Bazzinga Onbuhimo

Onbuhimo is donation of Bazzinga baby carriers and will go on a large test tour in Serbia.

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

We had the pleasure to test the wonderful Bazzinga onbu. Beautiful summer cheerful colors, that wherever we wear, have not gone unnoticed. The tester is 23 months old, close to 11kg and it is 87cm high. Mom is in the sixth month (twin) pregnancy, 162 cm high and 58 kg heavy.
This is the first onbuhimo that we have ever tried, so it can not be said that we are experienced and that I can compare with the one of another manufacturer. This, however, does not change the fact that, as far as I’m concerned, we do not have to try another one, because this is perfect. It was very easy to fit, the shoulder straps were too comfortable, I could put her lower down when she wanted to take a nap, and in three seconds I would rise her high so that she could see the same as I did.
We took a maximum of 45 minutes, because my pregnant body did not allow for longer wear, but we did not feel that it was uncomfortable for us at any moment. Sara is between tricycle and onbuhimo, she always chose to go out and every time she would say “dob’o Saji mamina jeđa” (Sara is good on mom’s back).
Very easy to tighten and relax the strips . As the only objection that can give is cross-band, which has always been too high on the chest, no matter what it is lowered to the maximum, my husband m is even more bothered because he is close to 190cm tall. Everything else is perfect! If I decide to buy onbu, I certainly will not ask for further, it will be Bazzinga! 💛💛💛

Mila Stevanovic, Serbia

First time we have rented ergonomic carrier and we have been lucky enough to get this Bazzinga onbuhimo. It is really comfortble and quick for setting up. We like it a lot. We both have enjoyed in walks. My daughter is 15months old and around 13kg. We warmly recommend Bazzinga Onbuhimo and we are using this opportunity to thank also LTC on opportunity for the whole family to enjoy babywearing.

Tamara Janjic, Serbia

Today we forwarded onbu further and turn to write our impressions. My husband and I wore our 2 year old girl, 14.5kg and 96cm. I’m 29 weeks of pregnancy, I’m 175cm, my husband is 185cm. Onbu were perfectly suited for both.
So far, I had the opportunity to carry the little one in Soul onbu, but my strips would very quickly be cut in my shoulders, and the wearing quickly became torture. That’s not the case with Bazzinga. The shoulder straps are much thicker, and they did not bother me under the armpits, and it was easier for me to install the transverse buckle nicely, she often drowned me at Soul onbu.
My husband first time tried this type of carrying and carrying on his back and he liked it! Otherwise he often wears a little girl on his shoulders, this was a real relief. You’ll see in the photos how high he managed to set it up. He wore it longer than I was, because I was completely out of condition. A little one refused to wear for half a year, and then suddenly, to my delight, became interested. I wore her for a maximum of half an hour in walks, and every day from home to kindergarten and back.

Doroteja Bejuk, Croatia

It’s time to write a brief review of Bazzinga onbu. This is the first one we’ve ever tried. Girl has a year, 11kg and 82cm. When I looked at the pictures it seemed like “my little one will not want to”. Otherwise, she does not want to be worn on back. It was an ideal opportunity to try out the new Bazzinga and I was for. As long as I was a skeptical, wish was stronger than me 😂. On the first day when the carrier arrived, girls was sleeping well, eating well, so let’s go. We settled in 3 seconds, very high and proper. I thought the beginner’s luck. Since we have some crying period that day, I install and removed the carrier five times. Sincerely, process does not tire, it is fast and painless 🙈.
As far as I know, It is mainly used for carrying on the back. But like every other mum, I found myself in a situation that we went to visit grandfather and grandmother, taking only onbu with us. And the little one needed to sleep. I would not have slept her even if I prayed her on my knees. Without solution at that moment I set it at front literally in 3 sec. I admired myself. I wore it for 45 minutes before she fell asleep. I have to admit it was great, although after half an hour I naturally began to feel the weight, however, baby has 11 kg. And of course, carrier has a purpose wearing on the back. I am very pleased to be honest.
I would definitely recommend this carrier 😉 It is important that we have used up to a maximum of 5 days to be able to say my honest opinion. And that the strips is super slip and do not cut the shoulder straps even with a bigger child.

