Sling Studio Falling Fathers Black Stork RS

This RS is donation of amazing Sling Studio and it is going on test tour around 4 countries – Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
The original picture is taken from the Sling Studio

Material: 50% cotton, 25% silk, 20% supima, 5% seacell
Thickness: 230 gsm

Here you can read real reviews of real mum’s without hesitation.

Jelena Perunicic, Serbia

jelena rs

I will be short for now, as we have only opportunity to wear it just few times and it was brand new – out of the box. On a first touch I could feel a bit itching from a silk, but this will probably go away in time.
It is easy to put on and it hold really well my baby which is 9kg. It is really amazing looking wrap which because of silk glow. There is a small percentage of seacell and we have not wear it enough to get opinion is it really cooling in hot days.
I still prefer cotton over silk after this experience because of itching but I plan to get it for another round after it would be in use for some time to see if that will change.

Klara Miklos Martinov, Serbia

klara rs

I fell in love when I saw it on opening video in a group and I have not disappointed at all. So soft, comfortable and holds perfectly my kiddo of 6.5kg but I think it would be perfect also for heavier babies. Because of discrete design but shining effect it so elegant. It is love on a first sight.

Milena Kostic, Serbia

The sling is stunning, elegant so it can be for special occasion. It is so soft, comfy but steady. Extremely easy to put trough rings. I felt a bit of itchiness on my neck as I cut my hair.

Milena Gobeljic, Serbia

Baby is 9kg and to me it was so comfortable. It goes easy trough rings and holds very well. I did not have issue with silk and itching. It looks more elegant on pictures then in real life and I made mistake and put black blouse

Irina Budovalcev, Serbia

I liked more sling in person then on photos. Sling is soft and easily goes trough rings and holds amazingly. I can feel silk on my skin but it does not bothered me. Final conclusion about sling is that is amazing.

Sretenka Gvozdenovic Sljukic, Serbia

My kid is 10 months old and around same weight. Because of amazing blend I could not feel the weight. We wrap it easily.

Ivana Batar Mijatovic, Serbia

It is more ordinary in person comparing to pictures and I could wear it on any occasion. It perfectly holds my son of 10+ kg and literally glides through rings. Extremely comfortable to use and wear.

Ivana Glisic, Serbia

I will just agree with all mothers before me said. It is amazingly light and soft and glides through rings. It holds perfectly 9kg. I did not bothered by the silk. I am not particular fan of slings but in this one I fell in love and it will be really hard to say goodbye.

Radmila Gacina, Serbia

Sling Studio Falling Feathers Black Stork, came to us to test. I was so curious the composition of blends in this RS 50% cotton, 25% tussah silk, 20% supima cotton, 5% seacell. I tried it with my 2 year old, 16-kilogram kiddo.
First impressions, when I opened package, pale black, grayish color, at images seemed more elegant, it is not rough to the touch, smooth under the fingers. Grey tussah is giving attractive effect to the whole appearance of the fabric. First of all, wrap seemed to be very textured, which is typical of silk tussah (I read somewhere, and now I’m convinced). Secondary, fabric is incredible soft, strength, but still with enough grip to stay in place, easy to pass through rings. Many thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Sling Studio for this opportunity. P:S. I fell in love with SS bag 👜

Jelena Jeremic Markovic, Serbia

I was lucky enough to get to know those amazing mums from LTC and got an opportunity to test this gorgeous Ring Sling made by Sling Studio. I have been testing with my 19 months old toddler who weights around 10kg. I didn’t know what to expect from the sling who has silk in it, as I have never tried any silk wrap before, but is was love on a first touch. Soft as cloud but firm and supportive. On pictures I got impression that is more elegant and not everyday sling, but in person it is not so shiny and I liked that. This is probably the most comfortable ring sling I have ever tried. I wrap it without breaking a sweat, and it was so quickly because the wrap easy glides trough rings. It held very well my toddlers weight. The silk was a bit itchy but it was bearable. The only thing I would say, maybe, is a flaw as it stretched after some time during walk. But I am not quite sure is it somehow related to silk, as I said, I never use it before. For me deal breaker is that the sling must be hand washed. I know, I know, you do not need to wash them so often but still, for me even once is once too much.

Nives Viola, Croatia

This is the sling I immediately wish to own. The most beautiful tester till now. It slides through rings perfectly and holds steadily because of the blend. I am in love.

Denis Caro, Croatia

We have bewn lucky that this tester arrived unexpectedly. Sling Studio Black Stork RS in beautiful blend of cotton, supima cotton, seacell and silk. It came beautifully broken, soft and adjustable. Honestly on pictures it looked more beautiful buf wq’s are saving it in a big way. It is soft, relatively thin and holds. It has been sliding through rings beautifully and I didn’t have any issues with adjusting it to the perfect mm, but more surprisingly it haven’t move at all through carrying or dropped through rings. I love silk and hers wq’s so I was really looking forward to this sling and it hasn’t disappointed me at all. Even I am not particularly fan of Ring Slings I can freely say that it inspired me to reach for one I have. SlingStudio is in my top 3 list of blends and brends I have ever tried. Girls thank you for the opportunity.

