Luluna Algae Roja RS

Amazing donation from Luluna slings.

The original picture is taken from Luluna.
Material: 100% combed cotton
Thickness: 260 gsm

Here you can read real reviews of real mum’s without hesitation.

Klara Miklos Martinov, Serbia

In the moment of testing, my associate was 11 months old and cca. 7kg. Unfortunately, we didn’t test this sling as much as it deserves, as it’s a really wonderful piece. The colors are stunning, it’s thin, soft, and would be amazing even for smaller babies, and yet sturdy and not overly stretchy, so it could hold a bum that’s quite heavier than ours. I’m not very experienced with slings, but adjusting it was a breeze and we really enjoyed parading around in it. 😊 Thank you to everyone in Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps) and Luluna Slings – Tester Group on this opportunity

Velerija Stojkovic, Serbia

This was the first sling that we tried, and it is not enough to say that I have been blown away. The feeling when you wrap your baby in it – is just amazing. My baby has 13 months and about 11kg. I didn’t feel his weight at all. I thought it will be difficult for me to handle it, but I was so wrong. This ring sling is so easy and comfortable, my baby enjoyed in it as much as I did. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps) and Luluna Slings – Tester Group for this opportunity. We fell in love in slings because of you.

Ana Zekovic, Serbia

I have been testing with 9 months old baby. I am thrilled how easy it slides trough rings. And it is amazingly soft even as it is new and I think this would be a perfect ring sling for beginners. It is more prettier in person than on pictures. I prefer more elastic as I feel it better on a shoulder and if this was mine I would make it a bit shorter as I love short slings and from scrap I would make a matching bag.

Ivana Denic, Serbia

This is such a beauty of the ring sling. I fell in love in this design on a first sight. My kid is 10 months old and 9.5kg and she had a pleasure to cuddle in this soft, thin and amazing ring sling. I was amazed how easily glided through rings so I used it more often than mine own. We do not have any complain on this sling except that we would love to have it longer. Thanks Lena’s traveling carriers and Luluna for opportunity.

Neda Krtolica Stojancic, Serbia

Baby 8 months, 9.5 kg. precious colors, in my taste of true autumn. Very soft, fine sliding through the rings. The baby would fall asleep very quickly during the carrying time.
Although I honestly love some thicker slings, this is a wonderful sling especially for small babies.
Thanks for the opportunity.

Anita Markovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) we tested this lovely sling last week. It’s Luluna Slings Algae Roja, 260 gsm, 100% combed cotton. This sling is soft, comfy, has nice grip and glide. Given that sling and I are generally on a war foot, with this one I managed to find a common language and I wrapped it in that way my shoulder or back doesn’t hurt. It holds tight my baby that is 6 months old and has 7300g.

Ana Frank Krstic, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps, we had an opportunity to test Luluna Slings Algae Roja, 260 gsm, 100% combed cotton. As I expected- it is soft, comfortable and lovely. Wrapee is 4 – month-old baby and has about 6 and half kg. As I was putting ring sling on me, she was very interested in colors and pattern so I can say she liked it. It is very easy to use and everything stays on its place even after few hours. I think this ring sling is easy to be liked and loved by not only experienced users but also by those who are starters.

Tijana Pribakovic, Serbia

Ideal for small babies as it is so soft that I would use it as a blanket. It is a brand without false – design, colors, blends and weaving – something for everybody.

Maja Ivankovic Polak, Croatia

We’ve been trying out Luluna Algae Roja ring sling (100% combed cotton, 260gsm) #lulunatester on its tour through the Balkans via #lenastravelingcarriers .The wrapper (myself) is an xl mom and the wrapee was a bit over 11 months and about 10 kilos at the time of testing.
I must say that when I first saw the photo of the sling, I fell in love with the color and the pattern so I did everything in my power to get it. When it arrived, the initial feel did not fail me- the wrap is as soft as kitten’s fur 😂 and the colours are even more intense irl! Fortunately, it arrived around the holidays so we had the perfect color wrap for Christmas 🎄 thanks again admins of #lenastravelingcarriers for the extended stay 😉 The wrap was comfortable to wear, considering. Why this “considering”? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed it, the texture, the softness, the colors, the pattern – however, due to its 260gsm, I am confident that this particular wrap is better suited for smaller babies 👶🏻 (in comparison even to some other Lulunas you can see in the pictures) as I felt a bit of strain in my back and shoulders when wearing it for longer stretches of time. The grip-glide ratio is great- the wrap glides though the rings very smoothly yet stays in place once it is set.
All in all, this is a beautiful, wonderful, luxurious, gorgeous wrap that I would definitely use for a smaller baby next time around (if there’ll be a next time 😉). Thanks for the opportunity to enjoy this attractive ring sling!

Ana Buneta, Croatia

I had the opportunity to try Luluna Algea Roja RS. This was 2nd Rs (both Lulunas) I tried with my 9 months old son. The colors are beautiful and it was easy to fit Algea Roja with my outfit. It was surprisingly soft and comfortable. We enjoyed using this wonderful rs but probably due to my very active baby and my lack of experience I had to tighten it on a longer walks.
Thank you for the opportunity to try this RS since I am totally in love with Luluna products. It was really touching to see the support Luluna gives to people with Down syndrome, that’s why we love you even more ❤
#lulunatester #lenastravelingcarriers