Jasminka Jaca, Serbia

Another product from the Bazzinga family has visited our home.The onbu.Tester is 21m and about 13,5kg.The first thing I noticed is a lovely design with my favorite yellow shoulders.Simply,lightweight with thick enough straps to provide complete comfort.
My little on was just about the width at the panel(he’s at the 92cm dressing room).
He was up to the blade,but he fid not bother either the safety or the comfort.
The really carrier-to take.
It stands in every bag/backpack,so it rescues every occasion.
Thank you Bazzinga,and as far as I concerned,she passed the tast.She never disappointed me personally.
And I appreciate Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps and wonderful team for possibility to try on.

Ivana Batar Mijatovic, Serbia

Why, why did he had to go???
Bazzinga did the perfect job with this onbu. The straps are thick, nothing bugged me under my armpits (everything came together, right), beautiful pattern and straps are great. I have nothing to complain about. Tester is 14 months, 11 kg, wardrobe number 86 and he was perfectly worn in this. Every honor to Bazzinga for made carrier like this. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps, once again for the wonderful opportunity to know what to look for if we decide to buy onbuhimo.

Radmila Gaćina, Serbia

We really enjoyed carrying onbu. It suits those who are relatively small (big brother 10y, 150cm,50kg), but also to the gross person (mom 183cm, 100kg). Tester M has 2y2m, 97cm, 16kg. Shoulder straps are wide, well-thick, does not pinch anywhere, strips are easy to tighten and release. The cross belt is in a great place, far from neck. We just did not manage to center the panel well every time, but it did not bother wearing it. I like colors very much, it’s effective. All recommendations for comfort, design, ease of mounting. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Nosiljke za bebe Bazzinga for testing, we wished we had our one.

Jasmina Jasmina, Serbia

♥Thank you all from the heart. We will cherish this special experience forever. This is probably our last carrier to carry, because we are closing the season of babywearing, so let it be for us most special and wonderful as it is ♥

Ivana Antić, Serbia

And so, we said goodbye to beautiful Bazzinga onbu. With us it turned out to be correct that you do not know what suits you until you try more models. This one was better for us than Freda’s. He has provided knee-to-knee support and the weight is better distributed. The straps are lovely and soft, and the tightness is super light. The older boy also had to try it and he was as delighted as the younger girl, for whom I wanted to try it (2 years, 12 kg and 86 cm). I’m sorry we didn’t get it in the warmer months of the year because of jackets and everything, I think it would be much more used then now. Thanks again to this group for the opportunity to try, as well as Bazinga ❤

Milena Gobeljic, Serbia

Tester has a 14 months and about 10 kg. Onbuhimo was perfect match for us.
We only tried Soul onbuhimo and Bazzinga is much more comfortable for me. The straps are thicker and more comfortable.
Everything is very easy to install and tighten.
I only wish I could have put him up little more, but it is probably a problem that I am too thin.
Thank you Bazzinga baby carriers and Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps for the opportunity …

Dragana Vecic, Serbia

We tested Bazzing onbuhimo. At first glance, what delights is this beautiful design and material. My baby is 19 months old, 11.3 kg and 84 cm. It had arrived during the house “Slava” and my extended stay on the business, so we did’t get out much to carry. The carrier is of good quality and nicely done, but this way of carrying is not very comfortable to me. While with classic carriers I don’t have that problem. Anyway, it was interesting to try this carrier too and see what this kind of wear looks like. Thank you on the chance to test it.

Daniela Todorovic Trifunovic, Serbia

And finally we got the beautiful Bazzing onbuhimo, we waited for sure for two months but we waited for it.
When I opened the bag and saw how small it was, I was delighted to find it very practical to carry and pack. And design is so beautiful it has knocked me off my feet.
However, it did not suit to me. The straps are soft and comfortable, but I was constantly leaning forward and my shoulders and back were sore. Generally my boy doesn’t want to be wearing anymore and especially not on my back. This is the only photo I was able to take and the only time he wanted to cooperate and barely.
I suppose that his resistance has something to do with discomfort.
I realized that Bazzinga Onbuhimo doesn’t suit us, or I would say the particular type of carrier like onbuhimo, but you can’t know till you try.
Thanks Bazzing Carrier for this beauty and thank you to the group for the opportunity to try
P.S. The guy is 19.5 months old and 12.5kg

