Bazzinga Onbu

Onbu is donation of Bazzinga baby carriers and will go on a large test tour in Serbia.

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

We had the pleasure to test the wonderful Bazzinga onbu. Beautiful summer cheerful colors, that wherever we wear, have not gone unnoticed. The tester is 23 months old, close to 11kg and it is 87cm high. Mom is in the sixth month (twin) pregnancy, 162 cm high and 58 kg heavy.
This is the first onbuhimo that we have ever tried, so it can not be said that we are experienced and that I can compare with the one of another manufacturer. This, however, does not change the fact that, as far as I’m concerned, we do not have to try another one, because this is perfect. It was very easy to fit, the shoulder straps were too comfortable, I could put her lower down when she wanted to take a nap, and in three seconds I would rise her high so that she could see the same as I did.
We took a maximum of 45 minutes, because my pregnant body did not allow for longer wear, but we did not feel that it was uncomfortable for us at any moment.  Sara is between tricycle and onbuhimo, she always chose to go out and every time she would say “dob’o Saji mamina jeđa” (Sara is good on mom’s back).
Very easy to tighten and relax the strips . As the only objection that can give is cross-band, which has always been too high on the chest, no matter what it is lowered to the maximum, my husband m is even more bothered because he is close to 190cm tall. Everything else is perfect! If I decide to buy onbu, I certainly will not ask for further, it will be Bazzinga! 💛💛💛

Tamara Janjic, Serbia

Today we forwarded onbu further and turn to write our impressions. My husband and I wore our 2 year old girl, 14.5kg and 96cm. I’m 29 weeks of pregnancy, I’m 175cm, my husband is 185cm.  Onbu were perfectly suited for both.
So far, I had the opportunity to carry the little one in Soul onbu, but my strips would very quickly be cut in my shoulders, and the wearing quickly became torture. That’s not the case with Bazzinga.  The shoulder straps are much thicker, and they did not bother me under the armpits, and it was easier for me to install the transverse buckle nicely, she often drowned me at Soul onbu.
My husband first time tried this type of carrying and carrying on his back and he liked it! Otherwise he often wears a little girl on his shoulders, this was a real relief. You’ll see in the photos how high he managed to set it up. He wore it longer than I was, because I was completely out of condition. A little one refused to wear for half a year, and then suddenly, to my delight, became interested. I wore her for a maximum of half an hour in walks, and every day from home to kindergarten and back.

Doroteja Bejuk, Croatia

It’s time to write a brief review of Bazzinga onbu. This is the first one we’ve ever tried. Girl has a year, 11kg and 82cm. When I looked at the pictures it seemed like “my little one will not want to”. Otherwise, she does not want to be worn on back. It was an ideal opportunity to try out the new Bazzinga and I was for. As long as I was a skeptical, wish was stronger than me 😂. On the first day when the carrier arrived, girls was sleeping well, eating well, so let’s go. We settled in 3 seconds, very high and proper. I thought the beginner’s luck. Since we have some crying period that day, I install and removed the carrier five times. Sincerely, process does not tire, it is fast and painless 🙈.
As far as I know, It is mainly used for carrying on the back. But like every other mum, I found myself in a situation that we went to visit grandfather and grandmother, taking only onbu with us. And the little one needed to sleep. I would not have slept her even if I prayed her on my knees. Without solution at that moment I set it at front literally in 3 sec. I admired myself. I wore it for 45 minutes before she fell asleep. I have to admit it was great, although after half an hour I naturally began to feel the weight, however, baby has 11 kg. And of course, carrier has a purpose wearing on the back. I am very pleased to be honest.
I would definitely recommend this carrier 😉 It is important that we have used up to a maximum of 5 days to be able to say my honest opinion. And that the strips is super slip and do not cut the shoulder straps even with a bigger child.

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