Yaro Sling Baskets Black

Material: cotton 100%
Thickness: 230 g/m2

Size: 4

Radmila Gacina, Serbia

Yaro Basket Black in size 4, 230gsm was too thin for this little heavyweight, but it held on. M is 22 months old, has 16kg and 96cm. It is easy to wrap and reeeeeeally soft. We tried several front carries FWCC and back carries HJBC with CCCB.

rada yaro

Sanja Dimitrijevic, Serbia

After using Nona and Lidl woven wraps, this wrap has been a revelation for me. So soft, easy to mold, beautiful wrap. For a 9kg baby, it can be used in single-layered carries, which I thought it will be possible with a toddler as well, but it hurt my shoulders. I am not very adept with many types of carries, but ruck was the fastest and the easiest, so we used it most frequently. And of course, the inevitable FWCC, the first one we learned.

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Yaro basket grey in size 4 was with us for a month and I must say I am feeling nostalgic. The reason are many testers, but Yaro was quite a refreshment after size 6 and 7 wraps. Soft and yet thick enough to hold a 6.5 kg baby in fwcc, kangaroo and sling carry. Yaro helped us to learn slipknot and new carry types. I liked the design and color. We have beautiful memories of it, and would not mind to host it again after New Year.

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