Sanja Dimitrijevic, Serbia

When we signed up for the test it was summer and it was really warm and we wore a lot then. And now that the onbuhimo has finally arrived it is very cold, the snow is falling … so we didn’t even carry on long walks but only in the house a couple of times with the baby for 15 months and with a girl of 2.5 g. I can say that it is very nice, comfortable and of good quality, but it does not suit me because it throws a load on my hips more than a carrier with a belt so I could not wear them for a long time, only for a few minutes. Maybe some mom who has a strong back and hips is better suited, I’m small and thin. That is all.

Aleksandra Ana, Serbia

I was so looking forward to this carrier of cheerful colors and can not wait to get to us, but little gentleman decided it was not yet time to wear on my back.
I could barely get him to tied somehow, but it lasted for a while, and he screamed all the time, wanting to put him down. The tester is 16 months old, we have been using carriers and wraps since his third month, I have never worn it on my back so I guess that is the problem. Unfortunately I can’t say anything about the comfort of the carrier itself, since our testing lasted 2 × 10 minutes, but I assure myself that the straps are very soft and have a phenomenal bright yellow color, the straps are easy to tighten, even though I first encountered this type of carrier from the first I was able to figure out how it works. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps, and also Bazzinga for the opportunity.

Liza Kvin, Serbia

We tested Bazing Onbuhimo. Testers are : mom, 157cm, 75kg and baby, 12 months, 72cm, 10/11 kg
I signed up for the test when I wanted to buy an onbu and while I was doubting between Bazzinga’s and Mirta’s onbu. In the meantime, I bought Mirta’s because it was highly praised and Bazzinga did not have many reviews at that point because the product was relatively new. Another reason to buy Mirta’s was the time. He was immediately available while waiting for Bazzinga for two months each. I have to emphasize that I’m a little biased as far as Bazzing is concerned. I have a baby carrier, the optimum baby, which is perfect for me personally. Still, when we carry it, I don’t feel the weight of the baby at all compared to some other carriers I have. I didn’t give up post-purchase testing for this very reason. I wanted to try it out to see how much it suited me to order it if it fit.

Since it is cold and snowy, we did not go outside with the onbu as I do not have a proper jacket to wear in the back. But the time spent in the onbu apartment was great. I have to emphasize that wearing in a carrier and in onbuhimo is different. And that if you didn’t carry your baby on your back before onbuhimo, you would feel the baby’s weight. Simply for this type of wearing, other muscles are activated, and if you are not used to it, it can be painful at first. We didn’t carry for a while so for that reason I felt the weight of the baby, but the same thing happened with Mirta’s.
I couldn’t help but compare the two carriers. There are some differences:

Panel 1: Bazzinga’s panel is wider but shorter than Mirta’s, but frankly I didn’t notice how this affects the wearing itself. I cannot say that this is the reason why one would be better than the other.

Panel 2: What I particularly liked about Bazzinga is the panel stuffing on side. I can’t claim but I think this affects baby’s comfort while wearing.

Straps 1: Mirta’s onbuhimo has broken straps / push-ups unlike Bazzinga. This should also add to the comfort of the carier, but to me the straps are always tightened to the end and again I cannot come to the concrete conclusion that one is better than the other.

Straps 2: Mirta’s shoulder straps widen as they go down. This can be a plus as the baby’s weight is better distributed. The buckles and straps themselves are with Mirta’s onbuhimo are wider, but I don’t think this makes any difference.

Overall impression and conclusion: Both have some advantages over the other. Both onbuhimno are equally comfortable to me, if you are used to this type of carriers. Again I will emphasize that I am personally a big fan of Bazzinga, so I will 90% order my bazzing onbuhimo, not so much out of necessity, but out of desire to have this one. Of course, we are all different, and it is always a good idea to try one, if you can both, before making a purchase.