Ines Užar, Croatia

We had opportunity to test this extraordinary sling. I was afraid at first of low gsm because I am used to thicker wraps, but I was really pleasantly surprised by Sling Stidio. It was perfect for my shoulder, it is very comfortable, soft and well done. My husband and I were really blown away with this tester and we have really enjoyed it. The wrap beautifully slides through rings and it was so easy to adjust it and tighten it. Because of silky knots it stands on its place. Thank you for opportunity to try it out I just add it to my wishlist.

Ivana Dumanic, Croatia

Hi. This sling is something way most beautiful we have ever tried. It is so soft. We haven’t tried too many blends so I didn’t know what to expect. This was amazingly soft, thin and gentle. It is easy to adjust and my son has enjoyed it. I haven’t felt his 12+ kg even after longer walk. Black and simple but so special. It can be worn to the store or to special occasion and color of the rings is perfect match. I felt so sorry as it has been so short with us and I hope it will somehow arrive again to us. Thank you LTC for this wonderful opportunity.

Andrijana Cesar, Croatia

I am blown away. I wish I can just post enormous numbers of pictures. It is so thin and warm (just realised that it doesn’t contain wool at all) and sooo soft. I am delighted.
I am not particularly crazy about ring slings and I was wondering should I drop out from this testing tour but than Leina told me that I need to try it and I am so glad I tried it because I would never forgive myself If I have missed this. It is really WOW.

Ivana Selak, Croatia

We had opportunity to test this ring sling. Because many before us has been testing it it came sofr as butter. It looks a bit worn out because of silk but to me this is particularly cute. Because it is black you can wear it in every combination. Even thou is thin without any issues it holds my toddler of 13 months and 10kg. You can adjust it easily and it will be steady. Because I am quite petite and sling is really long we tried also back carry and I could say this was also really comfortable. This sling is great for small and big and can be one trough the whole babywearing.

Erna Ceman, Bosnia and Herzegovina

During testing my boy had 1 year and around 11kg.I was afraid that this sling will be to thin for us, but once again silk has shown her true face and how much support it gives to wrap. We have been in half hour walks and it was really comfortable for me. I love more and more this knots from silk as they give excellent texture. I really like combination of black sling with bronze rings. I have enjoyed this sling and I have been checking if there is any on website I can afford at this moment.

Asja Herenda, Bosnian and Herzegovina

This ring sling we all liked. I am in love with black black combinations and this is as far as I concerned the one for everyday and one I missing in my collection. I also like it as shawl if it is not used for carry. To us it came soft and broken and personally I love itchy wraps so this silk was perfectly fine for me. Beside my son of 11kg we have tried carry my 3 year old daughter and it holded nicely. It haven’t slided trough rings after some use even with that big kid, but on the other hand is slides when needed to adjust it. Because of softness it can be folded trough rings. We also tried back carry and it was really comfortable wearing that way.

Nataša Bogićević ex Popara, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I was impressed with this sling from the first touch. It is soft with nice texture, thin and holds 13kg of my daughter like a boss. I think neither one sling I ve tried haven’t glided through slings with that easiness. It was a reall pleasure using this sling. It is not saggy so once you set it up it stays and on top of that all it is amazingly beautiful. Just the perfect sling from the beginning till the end of babywearing. The one who will encourage beginners and pleased expirience users. Thank you for the opportunity to test.

Mihaela Vujčić Ilić, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) I got to try this amaizing sling.

First of all, I looove ring slings. It is my favorite carrier.
Second, my kids are big.and heavy.

I am in shock that Black Stork have only 230 gr. Really!?

It is so comfortable and easy to use. Holds perfectly. This kid has been sleeping for an hour before I snapped this picture. I have been walking with 15+kg kid in a 230 gr ring sling. And kid was light as feather.

It is soft and thin in hand, but so supportive.

Love it.

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

Sling studio falling feathers black stork ring sling finally came on test, as a part of Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps)Serbian test tour number 2. From the moment I put my 10 month old baby in it I knew that I found what I wanted from ideal summer sling-strong but thin! It is breathable and extremely comfortable. Wrap glides perfectly through the rings but stays there even during longer walks . It was extremely comfortable in ring sling ruck carry so it can be used instead of short wrap too. Eventhough I wouldn’t choose black colour for perfect summer sling, I would wear this one because of its characteristics and not its looks. I can notice that black can look really nice in contrast to white clothes for example. All in all, this sling is something special and definitely will be remembered as perfect summer sling.