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Luluna Slings we had the opportunity to test this Sling.
Even though I usually use wraps I adore ring slings, cause they are perfect carriers for quick ups.
This Sling is so elegant and beautiful that I have even used it as a scarf.
My wrapee is 6 months old and 5killos, and she adores it.
It has a bit of a texture and I love it. It glides through rings but once tightened it does not move.
My toddler it doesn’t collaborate, so I can’t be sure about toddler wearing, but in my modest opinion, it can be good even for bigger babies.
I found it perfect for cold days, cause we were hot in it on sunny spring day in Belgrade.. Or maybe my postpartum hormones are still throwing a party. 😊

Ivana Ilic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) we had an opportunity to test Luluna Slings Algae Roja, 260 gsm, 100% combed cotton.Wrapee is 12m and has about 8,5 kgs. RS is soft, wrap slides through the rings easly and holds baby great. #lenastravelingcarriers

Sara Dabic, Croatia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) we had the chance to test RS Algae Roja.
Sling was so amazingly soft and wonderful to touch. Unfortunately, my girl is not fond of RS anymore, so we didn’t have the chance to test it’s full potential. Our every attempt looked like the last photo, or even worse. Probably it was because my girl was moving too much, but RS was a bit glidey and I had to retighten it quite often. I would definitely like to try it out if I had another baby, because I think RS is much better for smaller babies.

Mihaela Sb Diklić, Croatia

#lenastravelingcarriers #lulunatester thank you for the best RS we have ever tried 😍😍😍 it’s amazing and we love it!! Psssst baby is sleeping…

Tea Orešković Sertić, Croatia

Thanks to Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps we had opportunity to test Luluna Algae Roja RS, 100% combed cotton. I feel in love in this amazing red color. My son i s one year old and have abot 9 kg. Unfortunatly RS is not for me any more for longer period of bw, but despite that it was wery comfortable for me on short period, it was easy for me to adjust and gave excellent support. This was for me fourth Luluna that I tried and I’m more and more delighted with this wraps. #lulunatester #lenastravellingcarriers

Corinna Bačac, Croatia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) I had the opportunity to test this beautiful #lulunatester RS. I’m a big fan of Lulunas, but untill now I never tried a Luluna RS. This one is perfect. Beautiful to look at (i just love the red) and easy to put on. It came to us already soft and I like how it glides through rings with such an ease. It’s thinner then other RS’s I got to try and contrary to what I expected- that really makes it even better. My little one and I enjoyed it so much, and it made our everyday chores easier, it took me less then a minute to put it on and do what we must. So now I have to find myself one od this 😉 thank you #lulunaslings and #lenastravellingcarriers for this experience! 😘

Ivana Selak, Croatia

Through Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps we had a chance to test Luluna Slings Algae Roja ring sling, 260 gsm, 100% combed cotton. The sling came to us as soft as butter, it slides through the rings easily and it kept in place once tighted up. The sling is a beautiful red and black and we loved the colour. It brighted our glumy days. I wore it with a 10 month and 9 kg baby. It was very comfortable and the shoulder was good. We loved it and would recommend it. #lulunatester #lenastravelingcarriers

Bojana Ćulibrk, Serbia

Hello from Serbia!
I had a chance to test Luluna Slings Algae Roja. This was the first sling that I tried. My wrappe is 3 months old and has 6 killos. Although I had no experience at all with ring slings, it was no challenge to wrap it for the first time, so I think it’s great for beginners like me. The colors are beautiful, I like black and red, it was easy to fit it with my outfit, it’s very soft, comfortable and I didn’t feel his weight at all. Only it seems to me, for these summer days that’s lie ahead, it is a slightly thicker fabric.
Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Luluna Slings – Tester Group for the opportunity to enjoy this attractive RS and chance to try new kind off babywearing.

Anita Begovic Kuveljic, Serbia

The baby 3 months old. She has not accepted the sling, I wore a few times. But sling is very comfortable, very soft and modern. I am satisfied
#lulunatester #lenastravellingcarriers

Iskra Opaček, Serbia

Since I love ring slings and tried a few Lulunas before I had to try this beauty and it did not disappoint. It’s very soft, not too thick in hand, supports well enough for me to carry 2,5yo testee for 30min without problem. It maybe has a little too much stretch for my now big toddler. Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers and #luluna for the opportunity to enjoy this beauty 💗

Mirjana Šica, Serbia

We enjoyed it! The material is nice and comfy for summer days. My baby loves to be carried and to sleep in this RS. This is the first RS I tried and I managed to learn how to wrap it immediately. I thought it was complicated, but it is not. Still, if I had to choose between a RS and a woven wrap, I would choose the wrap. It is just not my thing and I always had the feeling that the baby is not positioned well and I had to adjust something. But the material is great, and the baby loved it. Thanks to this group I managed to enjoy babywearing my little Sunshine.

Ana Baranjin, Serbia

First of all, huge thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for giving us a chance to try this rs! As we mainly use structured carrier, this was something different. Baby liked it, not as well as our carrier, but she did not complain. I loved how soft it was and beautiful, material was nice not to make either of us too hot on warmer days. 🙂 only thing is that our structured carrier is still faster option for us to buckle in, but definitely loved this rs!!! #lenastravelingcarriers

Milena Kovačević, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps I had an opportunity to try this Luluna RS. Material is amazing and colors are very beautiful. This RS is really for moms who like to dress up and look pretty. Material is so elegant and in the same time very firm. It was used for 5 month old, but big baby – 8 kilos. This wrap is cosy and solid, and easy to wrap with. Unfortunately, because of my back pain, it was difficult for me to carry a baby on one shoulder for long periods so we used it for short time and we decided to try something else. Overall- this RS is soft, easy to adjust, and everyone should try it ❤️ #lulunatester #lenastravelingcarriers

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