Bazzinga Optimum Baby size

This carrier is donation of Bazzinga Baby Carriers and it is Optimum model baby size meant for use from 4kg to 24kg.

Sanja Dimitrijevic, Serbia

sanja dim.jpg

We had the pleasure to test the six days Bazzinga baby carrier, we have today with a heavy heart had to send on. It was so good for us that this morning we were wearing the city 4h with a short break, so that at the end of the afternoon they would be taken off and posted in the post. That was so great for us. My enthusiasm began at the first meeting with her every day I just grew so much that I plan to buy soon. The impressions may still be fresh, but I want to write a review today. So far I have tried the woven wrap that we used to wear in the first couple of months, ring sling that I did not quite fit on the first try, the flexi tai from Dolisa, in which we wear every day, and from ssc I just tried the Guslenok and it looked too big for me at that time a baby of 5 months, so I immediately gave up on it, so I can’t compare it to other carriers. I had a wish to buy Bazzinga even before this test, but now my wish has become a necessity, because I have to say it perfectly suited. Shoulders that are thick are great, so the baby’s weight on the shoulders does not feel a bit, the baby has almost 9 kg and 9 months. I like the belt because it is thick and firm, it keeps the weight of the baby great, and it does not bite at all, which is the case with the flexi that I have, the superb on the back, the hips and the stomach and the super carries the weight of the baby, which is well arranged. The hood is great because it is adjustable and the adjusters on it are great. It’s a good way to adjust the width of the carrier itself, because it’s externally and practically able to adjust during walk, which I did today because I, while the baby was resting at sister’s arms, carried toddler a few minutes to the third floor of the stairs. I must admit that I was too heavy and has 13kg. I later returned the baby back to carrier and adjusted the width in the walk. Also, the height of the panel is adjustable very easily, as well as all straps for straps and the belt clip is easy to tighten. We were wearing a couple of times on the back. The first time ever on my back in the ssc, it seemed to me somehow a baby is too low, and I thought it could not tighten it anymore. However, with the other mounting on my back, I figured that the strap from the shoulder straps has two adjusters so I was super tight and it was great for me on my back. I have no complaints on this carrier. Not long more, all in all Bazzinga carrier is great.

Marija Lukic, Serbia

This carrier is so comfortable and easy to adjustment in some critical moments when mom is alone. Material is nice and soft and ✨ ✨ on material makes the carrier very interesting. I didn’t feel at all baby’s weight on my sholders and on my back. Dana is 9 months old and 10,5kg. She loved it, she fell asleep every time we used it, especially when first teeth didn’t give us a break. Carrier is the only salvation 😊😊
I would recommend this carrier.
Thanks to #Lena’s traveling carriers and #Bazzinga we had an opportunity to rent Bazzinga carrier, and we loved it 👍👍👍❤️❤️❤️

Ivana Kostic Lacmanovic, Serbia

Thanks to #Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and #Bazzinga we had an opportunity to rent Bazzinga Optimum baby size carrier.
This carrier is so comfortable and easy to adjustment. Material is nice and soft.The belt was just perfect to me,and I didn’t feel at all baby’s weight on my sholders.My daughter of 9 months and 9kg loved it, she fell asleep every time we used it.
All recommendation for this carrier.

Branka Blažetin, Serbia

We had the opportunity to try out the Bazzing Optimum Baby Size Carrier. Bebac is 6 months old and 7.5 kg and 67 cm. Since this is the first carrier we’ve tried, we’ve easily put it on. She was comfortable with both the baby and me. I didn’t feel the baby’s weight. Stuffed shoulder straps are great, there is nothing wrong with me anywhere. We did not need to adjust the width, and the height was adjusted depending on whether the baby wanted her hands free or not. Adjusting the widths and heights is easy and simple thanks to the belts. We didn’t have the oportunity to use cap . We wore only forward and with parallel belts and it suited us, so we didn’t even try cross belts. As for wearing on my back, I think the baby is too small to wear so I didn’t even dare to try it. The only problem was the buckling on the back, because I was mostly fixing it myself, so it was difficult for me to reach for the buckles and we would always sweat like that until we got fit. Regardless of this problem we encountered, I would generally recommend it to everyone, and I’m thinking of getting one myself 🙂 Many thanks to this wonderful group that exists, we will continue to socialize.

Sretenka Gvozdenovic Sljuskic, Serbia

The overall impression to me was great for this carrier. And another general impression, I felt hot in every one when it was warmer outside because I am always hot.

