Didymos Lisca Minos size 4

Material: 100 % organic cotton
Thickness: 190 g/m²
Different Edges: No

Jelena Perunicic, Serbia

jelena minos

Beautiful 4, perfect for small babies, as it is thinner and soft wrap. Didymos is always my first recommendation.

Liza Kvin, Serbia

Here are my impressions:
Models: Baby: Katarina 7 months old, about 7500g, and about 66 cm.
Mom: 157cm, 75kg: D
Thanks to wonderful Ana and group Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps, we had the opportunity to test Didymos – Lisca Minos wrap -100% cotton, 190 gsm, size 4. This is the first short woven wrap that I had the opportunity to try. After using the size 7, I wanted to try out shorty on back. What has left the biggest impression on me is that this wrap is easy to wrap and bind. I was skeptical when I read the gsm, but it was great support for baby of 7,5 kg. Unfortunately, I did not try other bindings so I could test it more and see how it behaves, but judging from this I tried, this wrap is fantastic for all those who first meet with it. My first contact with a woven wrap was inconvenient because the wrap was thicker, and after that, I was not sure that it was wearing for me because I did not have the strength to tie it all up and tight as it should. So from me the warm recommendation for this wrap for all beginners. What I do not know, and I am interested in is whether these wraps are so soft and when they buy a new one or this is because it is broken. In any case, wits us it was used maximum to carry on the back (recently I discovered this binding and I adore it :)))) and enjoy it because the scarves are very comfortable and comfortable to wear. Once again I thank this group for the given opportunity

Klara Miklos Martinov, Serbia

This way:

Baby – Matilda, then 9 months, 66 cm high and about 6.5 kg. Mom, then 357 months, high 163-4cm and approx. 55kg (crush my scales even before pregnancy 😬). It’s not our first wrap, not the first one in this size, but the first Didy we’ve tried. Now I understand why so many of them say they are a category for themselves. Thin, airy and soft like a soul, wrap itself, it does not engraved (although my little ones is small, so I can’t claim anything) and hold the knot as cemented. Excellent for a hip and back because of length. This wrap convinced me that I had to add at least one Didymos to my collection and the warmest I recommend. Many thanks to Ana, Jelena and the entire group of Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps) on the occasion.

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

The first wrap we used and tested thanks to this group, thank you. Wrap is very soft and easy to work with it, it does not go anywhere. The length wrap fit for me, there is not much tails. Baby had 5 months at the time of test, and about 8kg and 69cm. Although there were great heat, we did not have much warmth in it, although we did not go into some longer seasons. I warmly recommend to everyone and thank you once again at the opportunity to try out wrap and see what suits us.

Jovana Stanković, Serbia

The softest wrap I ever used. Is it the wrap itself or the fact that it is completely broken in, I don’t know, but it has impressed me with the first use and it completely justified the expectations. Baby tester is 6 months old and as about 8kg. My base size is 6 so this was an opportunity to try different types of carries. We tried Rucksack, Poppins hip carry and FWCC TUB and in each carry type the wrap was amazing. The wrap itself is light in hand and therefore easy to wrap and yet very firm, A transfer with a shorter warp is way easier, almost like with Ring sling, which was important to us as the transfer success rate reduced lately 😊. Thank you again for yet another BW experience.

Snežana Klještan, Serbia

I have booked this wrap without having any previous experience with woven wraps and I managed it great, which I believe was due to the wrap being as it is. It is so easy to wrap with. I first thought it was too short for me and the I learned different types of carries and now I think it is just perfect. Every night I was putting the baby to slip in this wrap, carried during walks, when going to visits, when seeing Santa Clause…The only thing is that we did not take many photos because mommy broke her phone and is now using an older one with not so great camera ☹ I would recommend this wrap to everyone, especially to moms that are beginners in wrapping. Btw, the baby tester was 9 months and had about 10kg at the time.

Maja Mircic, Serbia

This was the first woven wrap we ever used. Baby was 7 months and had around 8kg at the time. The wrap is super soft, and even though I thought I was too clumsy to use a woven I realized it is not complicated that any other ssc. And the feeling is completely different, the baby is tucked in, wrapped all around and even thought ssc can be soft, this wrap is softer 😊 We did not carry much as the baby started accepting the strollers, so we used them more. To be honest, I took the wrap for back carries at home, however, I was afraid to as I was not yet confident to carry him without seeing him, so I did not even try. And what I am certain is that the second baby (when it comes to that) will be carried in woven wraps while little. I feel sorry for rejecting the wraps at the beginning of our babywearing period and only using ssc as I have realized that they are not difficult to use, especially this wrap, and the feeling is better for both mom and the baby. I believe I will correct this mistake in the future.

Maria Cikora, Serbia

This amazing Didy minos is currently with us for a long-term renting, so based on our experience I am writing our impressions of it. This was the first woven wrap we tried and it was thanks to this amazing group – Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps). Baby is currently 6 months, around 7.5kg and longer than 75cm. The wrap is size 4, and it is ideal for me as I am a shorter person. The wrap is short, soft and easy to wrap with, even for us beginners. Besides, it is not too thick, which I think it is great for the upcoming warmer days, the design and color are beautiful and universal. As for wrapping, we only use the FWCC, because we learned it well and are comfortable with, but will try other types of carries in the future. Many thanks to the group for the opportunity to use this amazing wrap and to enjoy the closeness and the special connection that woven wraps enable. Before this wrap I was a bit scared I will not be able to use it, that it is too complicated to learn how to wrap it, but this wrap made us lose all the prejudices.

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