Of course, a big thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps and the Group Bazzinga Baby Carriers to for the opportunity. ❤

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

We tested the Bazzinga onbuhimo, which is also the first carrier we tried (only elastic wraps before that). Bebac is 8.5 months old, 10kg, 74cm. I’m 168cm tall, 67kg. I thought setting would be a problem, but luckily – it didn’t, though we had never worn it on our backs before. He liked it very much, he even fell asleep twice. The carrier was comfortable for me, I didn’t feel the weight of the baby. The colors are wonderful. I like adjusting the straps, it’s easy. Filling of the straps is very generous, as was the panel. The old daughter begged me to let her carry, so she was a tester, she wore it 3 times 10min (7yrs, 129cm, 28kg). I was pleased with the carrier. I thank you for this opportunity to try it.

Sanja Nikolic, Serbia

This is the first time I’ve worn her, we’ve heard about all these carriers late.She was thrilled she wanted to try it right away. She was 13 kg and 23 months old.We only managed to carry the first two days, afterwards, she did not want to hear.As much as we could try in those two days, it was wonderful. Since I’m new to everything, this was great for me.My shoulder straps were comfortable. I didn’t feel much weight.It was great because I could carry it around the house and finish a lot of things.I easily managed to fit it so I was pleased.

Tamara Blagojević, Serbia

We had a great pleasure of testing the Bazzinga onbuhimo. 🙂 Baby girl was 13.5 months old, and around 9.5 kg, clothing size 80-86. During those 5 days we had it with us, we did a lot of babywearing – at home, outside, and for regular trips to the daycare. First of all, I have zero objections. 🙂 And now, some praising. 😀 Shoulder straps – soft but firm, they hold perfectly without digging into the shoulders. Panel size – it was great for the two of us, with the space for more babywearing months. As any devoted nerd – I read a lot about this type of a baby carrier, and watched 1001 videos. Within those 5 days, I had only two situations when it felt uncomfortable. The only reason for that was an inadequate positioning, i.e. positioning that was not high enough – which certainly is the key to painless carrying – a child should be placed high enough, and the straps should be tightened well. When this is mastered, it feels like a small and cute backpack, with an extra hair-styling service. 😀 It is really convenient and light-weighted, suitable for every bag/purse. I also managed to overcome the fear of the so-called Superman toss, which is actually pretty easy way to put a child on your back.
The onbuhimo is great for toddlers who walk, and for those up-and-down situations. I am completely delighted, and saving the money to buy one. Thank you very, very much for this opportunity!

Anita Marković, Serbia

I am thrilled with onbuhimo! Of course my shoulders hurt, but those who are experienced say that it goes over time, how to get fit, because after all this type of carrier has no belt and the whole weight of the baby is on the shoulders, so it takes a little practice to get into the stunt. Although, so is it with wraps, slings, sscs … exercise does its thing. I didn’t uploud the best photo, because on the last day just before sending, I realized that I didn’t have any pictures, so I barely wraped as, because I was in a hurry. 🤦♀️ Basically, this is a carrier that would surely come in handy for spring / summer when the baby is walking. It’s so small and compact, it fits in every bag, for quick wraping when the child gets tired of walking.
Congratulations to Bazzinga Baby Carrier, thank you and Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps for this opportunity! ♥ ️
EDIT: I forgot to write that the baby is 10 months old, about 9kg and she was 66cm in control a month ago, she is 74/80.

Kristina Tadić, Serbia

We are a faithful Bazzinga fan, so he fulfilled all our expectations as well as the carrier we have been wearing for a year. What I liked first was how small and practical it is and I can put it everywhere, and the second most important thing is that we wrap within the space of always rushing somewhere, hurrying late, this is super important to us. These are absolutely not my colors but luck is that he goes on my back. Boy is 19.5 months and about 13kg, and the longest I can withstand it is half an hour, because then the collarbone is already starting to hurt me fairly, so it is not only suitable for longer walks, i just miss the belt to take the weight, but to kindergartens and back, shops and back and such short distances is great. The pure five of us.

Milena Jevtic, Serbia

We tested bazzinga onbu. I couldn’t wait for him to arrive. The baby is 13 months old, 13 kg, wears 92. Mom 175cm, dad 197cm. As everyone has said, the colors are beautiful, easy to wrap, fast, very practical and beautiful. I didn’t set it up high enough, but the baby rebelled when I lifted it higher. We use mei tai and I don’t seem to have enough fitness for a carrier without belt. Dad didn’t have these problems, he was very comfortable. Admittedly, he was a little bothered by the cross-strap, he was too high. Conclusion: I wish we had him, and for another child when it came we will. Thank you for the opportunity to try.