Anita Markovic, Serbia

We tested the Bazzinga optimum baby size carrier. The baby has 3 months and about 5800g. This is the first time I use a buckle carrier with and it definitely suits me when I need quickly install myself and jump to the city, and it is the most practical for breastfeeding. I tried carrier only at front with my baby, because she still does not have a completely stable head and I did not dare to put her on the back. Once I just tried with cross-straps, but I did not seem to set them up nicely, so it was uncomfortable on my neck and shoulders. After that, I did not try again, because I was pretty good this way. For the first assembling everything was just fine, but the next time I was rubbed buckle under the armpits. Only after a few days of testing, raising and lowering buckle, experimenting, shortening and extending panel, I came to the point that I was ok, but it was still not ideal, it was bothering me under the armpit. I could not tighten the belt on carrier while was buttoned, and it happened that we should be tightening during wear. The baby was great, she did not bother, I slept so sweetly every day in carrier. I like a soft filling in the place that goes behind the baby’s knees so that it is not stuttering and there is so much room for narrowing that it suits baby babies. Although it was hot for a carriers, it was not terrible in this, and I maintained it in the city and 4 hours, with a pause. Dad also tried carrier and he likes how much it can adapt very easily, the baby was satisfied with the walk, liked the neutral color. There are no objections and I would gladly use such a carrier. Thanks for the opportunity to try Bazzinga.

Olja Saric, Serbia

This Carrier from cotton canvas was on my holiday for five days. First of all, I want to thank the group of Lenin’s traveling carriers and wraps for the opportunity to try it out, and of course the Gordana who enabled us all to donate this carrier to the group. Now let me say something about the carrier. Materials (and smooth cotton and twill) are very good and pleasant to the touch. The panel is large and provides a good support for the baby. Shoulder straps are filled with almost the entire length and are very comfortable (in my constitution, the charging length is excellent because it supported me over my back so I avoided cutting the belt that I do not like in some cases). Belt is easily tightened, buckles are of the correct quality and generally, carrier is easy and quick to settle. Setting the height of the panel is practical, everything is at hand. It is positive that the shoulder straps can be installed both in parallel and crossed, only that the transverse belt and parts of the buckles during cross-fitting slightly tilt on the back and more (they can’t be removed, at least I did not try because carrier was a tester so I did not want to do anything). Setting the width is easy. Cords for narrowing the panels in width are a useful thing. The belt is extremely comfortable, soft and large, and passes through the entire stomach and finely inflicts it (almost as a corset). The only thing that was rising to me and the baby was sitting on the belt more than in the panel when I was wearing it, and that was from my point of view minus this carrier. I also like what is part of the panel that comes behind babies knees, and the baby’s material does not go into the skin, which is very important. Caps are practical, good in shape and easy to settle. The hood is practical, good in shape and easy to install. In the end, I would like to say that this is a very high quality and comfortable carrier and I would definitely like one day in my collection that I have a Bazzinga, as we are both a baby and I are passionate wearers. The baby is 9 months old, over 70 cm tall and weighs about 8 kg. It is carried exclusively forward.

Dragana Vecic Radovanovic, Serbia

We tested Bazzinga, this time baby size. My toddler is 16 months old, about 10 kg and 81 cm. We first tested the todler variant and was thrilled with it. So it was with this carrier. Soft, shoulder straps finely stuffed, belt great – firm but soft enough again. The only thing that seems to me is that the panel was somehow too long even for its height. In general, the stretcher is excellent and very comfortable. Thank you for being able to test it!

Tamara Blagojevic, Serbia

We got Bazzinga baby size for testing, and this was also the first time we tried the carrier with buckles. Up-to-date experience – elastic wrap and ring sling. Although it was not good installed for the first time, the baby just fell asleep immediately. After reading the detailed instructions, every next time we installed it properly. Carrier is soft, comfortable, and at no time did I have the feeling to tighten it, or stand loose, and again baby was safe and beautifully squeezed in with me. I did not adjust the panel in width, cut it short in length, and I did not even feel it on myself. At the time of testing, the baby was near 8kg, and 6 months. Thank you very much for the opportunity to try this wonderful carrier.