Snezana Kljestan, Serbia

We had an oportunity to try this beautiful ring sling for 5 days,but this period of time was too short for me to learn how to use it 🙈since this was our first time. But the sling is very beautiful and soft and it seems to be easy to wear. Thank you #lenineputujucenosiljke

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers my 20 months old toddler i and I had the opportunity to test the Sling studio falling feathers black Stork RS for five days. So far the ring sling was total unknow for me, but it was a great wish for me to try this type of carrier. My little tester(14 kg 😆) enjoyed wearing it,although mom should be more training for mounting sling.Baby had enough freedom of movement, but also sence of security. The fabric is soft, comfortable and provides support. I like the perfect black color, it fits with my style of clothing and choice of colors🖤🖤🖤. All recommendation for this sling, i award a rating 10 out of 10.👍

Biljana Elek, Serbia

In the last few days, we have hosted a beautiful carrier. Black, elegant, delicate, soft, slightly hairy (for silk), full of sleeping dust, but also strong and very comfortable. All this is Sling Studio falling feathers black STORK ring sling. For the first time I meet with supima cotton and I have to say that I like it. The material easily glided between the rings and it was comfortable to wear my son two years and eight months old and weighing about 14 kg, as well as a baby girl of 7 months and 7 kg. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke i marame (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) and Sling Studio.

Jelena Krsmanović Ardeljan, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers my 13months old baby and I had chance to test the Sling Studio RS. This is second RS that I tried and my thinking that this is best for short walks and for summer heat. This RS is very soft, delicate, but stong to hold baby of 11kg. Big plus of us for this RS.

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

Sling Studio Falling Feathers Black Stork ring sling arrived to us at the right time when the wearing crisis was over. The material is beautiful, soft, easily glides through the rings. The testee has 11 kg. I didn’t feel the weight on my shoulder even after walking for 2 hours. It was wonderful for experimentation, the first time I wear baby on my back in the RS. It was also great for falling asleep in the evening (and for day-sleep too). And it’s ideal for this summer hot weather.At all, sling is perfect and we really enjoyed using it. I recommend this sling. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Sling Studio

Jasmina Marinkovic, Serbia

Sling Studio Falling Feathers Black Stork was our guest and a first time to try out this composition of blends. It looks very elegant in pictures, but it is an every day sling. It is very soft and strong. Baby is 11 months old and round 11kg. We didn’t carry for long, cause he wants to walk and explore, maybe half an hour, but it was very comfortable and I didn’t feel his weight. It was easy and fast to adjust, and it is so thin and lightweight. It’s definitely the most comfortable sling we tried. The only thing I didn’t like is the color. Since it was very sunny and warm outside it didn’t give us extra sweat so it is really a great sling. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Sling Studio for this opportunity ❤

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

This sling is the first sling with silk that i ever tryed, and i like it 🤭it has that rustical, hairy look that gives him the “wild look”, but at the same time it is a real soft beauty. It can handle much weight, it warms a little bit, and it is not made for hot summers.
We are verry thankfull to have it wit us ☺️ #lenastravelingcarriers

Maja Ivankovic Polak, Croatia

I simply LOVED everything about this sling! Amazing WQ, which make it a perfect all-rounder, as it is both fantastically sturdy and strong, yet also soft as kittens’ fur and moldable to the max. I ADORED the silk nubs and the engraved rings- plus, the ring-wrap color match is exquisite. We bw mums often tend to avoid silk, thinking it’s too needy a material, but if i had to do it all over again, i would definitely turn to silk in the blend. Thanks AGAIN #lenastravelingcarriers for giving me something new that thrilled me and my toddler 🖤

Stanka Babin, Croatia

We tested Sling Studio Falling Feathers Black Stork Rs and loved it. At the time of testing baby was 14 months and 9,5 kg. I was very excited to test this sling because of its blend, it was the first time for me to test something with silk and I liked it, specialy the nubs all over it. Sling is very soft and light as a feather, but yet very strong, holds perfectly. Also the rings are beautufuly engraved and fabric slides easily trough them. Only thing that didn’t suit me is the lenght of sling because I’m short and it was too long for me. We enjoyed testing this amaizing sling. Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers and #slingstudio for opportunity to try this wonderful sling.

Maja Mavrinac, Croatia

I sad looking forward to testing this sling because od the blend. One I Got to feel it I loved it. For the first time a wrap felt the way I imagined they feel before I starter babywearing; it was Like a loved, soft, warm blanket you’ve been using forever and don’t plan on ever giving up. It looks very elegant, carries Weight nicely and glides easily when tightening on the rings. However one thing kept happening – the fabrick was staying loose at one place or the other on the shoulder after tightening almost every time I used it and I’m not New to ring sling s, probably would have figured put why had the sling been with me for a few more days.

#lenastravelingcarriers #slingstudio

Manca Gojević, Croatia

This one is really special. Sling Studio Falling Feathers Black Stork RS. So thin yet so supportive. Easily go trough rings.
My shoulder was pleased and my baby felt very light. 🙂
I can say it’s the best RS I’ve tried so far. And color is just beautiful and elegant! Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers #slingstudio ❤️

Marija Mladenovic, Serbia

This lovely sling is for some time with us, and the experience is so far amazing.
The fabric is so thin, but it holds a toddler excellently. I was really surprised by this sling. It takes me a minute to wrap the child and he loves it! It’s very comfy 🙂 The sling is airy and I think it will be great even for the colder weather.
The tester is 2yo, 90 or so cm tall, and around 13 kilos, and this sling is great for us.
Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers for this opportunity!

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