panel can be narrowed by a drikker, buckle is tight and there is no fear that anything will move. The only problem I had was backing up on my back, so Dad had to help us, but it is perhaps to the fact that we do not have much experience with carriers with buckles.
The overall impression with this carrier is very positive and I would very much like to have one like this, taking into account other beautiful patterns that can be seen with Neko carriers. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy in this soft perfection.

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

We had the pleasure to test Neko Switch Alba carrier. My lovely baby boy is 13 months old and about 10 kilograms weight . This awesome carrier is extra soft and very adjustable with great pattern for resize of panel, with buttons . Belt is just the way it is, great support for the back. I didn’t feel baby’s weight at all and that’s why this carrier is excellent support for all carriers. The carrier comes in it’s own fantastic lovely little bag, and that’s another great plus.
Mummy and baby enjoyed it a lot ! Thanks a lot Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps for opportunity to test this great carrier.

Jovana Aradski, Serbia

I was very pleasantly surprised when I got carrier. Although the colors are not really in my mood, the shades are beautiful. It’s kind of sweet 🍭🍬🍰 It is packaged in a bag with a brand name. I really like sign and name.
Qualitative and comfortable. We tried baby size so may be small for my baby. During the wearing I was a little awkward because it happened that our heads are colliding. The belt is basically match. It has firmness, it is not too wide or too narrow, does not bend. We did not wear too much, but when we did, I did not feel much weight, although I have pain in my back. Bravo for Lena’s traveling carrier and team! Bravo for Neko!
P.S Boy 19 months and 12 kg

Anita Markovic, Serbia

Beautiful color and cozy carrier. The belt is perfect for me, hard and strong, yet not too stiff and easy to tighten. But, the buckle was bothering me, also the buckles under the armpit, I felt them all the time. Interesting solution for resizing the width of the panel with snaps. I found it hard to loosen shoulder straps because it was so inconvenient to reach buckles. I don’t have experience in back carry, but I tried it and it was ok, only I wasn’t able to raise the belt a little higher, but baby enjoyed it so much that she fell asleep after just 5 minutes. She is 7 months old, around 7,8kg and 63cm.
#nekotester #lenastravelingcarriers #testingltc #nekoslings #nekoinserbia

Jasmina Marinkovic, Serbia

My 4 months old baby boy, around 7,5kg, and I had the opportunity to test and enjoy the Neko switch baby size carrier. We even got dad interested in carrying with this colorful and easy handling carrier 🤗.This adjustable wrap conversion carrier is suprisingly cushy and easy to use. The carrier is quite soft and airy, and the colors are unique and pretty. It has great flexibility and I like the extra support it gave us with a generously padded and strong waistband. Interesting and very easy way to adjust width via a series of poppers, while the height can be adjusted via a drawstring that is also simple. It’s really comfortable and it was a real pleasure testing it so thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Neko Slings .

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

We had opportunity to test Neko Switch carrier. At the mi moment of testing baby had 8 months and 9kg. The carrier is extremely soft and comfortable as straps. The waist belt is a bit harder then I prefer. I love adjustable part with buttons. We have enjoyed in this carrier.

Andrijana Cesar, Croatia

Neko adjustable carrier

I would wait for better picture but I can’t as I need to share my excitement. I am blown away with this carrier. It is so soft and easy to adjust and design is beautiful. From all carriers I have ever tried this is far the best one and I will for sure buy it for next baby.

Anamarija Jagodic, Serbia

Thanks to Neko and LTC we have tried this amazing carrier. Tester is 16months and 10kg and his height is around 70cm. He was in strike before testing this carrier but he decided to give it a go. The baby fells in perfectly and waist is nicely balanced not too soft or too hard. It was perfect for my back and lumbal part. I had some issues putting the baby on a back but it is not related to carrier but rather to nervous toddler. Colours are beautiful and material is soft and airy and follows babies curves. The straps are ideal thickness and does not fall from shoulders. Thank you all once again.

Nives Mandic, Croatia

I am lucky that I had opportunity to try this carrier. On first I was impressed with colours, softness and how easy is to adjust. I have been testing it with 1year old who had around 9kg. It is really comfortable on shoulders and I haven’t felt the baby weight. Waist belt is a bit hardee for my taste if it was a bit softver this would be ideal carrier and one of rhe best on my opinion. #lenastravelingcarriers #nekoslings #testingltc

Natasa Despotović, Serbia

Our first experience with carriers was with Neko carrier so we don’t have any possibility to compare to anything but rather to say my own feelings ans baby reaction. On first look I loose my breath as it so beautiful and the material is so soft. The waist belt was perfect for me. When I put the baby in carrier she was so calm and I felt like she is again in my belly even this time she was on it. Overall baby and I loved it and I had again my hands free, finally.

Sara Dabic, Croatia

We have recently tried this beauty. It was a love on a first sight. I was a bit scared of all adjustable parts and first but soon I realised that there is nothing to worry. This carrier blow me away as it is so soft and easy to adjust. I particularly liked adjustable panel as it is really precise for each baby stage. We had many short walks and one long 2 hours walk and I couldn’t felt the baby weight at all. Now I am sorry I haven’t tried also back carry.

Katarina Keyt, Croatia

We had opportunity to test Neko Switch carrier. The carrier is so soft on touch and the colours are beautiful. Babies weight of 8kg I haven’t felt at all. We have tried both front and back carry. Adjustable panel on buttons I likee very much as it is easy and more precise. Rhe waist belt is neither too soft or too hard and for me it was perfect. The straps we have been connecting on panel and they are soft, comfortable and easy to adjust. The buckle on a back can be narrowed from both sides and I like that very much. Back carry is really comfortable even the baby is not placed that high. The hood we used a lot as baby will fell a sleep often on my back and it is so easy to reach it and fix it to hold the baby head. To conclude this carrier is beautiful, practical and comfortable.

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