Anamarija Jagodic, Serbia

With a heavy heart we parted from Bazzinga. How are the other mothers praised truly wonderful carrier. We enjoyed it. We have tested so far for the 3 carrier, Bazzinga is the 4th carrier, one ring sling and a Nandy wrap that is our favorite. We fell in love immediately in Bazzinga, and we place it on the 1st place. I was pleasantly surprised with the soft material from which carrier was made and at the same time strong and firmly holding the little one. My son Filip tester has 11 months about 10kg and height about 75cm. I really likedstrips for reducing the panel in height, we did not need to reduce width. Very easy to shorten shoulder straps I only realized the third day. As far as the belt is concerned, it was comfortable not cracked and didn’t twisted. But if we take carrier, it will surely be Bazzinga. Baby was delighted with it, as his mom. Thank you for giving us this nice test.

Branislava Ugljenoviceva, Serbia

First going out with carrier. A baby doesn’t like putting in a carrier, or stay in the carrier in apartment, but outside enjoys. We are a bit late with impressions, and at the time of wear it was 5.5 months and 9.5 kg. The enjoyment was disturbed by the heat, so we did not use it as much as I planned. Carrier was better than ours, but I still felt some pain in the back, and during an attempt to set up with crossing straps, we got bad luck and we did not try it until the end. Bazzinga was made of pleasant material, it was easy for me to put it on the side of the shoulder strap. The height adjustment of the panel works well, giving the baby enough air, since he likes to wear it in my hands, does not stand heat and skintight with someone. The impression is that this is a comfortable carrier, and that I am not sufficiently skilled in assembling the baby. We appreciate the opportunity to try this wonderful carrier.

Irena Zahorec, Serbia

Here Bazzinga is still with us, we enjoy and we wear the most time, a lot of mums comments that it is hot in, but it was ok for me, still the summer is hot in everything. The first impression, when I unpacked it, was the fear that when I saw all those clips, I scared myself a little, and it seemed complicated against the RS that I installed on the go. Fortunately, there is husband who first mounted the little boss, and loved it, so I was little and I relaxed and tried. I’m in love with Bazzinga carriers since I saw the first, a live is even more beautiful. Shoulder straps are ideally filled, they just buzz me a little under the armpit, but I believe that I will still be able to export it by adjusting the sliders. The belt is very comfortable and, as Olja says, it can also serve as a corset ☺ on my pretty kilos, and it still gave good support. The panel was ok with us, we did not reduce it down, but I reduced it in height because the boss loves to rub her hands, used to the RS, so that he is completely raised up her neck, a little beneath, he gives good support and if the baby falls asleep. My Miss has 8.5 months and so i kg, I’m not sure how high. I am delighted with the carrier because it is seen that a lot of attention is paid to the details, the thickening of the baby does not bother their legs, fine tighten the panels … Thank you LPN and madam Bazzinga on the opportunity to try it.

Klara Miklos Martinov, Serbia

When Bazzinga arrived to us, the baby was 9 months old and about 6.5kg. Carrier is beautiful, soft, well done and very easy to fit and carry forward and on the back, although we do not have much experience with scc – this was just the other one we tried. I do not have any complaints, the shoulder straps are very comfortable, as well as the belt, we did not have a chance to try out the hood because my associate does not like to have anything on the head, and the assistant is thrilled with the taste of the buckle on the shoulder straps 😊 Thanks to Ana and everyone from Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps and Nosiljke za babe Bazzinga on the occasion and wonderful carrier.

Dragana Opsenica, Serbia

Here are two of us. Katja has 6 months (8750g) That there are no carrier hard enough to settle down the hill. 🙂 I can say that carrier is extremely pleasant even in these summer days. Already at the first wearing miss, she fell asleep 🙂 I tried only cross straps, because it is more personal to me, given that I have problems with spine. We did not wear a lot because I could not start fixing the belt at first. At Bazzinga I like that the panel is set in width and height. I would like to thank first Olja Saric who put me in this wonderful group and of course Ana Anastasijevic Vuletic. This test is really phenomenal, because only when you try a model for a few days you know if it really suits you. When our hosts came to us, it was our turn to show little bit of our neighborhood.

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

We had the opportunity to host Bazzinga carrier. The baby has 10 months and about 11kg. I think that Toddler size Bazzinga would be more suitable for him because the panel did not go from knee to knee, it was a little shorter, but the baby was still very sleepy while we walking. It’s the second carrier for us, so we’re not very experienced about fitting, but we easily installed the straps and the panel was easily shortened because the baby likes to throw out his hands while wearing. The only problem for us was to put the belt nicely, so that the baby does not sit on it, the belt is slightly bent and maybe the only belt could be a bit tougher if it did not happen or I simply did not know how to install it nicely. Otherwise I did not feel the weight of the baby, nowhere is nothing rush, a very comfortable carrier. Thanks to the wonderful women in the opportunity to enjoy the comfortable Bazzingi. ❤❤❤❤❤THE BIG THANKS to the Bazzinga Baby Carrier that donated this wonderful carrier in which, I trust, will enjoy more babies and mom.