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

And we tested Bazing onbuhimo. The tester is 12 months and over 10 kg, we do not know exactly, we measured a long time ago … 😁 We have not completely tried the carrier because we both became ill. We tried a couple of times, but each time my shoulders were sore, although the straps were super soft. It is good that the baby is high lifted and fast and tight.

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

We also tested Bazzing onbuhimo, short but sweet, with enjoyment! 😊
The small tester is 18 months old and about 10.5 kg. Accustomed to onbuhimo and back carrying. 😊
I really liked the extremely stuffed straps.
I also like the setup within 10 seconds. The baby is tall, able to watch and explore beautifully from his height. 😎 The transverse belt was just where it needed to be. I have broad shoulders, which can withstand greater effort, so nothing has hurt, clamped, and the like.
Grandma is thrilled too. 😀 She says her back was straight after wearing it. 😊
The sister carried the little brother with pleasure. ❤️😍
Thanks Bazzinga and LPN for the opportunity for the test, Bazzinga as always met our expectations. 😊😀😁😉

Ivana Gavrić, Serbia

I have to say I’ve always wanted to try onbuhimo. When I saw how much Miljana Sabli and her Ivan enjoy wearing in this kind of carrier every day, I signed up to test the wonderful Bazzinga. We have a Bazzinga carrier and we just adore it. Even though the little girl is almost 19 months old, we still babywearing. When the onbuhimo arrived, we immediately tried it out with a walk in the neighborhood. The setup was not complicated, I think I adjusted everything well and my girl was high enough. However, as soon as I stepped outside, I first felt a sore bone in my collarbone. After a few minutes, pain in the upper back began. I thought it would stop, but the pain was increasing. We endured only 15 minutes of wearing and had to head back to the apartment. I’m sorry to see that this carrier is not for us. It looks really nice, everything is well done but none of it helped us to wear comfortably. Unfortunately, we will no longer indulge in such attempts. We have at least a couple of pictures to remember.

Tatiana Očovejova, Serbia

I am delighted with the simplicity and ease of wraping this carrier. Since I have a problem with sore backs, I had fears about how I would endure carrying it. I have to admit, at first, I was uncomfortable and I felt pain between the shoulder blades and the lower spine. Until I found the right body posture to distribute the weight well. We also tried a longer walk to the post on the last day and successfully reached our destination. My Gremlin (19 months and 13.5kg) sang cheerfully all the way. Definitely pleased with this way of wearing it. THANK YOU ❤ 😘

Jasmina Marinković, Serbia

This was the first time we tried this type of carrier and back carry and we loved it. Baby is 10,5 months and round 11kg. I was thrilled how the carrier is thin, lightweight and soft but holds firmly. I liked how fast we adjusted it every time and how comfortable it was. In the beginning I felt pain in my shoulders but it became easier with every day carrying. We enjoyed it very much so we mastered Superman toss :). Since we tried Soul onbu shortly after, when compared I liked Bazzinga onbu more, it was more comfortable. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Nosiljke za bebe Bazzinga for the opportunity to test this lovely carrier 💙

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

We tested Bazzinga onbuhimo. Baby is one year old and 10.5kg. She has been with us for a bit longer testing. It struck us during the Easter and May Day holidays. My Impressions: Easiest to mount than any stretcher. Panel soft. As it is a shoulder bearing, I felt a baby but I think it is primarily because I have problems with my back, especially with the neck and shoulder. He liked it, he would fall asleep after 10 minutes. Thanks to her, we also tried back wearing. I thank Anna for the opportunity to try it, and just to tell you, you were right.

Anamarija Jagodic, Serbia

Tester 20 months and 11kg. The end of wearing has been announced. The onbuhimo we tested has a very gentle material, and a beautifully broken carrier, a wonderful for high back wear. But the setup was difficult for us because the tester would not calm down, so we did not feel comfortable during our walk with the carier. The straps are extra soft and adjustable. (the tester finished mams cell phone and we don’t have a picture) we enjoyed testing, mom sure enjoyed it.

