Bazzinga carrier Optimum Toddler size

This is donation of Bazzinga Carrier and it is Optimum model Toddler size meant for use from 8 months till 3 years.

Jovana Aradski, Serbia


Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers on the occasion, that although I already have some carriers, I also try the excellent Bazzinga Optimum toddler. By chance, carrier was kept for quite a long time with us. Although we are already in the period when walking is the main thing (boy 15 months) we enjoyed wearing. I liked the simplicity of the carrier in terms of mounting. The belt is wider and strong, but not too stiff. To me, slightly jut, but that’s perhaps my skinny construction. This did not affect comfort, however.
The only thing I did not like too much was the design, but it’s not that important. Only a matter of personal taste. I would only say that the quality of the carrier is noticeable and that a lot of effort has been invested in it. Again, we would try Bazzinga without any thought. Our recommendation to all moms and dads. Thanks Ani and Bazzinga team. You are wonderful! 😘

Miljana Sabli, Serbia

Thanks to Ana ❤️ and LPN 💙 we had the honor to host the wonderful Bazzinga Optimum Toddler. This is our first test carrier, so we are particularly pleased. We are accustomed to Bazzinga because we have one, only it’s the Optimum Baby model Toddler does not differ much. The belt is just right, neither too hard nor too soft, shoulder straps are well filled, just so we are used, straps for tightening sliding well. Baby enjoyed wearing new adventures with his 11 months and 9 kg. Most of all, I like velcro being tight in a belt, which adjusts the belt and does not move. Many thanks to Gordana Bazzinga and of course Ana and Lena, beautiful ladies without whom this wonderful project would not exist.

Radmila Gacina, Serbia

Carrier for test – Bazzinga Optimum Toddler variant, tester has 22 months, 96cm and 16kg. Carrier is excellent because it can be adjusted both in height and width. It took us a while to get fitted with, but we enjoyed when we were not setting the best we can, and when worn on the back it is easy to adjust in move. We were proud of the Bazz by Zrenjanin, Belgrade and Gornji Milanovac (carrier traveled with us 500km). We were having a good time, thanks to Ana and LPN, and Gordana’s special gratitude, which enabled us to test Bazzinga.

Jelica Maksimovic, Serbia

Unfortunately, we do not have the picture, but we did not forget the impressions! Tester is 20 months and about 15kg. It took us a little time to get into the stunt with setting-up but when we finally settled down, we both enjoyed it! I was a little skeptical about the bandwidth of the belt, but on my nicely “raised” waist waist is great, even when I wear it on my back. All recommendations from us for the wonderful Bazzinga! Thanks for the opportunity to try it out!

Jovana Mitrovic, Serbia

I would like to thanks Bazzinga team and our Ana Anastasijevic Vuletic for the opportunity to try this amazing carrier. My Teodor have almost 2 years and around 13kg. It was very easy to adjust for us, I was stunned how fast it goes because we don’t have much experience. The only problem was the heat of those days, but when the temperature dropped, it was ideal for carrying. Big recommendation from us.

Andjelija Kocic, Serbia

A 22-month-old and 12.5-kg tester was very pleased with Bazzinga carrier, as well as his mother, but this time and his father. For the first time we tried the toddler carrier and realized how important it was for the carrier to be for certain age of child because then it really did not feel the weight. It did not suit me that the buckle on my back can’t be raised even more, because it’s hard for me to get it, and when it’s sleeping, it’s important for me to easily dig it out. The belt does not pinch, Velcro tape that adjusts the width of the panel is very strong, the hoods are practical (although I generally do not like hoods). Indeed, all praise.

Sandra Simonovic, Slovenia

The best thing about carriers you order from Schneider’s is that you can (generally) be able to choose senseless 😀 do you want carrier of entire woven wrap, or just the panel from it, whether it will have a hood and what kind of, will it adjust in the height of the panel, width … of course, that all affects the price, but hey – you get carrier on your wish ❤️ But keep in mind that as more and more precise the carrier can be adjusted, you will need more time to install it for the first time – and every next time it is worn by someone else. I had to write this introduction to explain my impression, and it is: This is a great carrier – once you set it right. It is comfortable, shoulder straps and belts are thick enough to carry more weight, but not immensely huge. It is high quality and I’m sure it can “push out” at least two toddlers “from-to”. Do not be afraid of the mentioned setup. It does not mean that it’s complicated to use, but if something stirs you, it means you have to adjust the straps differently. Get started from the baby settings (panel height, width), then grab the shoulder straps by themselves. Then when you install it will be your best friend in a walk.

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

Today we have been relieved of wonderful Bazzinga carrier! The first impression was that the live was much more beautiful than in the pictures. I do not know why I had such an impression, because the colors and the pattern are just like in pictures, but it is somehow more beautiful to me live. As far as wearing and comfort, it was perfect for me! Nowhere did not bother me, we were easy to fit and the baby was really enjoying wearing. He sang a little, and was a little sleepy. Otherwise, the baby had 10.5 months and about 12 kg. The great baby that this carrier has endured without any problems. Big thanks for everyone in the group Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps) and Nosiljke za bebe Bazzinga for this opportunity to enjoy wearing baby and me.

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

Another Bazzing we liked. ❤ The carrier is adjustable in width and height. The straps are soft, as is the belt that suits me. The 9-month-old and 9.5 kg baby lies nicely, the only thing that seems to me is that it is somehow big for me, I can’t really explain how 🙊, because it is comfortable and nothing stings. It is also great for back wear.

Jahzy Jah, Serbia

Oh my god, someone said #bazzinga? That’s music to my ears. 🙃 What a lovely carrier. It came to us early this morning and I couldn’t wait to show the world “my” new galaxy.
My girl is 9 months old and has 9500gr so we are in need for something strong but comfortable. I have to admit, bazzinga was not my first choice, since we have tula mt, but Ana suggested to try it, so I did. I’m someone who’s easily adjusted to almost everything, but in this case it was to easy. Soft but strong belt and shoulders balance baby’s weight so nice, and that’s everything I ask from one carrier. We had a 5 hours walk today and we enjoyed every single step of it. I guess bazzinga will be our friend for some time. Thank you LPN for this opportunity 💕

Bojana Šteko, Serbia

Here we are, at the very end of the booking, to summarize our impressions. Bazzinga is comfortable, the material is perfect, the panel is soft enough to follow the body line, the shoulder straps are comfortable, the belt is wide enough. I have a baby with a heavy weight whose weight I did not feel. The only drawback for me is the buckle on the back, which would suit me if it could be peeled even higher (about 20 cm below the neck), and that was not possible. I’m sorry that the carrier was booked during the first steps, so I don’t think we enjoyed it enough. Baby is now walking and will almost never be carried at all, so if the next one on the list wants it, we can send it sooner. Thanks again to LPN, for the opportunity to educate ourselves, enter the world of wearing and enjoy.

Milica Stanković, Serbia

The carrier has arrived, I’m thrilled. The material is soft, extremely high quality, the buckles are great. It’s like she’s sewn just for me. I don’t feel the weight (10.5 kg). It’s a little harder for me to put on my own on my back, but I will learn over time. We enjoy, thanks ltc

Zsolnai Haszak Anita, Serbia

Thanks to the #Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps I have a great pleasure to rent #Bazzinga Optimum toddler size.
After using the carrier for four weeks, I must say that I am really satisfied. My girl is 11 months old and weighs 9 kg. She really love when I carry her up front.
This carrier is very strong, beautiful and comfortable. The design is very nice. Daddy also likes to use it, it is great for walks and hikes. We didn’t feel the baby’s weight at all.
This is my famous carrier. ❤️

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