Danijela Todorovic Trifunovic, Serbia

As soon as she arrived, we immediately tried it 🙂
With the fact that it was a lot of hot we did not have much wearing. Beautiful Bazzinga, fabulous design, nice material, comfortable because of thick shoulder straps and belts both with me and a baby, soft. With a little thicker I would not recommend it for the summer. It was a bit of a problem for me to hook up with some parallel shoulder straps, but I believe it’s just a matter of practice. I’m sorry we did not try wearing on the back, but there will be a chance;) Boy is 15 months old and about 10,300kg. Thank group LTC for the opportunity.

Ivana Ilic, Serbia

We sent it yesterday and we already miss it … it’s in our shortest review. So, a baby of 4 and a half months, 7.5 kg and a height of about 65cm, and I was tiny (in every way) for the first time we had the opportunity to try out a carrier. The shoulder straps were stuffed so that I did not feel its weight, but the belt was slightly slipping outside, despite tenseness. Setting the panel is more than simple and practical, and even the hoods we had the opportunity to use (he fell asleep, wohoo!) The only thing I had had to do was to hook up cross belt, but I believe that it’s up to practice, because I missed 5mm literally to get it, and I always had someone nearby to help me. In this carrier, despite its dimensions, the baby was like a feather and it was not so hot in her as she got in wrap, so I was even more excited. Indeed, we are recommending a Bazzinga carrier.

Aleksandra Zarkov Vulovic, Serbia

First let me say that 7 days is little for Bazinga 🙂 it was wonderful wearing a son in this carrier … He has 19 months, 12 kg and 83 cm. Perhaps more to us would be the toddler size, because this panel did not go from knee to knee … But that did not bother us at all. In relation to the wraps with Bazzinga we immediately got out. We were carrying and back and front, back more. The shoulder straps are soft, they do not stun anywhere. All are easy to Install. The only problem is when a child is back, you needs another person if you need to adjust something, you can’t do it yourself. That’s my only complaint.

Isidora Ivanovic, Serbia

We tested this beautiful carrier, the son has 7 months and about 8.5kg. It took me a lot of time to set everything right, but we did it. It was nice to the baby, it was slept after a few minutes, so I’m very happy Thanks to this great group that makes it possible for us to carry our babies close to the heart always.

Selma Hamidovic Kujucev, Serbia

It’s time to say goodbye to our Buzzing carrier. Baby six months and a bit more than 7 kg. We enjoyed, slept and laughed. I like the most wherever you think there is a strip. So it’s very easy to handle it and the setting goes like a joke. Charging is great and more than enough, soft and insignificant. I hope we meet again.

Ana Vasic, Serbia

This lovely baby size carrier has been with me for a month. The carrier is so perfect that I bought a bazzing todller carrier immediately after renting! For my notion, this is the perfect carrier to carry. It is very easy to set up, it is comfortable for the baby and also for the carrier (Mommy). I do not have a complicated packing on the back (in the mei tai carrier it is very easy for me compared to the buckles). The baby was 8m and about 10kg when we used her. My recommendation for this carrier!

Magdalena Spiroski, Serbia

Here we are, now I remembered that I didn’t write anything for Bazzinga. The baby is a little over a year old so our panel is not knee to knee. We carry and enjoy, it is beautiful and adjustable in all ways, we only carry it forward, because when I carry her on the back, she pulls my hair and I do not want to be left without this little hair I had left. My mother-in-law tells me why are you carry her on your hands, where is that miracle you have borrowed and says teach me too, to carry her in that way. The baby is wrestled with a stroller so my mother-in-law can take her outside. Grandma exercise to carry, it is one miracle, thank you wonderful gays for being there!

Marija Belic, Serbia

Here we are. It’s a pleasure to carry a baby on her chest. We used to wear a wrap in the beginning and now it’s the carriers turn. She was a little unhappy the first couple of times, probably because she was used to the wrap, but now she falls asleep every time in Bazzinga. Since this first wear in this tipe of carrier, I had a problem with how to release, tighten, the buckle …. I told the counselors, the girl explained everything in detail and now we are enjoying myself. It does not hurt anywhere, it does not hurt, even when a baby falls asleep, I can move without difficulty. Thanks so much so much to the group for your availability and assistance.