Jelena Perunicic, Serbia

We came to the turn for testing and onbuhimo by Bazzing Baby Carriers. After a long run in baby beating (I can say it now 😎), we tried it a lot. It was very much cheerful whenever I worn it. I don’t know is it because she is big now or does she like it but every time I wore it during this time she sang and jumped.
I like it because it’s thick on the shoulders because of the thick straps. I like that my baby is high and absolutely safe. I like that it is not made of woven cloth, because the linen is somehow safer now when she is bigger. Tightening is in a second, fast and sling fast. Cross strap was just at the the right place for me, and he didn’t drown me. We wore it over the jacket for the first time and did it perfectly thanks to the ease of installation. Although I am not really fit for the onbuhimo and we did not go for miles walking because moms got cold, certainly a big plus for a wonderful performance and a great stretcher.

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

At the time of testing, the baby is 18 months and 13.5kg, size 92. Although the application was two months earlier, the wait paid off as one little wizard arrived in our home for five days. We already got ready to go after the package has arrived. I posted a picture in a group and got some good tips from more experienced moms. I put baby a lot lower than it should have been for the first set up. The walk did not last long, because of little back pain. As the shoulders take on all the weight of the child, they suffer the most pain. Perhaps, as some moms say, we are not fit and do not have a well developed musculature for this type of carrier and exclusively back carry. What gave me the best impression is that it is the easiest to fit out of all the carriers we have used so far. The only thing I always needed was a higher elevation to properly place my baby on the back, so we often used higher chairs as a starting point. The beautiful shoulder straps did not cut as well as the cross strap, if the baby was properly positioned. The beautiful rainbow colors give it extra magic. However, despite my mom’s goodwill to wear a tight-fitting one that still adores wearing it, I suffered a lot of pain in my back and shoulders. In spite of everything, hanging out with me on the Buzzing Baby Carriers is one of the great experiences in the baby track. Thanks again #lenastravelingcarrier for the opportunity to test this little wizard.

Tijana TG, Serbia

We finally tested Bazing onbuhimo. 🙂 Tester is 22 months and 14kg. The carrier fulfilled all expectations. Lovely pattern, soft, very easy to install. We enjoyed high back wear. All recommendations for Bazzing Baby Carriers and thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps 💕

Tijana Prokić, Serbia

A completely new type of carriers and a new experience for the two of us. We have not had a chance to try ombuhimo and carrying on a back. With the help of the bed it is easily and quickly mounted, but I don’t know how to do it outside. I would probably find some way over time. 5 days is very little to learn about this carrier.Unfortunately, my shoulders burned in the sun so we couldn’t handle much, but you can see from the clip that we liked it!
We love Bazzinga! ❤️❤️❤️

Dragana Jovanović, Serbia

We had the opportunity to test Bazinga onbuhimo . When I was applying, the boy was 18 months old and the idea was for dad to wear it. Unfortunately, she arrived when he was almost 28 months old and he is no longer actively worn. Little brother was 8 months old and the carrier was big for him.
It’s the first carrier of this type we’ve tried, and since the weather didn’t serve, we carried around the house a couple of times. He liked to have his mom carry him as a backpack, so there is a posibility he could be carry in this tipe of carrier. 🙂 Easy to set up, though with the help of a bed. To me, the straps seemed too thick, but they were very comfortable. We already have a Bazinga Optimus carrier and we know there is no mistake with Bazzinga! ❤️ Unfortunately we do not have great pictures because we were alone so we could not take it more beautifully.
Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wrappers and Bazzinga Carriers for the opportunity to try this wonderful onbuhimo.

