Calin Bleu gauze wrap

Calin Bleu was the one who first put trust in us and donated to our project 2 beautiful gauze wraps. Here is what mum has to say about it.

Klara Miklos Martinov, Serbia

Baby – Matilda, then 8+ months, 60 and some cm and about 6 kg. Mom, 163-4cm and about 55 kg (I guess). Unique wrap, I did not have the opportunity to try any one similar. Extremely fluttering, thin and light, and incredibly strong and firm, absolutely perfect summer wrap for small babies, but I would wear it without a baby, as a summer dress 😍🖤 Wrap kept my young lady without any trouble, so it would keep it harder babies, I believe that in order to reduce the possibility of cutting In shoulders, it needs to be wrapped more appropriately (because of lower gsm). Thanks to Ana, Jelena and the entire team of Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps and Calin Bleu baby slings for opportunity to try this unique wrap and enjoy it.

Dejana Stefanovic, Serbia

“Calin bleu ” is perfect wrap for summer. The baby has about 8 kg, wrap is thin but surprisingly comfortable. We did not even have to try on the side and back.

Maja Stanojevic, Serbia

Here’s our Calin Bleu gauze wrap that we have chance to test. Wonderfully thin and easy to wrap. Recommendations for anyone who as I have problems with wrapping of thick (heavy) wraps.

Tijana Pribakovic, Serbia

Thanks to this group, Ana and Caline Bleu slings we have an opportunity to use this amazing gauze wrap. It’s so thin and soft, perfect choice for summer and little babies. I suppose it is comfortable up to 6-7kg, like stretchy wrap.

Jelena Perunicic, Serbia

An excellent choice for the summer, it’s perfectly easy to wrap because it’s thin and gives a totally different feel in hands during wrapping that makes it very interesting. I think it’s perfect for newborn babies and t’s better choice than elastic wrap for summer. If you have a summer baby you will not make mistakes by choosing another interesting summer color. Extra advice: shorty is great for beach to avoid send in wrap. Because of CB, I want another summer girl in a hot pink or yellow short CB wrap.

Marijana Mojsilovic, Serbia

We have used this wrap for a month when baby was 6months old and around 8kg. At first it was hard for us because it was the first wrap we tried and I did not have any experience in wrapping. Once I figure how to tied it was easy and without issues. Wrap is so easy to use and has perfectly holding jumping of my baby even it is so thin that it give you impression it would not survive those acrobatics. I was happy that this was our first wrap as it is maybe the best choice for beginners. Only because of the color I needed some time to understand which part I am holding and tithing up, on the other hand because of the color it goes with any combination.

Tamara Stevanovic, Serbia

My baby is 3.5months old and around 6.5kg. The wrap is extremely thin and airy and I was a bit skeptical at first will it holds a baby and I needed some time to be comfortable with this idea. We did not use it for longer walks because of the bad weather but baby really enjoyed it as he will fell a sleep soon after he was wrapped. The plus as we have not be sweaty as with elastic wrap.

Jelena Krsmanovic Adreljan, Serbia

The wrap is perfect for beginners and easy to tie up, nicely holds and can carry baby of 8kg and my older girl of 14kg (but only for pictures) . It is so thin which is perfect for summer.

Jahzy Jah, Serbia

Midnight Black Cotton Gauze Wrap was the first thing I’ve ever try in world of babywearing. This wrap is unique. I like fluffines of the wrap. We try it in the middle of winter, so we needed extra layer of clothes, but for hot summer days I’m sure it’s perfect. Also, I would wear it like a dress. And, just one thing, this wrap has sleepy dust. 😊 Wrapee was 4 months old and about 6000gr. Thanks LPN and Calin Bleu for this amazing opportunity.

Zorana Petronijevic, Serbia

Andrea 5months -6kg
Mom 27years -60kg
Calin Bleu wrap has gave us a beautiful moments. In start we had a trouble and we didn’t wear, but trought the time the wearing started to be pleasure and sucessful. Wrap is black and it could be a repulsively, but it’s softlines and lightnes will made you enjoy in summer walks. Thanks to admin of group #lenastravelingcarriers

Katarina Radovanovic, Serbia

This was the first wrap that I tried, except the elastic one. I was a little bit afraid of wrapping, but it was surprisingly easy. It is very light weight, yet very firm and reliable, easy to wrap and it is very comfortable, ideal for summertime walks. My baby is 3,5 months old and has 5,7kg, and I really don’t feel her weight.
I am very thankful for this great opportunity and I’m looking forward to future baby carried walks that we’re about to have this summer.
#lenastravellingcarriers #calinbleu

Natasa Kuzmanovic, Serbia

Calin Bleu is the first wrap I have tried and it is perfect for summer and small babies. I am greatfull to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Calin Bleu baby slings for introducing us to the world of baby carrying and for the opportunity to try this wonderful wrap. The baby tester is 2+ months old and about 4kg and it absolutely suits us. We get a little upset before we settle in but soon fall asleep at mom’s arms.

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