Irena Fridl, Serbia

Our first meeting and going out with Bazzinga carrier. The weather didn’t quite work for us these days, but we wandered around the hawk and around the house on short walks. I read the installation instructions of others and placed it in myself. We carried only forward and the impressions were very positive. My back does not hurt, he does not rebel and likes to cope with it. It even happened to fall asleep in it. After mounting myself, I couldn’t get a buckle on my shoulders, but I didn’t even feel I needed it, he didn’t move anyway. We really enjoyed wearing and testing it. Although there were very few with us I had all the recommendations for a carrier. We didn’t get along with the RS, but this is a great carrier. for us. In general, the carrier is excellent and very comfortable. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps for testing her. ❤❤❤

Matka Batka, Croatia

Here we are. I’m a little late with impressions, or, thay says it’s never too late for good things, so let’s go in order. If I had been able to choose on my own, I would not have chosen a nicer carrier than I got. The whole universe on and in it. Many thanks to dear Jelena Antolkovic who help me and spend their precious time for me and my children. As for the material, all praise. Breathable, fine on hand, soft .. It needs a bit of adjustment, that is not because of the carrier, as much is because of me, it’s like I have two lefts and I don’t have much experience with carriers. Basically, it is lightweight, sturdy and safe for our babies. Babies fall asleep each time, so I think that is something to talk about. Well, one more thing. Personally, I prefer cross-straps. I don’t know if that’s the rule, but it’s so convenient for me. Unfortunately, we don’t carry as much as we would like. Otherwise, I am a mom of three, 4.5 months old, and one day I wear one, the other day the second and then the third. All the praise for the group, all the active members who are there for us at all times and for any questions we have. Thank you very much, dear women. Here’s a picture of us too!

Sanja Felbapov Stefanović, Serbia

We had the pleasure of trying out Bazzinga carrier. The baby at the time of testing is 3.5 months and 6kg. We have fulfilled our dad’s great desire to try a carrier with a buckle. The excitement is three-sided, mine, husband’s and baby’s. We easily adapted it to our needs. Comfortable, soft, safe and stable. We didn’t feel the weight of the baby. Although only the first day I was able to carry the baby and other days the husband wore it. We carried him forward and he fell asleep very quickly each time, and when he woke up he looked curiously. We are delighted with the comfort of the straps as well as the belt. We walked the carrier around the neighborhood, the city, went to the museum and took a stroll on Fruska Gora. Thanks so much for this phenomenal experience. Pictures of smiles and picture of sleep attached 🙂

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

One lovely carrier.
We have been using it for a month and there is little to say that we are thrilled. At the time of wearing the baby 8 months and 9kg. The carrier is so soft and comfortable. The straps are firm yet soft and comfortable. The belt fits me perfectly, neither too hard nor soft, just right. We already have recommendations for this carrier 👌😍

Dora Lovrenčić, Croatia

I am currently using Bazzinga carrier and it is very comfortable and easy to adjust. It fits both, me and the baby and the baby is 4.5month and around 7.5kg. I don’t feel her weight at all. Straps are with the right amount of filling but the only con I have it is weist belt as it seems to soft for my taste. At this point I don’t see it as an issue but I am not sure when baby gain more weight will it overlapping, not sure. With everything else I am satisfied.

Sandra Stamenković, Serbia

We had this carrier for couple of months and we really enjoyed it. It is very simple to set up, it is very comfortable for the baby as well as for the mommy, although daddy was the one carrying the baby more often. We enjoyed long walks in the mountain even on warmer days.
Only little flow is that the shoulder straps need to be adjusted on the back, which might be little harder to reach. Also, I was unable to adjust the belt once it was on me, I always had to put it off and adjust. Besides that it is really lovely carrier.Thanks #lenastravelingcarriers for providing us this carrier

Zslonai Haszak Anita, Serbia

Thanks to the #Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps I have a great pleasure to rent #Bazzinga Optimum baby size. In fact, this is the first carrier I have tried.
After using the carrier for four weeks, I must say that I am really satisfied. My girl is 5 months old and weighs 7.5 kg. She enjoys it when I carry her, she always falls asleep.This carrier is very strong, beautiful and comfortable.The design is very nice, I like its neutral color. Daddy also likes to use it, it is great for walks and hikes. We didn’t feel the baby’s weight at all. We just love it.❤️❤️

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