Iskra Opaček, Serbia

He came to us at the right time, when the tester accepted to wear on his back. He is 12 kg and almost two years old. Of course, I was overwhelmed by the ease of use, without adjusting it too much, but when I lifted it high enough I felt too much pressure on my upper back, and if I didn’t tighten it somehow, my tester collapsed lower on my back and pulled the cross strap towards my neck. I suppose it’s a combination of my strap inexperience and a short test time, but we didn’t click as I expected. Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers for the opportunity to try something for us brand new 💞

Nina Jevtic Ex Kosanovic, Serbia

I had the opportunity and honor to test the Bazzinga Onbuhimo. I can say I’m thrilled, so much so, that I’m breaking into reporting Goca to the inbox. I signed up for nothing, so let’s give it a try, however, this is a carrier that is as unbelievable to my spine as none has ever been. I tested it for longer distances, as comfortable as possible, easy to tighten, I am a tiny 160cm and 60kg, a child of 15 months and say 9-10kg and was at maximum tightened, but safety, lightness, comfort, baby high, just where it should be when worn on the back, this is why I adore this carrier. All my expectations were met and exceeded. Great, I wouldn’t change it.

Sem Morbi, Serbia

I’m sorry it didn’t stay with us longer because 5 days was not enough for us to “click”. I was expecting a carrier that would allow me to pack my baby without packing for three seconds as a backpack that would scratch my hair for free and tweak my hair without feeling any weight on my shoulders. These unrealistic expectations were not fulfilled by Bazzinga onbu. However, it should take two minutes before first wearing to adjust the straps so that the baby’s shoulder is parallel to yours and if the carrieris used by only one parent and only one baby, your job is done. If you and your husband rotate on a carrier or rotate children, this should be done every time you move in. I often carried my baby too low so I could feel her weight in shoulders or lean forward as I carried her. It didn’t help that she was still unsteady on her feet, so I dared to lift and lower her only at home on the couch.

Tijana Tg, Serbia

We finally tested Bazing onbuhimo. 🙂 Tester is 22 months and 14kg. The carrier fulfilled all expectations. Lovely pattern, soft, very easy to install. We enjoyed high back wear. All recommendations for Bazzing Baby Carriers and thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps 💕

Miljana Letović, Serbia

This onbuhimo…precious! Pattern and colours are just adorable, makes me smile every time, it’s like you put little sunshine on your back. And I also like the part “…inspired by Anja” because that’s my daughter’s name 🙂 I’m carrying my son in this onbu. He is 22 months old and around 14kg. This is my first experience with onbuhimo but I have to say that I’m in love in this one! It’s so easy to adjust, stripes are great and they are moving smoothly. Shoulders are stuffed enough and that makes them very comfortable. I’m fascinated how easy and fast you are ready to go. I putt baby to sit on bed or on some kind of bench if we are outside, pull his legs through the stripes, put him on the back and 10 seconds later we are all set. It’s like you wearing your backpack with the biggest treasure in it 🥰 I’m so happy and thankful to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Nosiljke za bebe Bazzinga for opportunity to carry my child in this beauty ❤

Marija Toković, Serbia

We had the pleasure of testing the beautiful Bazzinga onbu. Although onbu is not currently on the test, I am grateful to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for allowing me to try it, because I was thinking of buy it for myself. Now I don’t hesitate anymore, now I know I have to have it. Since I already have a baby carrier produced by Nosiljke za bebe Bazzinga in terms of quality, I was sure it was perfect, I just wanted to check if this type of carrier fits and I can say that I was thrilled. The onbu is extremely practical, easy to install and comfortable. My daughter weighs 9kg (9m old) and I just put her in the onbuhimo for a minute and had housework done with her on my back. The straps are very easy to tighten and loosen, so just maneuvering while wearing is very easy. My husband also liked this it, so I believe Bazzinga onbuhimo will soon be on our shelf with carrying equipment. 💕

Adnana Hodžić, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Nosiljke za bebe Bazzinga we had great opportunity to rent this adorable Onbuhimo. Baby tester was 9 months old and around 10 kg weight. Onbu have stuffed shoulders and it’s very comfortable. Easy to use and set up-it is just hop-hop and done ☺️👌. Colors are stunning ❤️. We enjoyed very much ❤️🎀

Nevena Zarkov, Serbia

This was love at first sight! Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the chance to hang out with this beauty in the next half year.
I have no experience with the onbuhimo carrier, but I liked this model, it is more comfortable than the classic baby size carrier I have, in back carrying.
The straps are comfortable, easy to stretch and loosen, they are soft but at the same time firm. The baby also likes it because he sees everything over my shoulder

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