DracoMom carriers Triangle Theory

DracoMom carriers Triangle Theory

Agata Harjač, Croatia

Thanks to DracoMom Carriers doo and Lena’s traveling carriers we have oportunity to try Draco Mom Triangle Theory with Red field baby size. Frist I think that baby size would be small for my son but I was wrong. He is 23 months old and 11 kilos, wear 86/92. The carrier fit him perfectly. I love how light is carrier and how quick is for put it on. I’m 163cm and hugs me perfectly and adjustamend was esay. We love it a lot and I would be recommending it ❤️

Tea Orešković Sertić, Croatia

Thanks to Lenas Travelling Carriers and Mirta I had the opportunity to test 2 DracoMom carriers.

The first model is Close 2 Heart, “Triangle Theory with Red field”, baby size (1,5mos – 2yrs) and the second model is De Novo “Counting Stars” (mesh+cover) standard size (1,5mo – 2 yrs).

The Close 2 heart model offers 2 positions, front carry tummy to tummy and a back carry. This model has a little thicker waistbelt than the De Novo model. Both carriers have medium thick shoulder straps and they fit perfectly on my small shoulders. They also have pfa on shoulder straps so you can fit your carrier perfectly how your baby grows. Close 2 heart model has rounded shoulder straps, and De Novo has straight shoulder straps.

De Novo model also has a possibility to wear the shoulder straps crossed at the back (in an x) which is great if you are a tiny person like me, or if two different people are using the same carrier. The shoulder straps on De Novo can also be tightened in both directions. I really don’t prefer this option because with most carriers I can’t tighten the straps backwards. But Draco really passed this test. It was super easy to tighten it for me. Another advantage on the De Novo model is the mesh on the panel which is great for hot summer days. I also like that both models have a detachable hood. I don’t usually use the hood but I still like to have it close to me when my stubborn girl finally falls asleep and I can cover her head. Even though De Novo offers the opportunity for a hip carry, I haven’t tried it. My daughter wasn’t very cooperative.

At first I was hesitant about my application for this test tour because I wasn’t sure whether my girl would fit in the carriers. She fits perfectly (legs still have a M position) although she is 2 yrs old, wears size 86 and weighs about 10 kg. I also tried them with my professional demo doll. I tried both carriers in longer walks, front carry and back carry. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages for both carriers, I have concluded that the Close to heart model is more to my taste.

Thank you DracoMom and Mirna for making such amazing carriers.

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Marija Pergar Salaj, Croatia

We had pleasure to test DracoMom Carrier from Joy collection. Carrier is amazingly comfortable and great quality, easy to adjust. I like that hood is detachable. Design is beautiful as colours and it something I really enjoyed. Thank you Lena’s traveling carriers

Petra Vujanovic, Croatia

thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we had the opportunity to try the dracom standard we are thrilled with it is easy to use and wear we are sorry that it can’t stay with us longer … the baby weighs about 7.5-8kg 6 months old as soon as he goes for a walk we fall asleep …

Marina Mina, Croatia

Thanks to Lenas Travelling Carriers and Mirta I had the opportunity to test 2 DracoMom carriers.
The first model is Close 2 Heart, “Triangle Theory with Red field”, baby size (1,5mos – 2yrs) and the second model is De Novo “Counting Stars” (mesh+cover) standard size (1,5mo – 2 yrs).
With both we only try front carry tummy to tummy. We loved both model. They are soo easy to adjust, have a good back support. I have tried Close 2 heart with 2 children and it’s piece of cake to do quick transfer and adjustment. De Novo comes with mesh+cover that has proven to be very practical. For example we used when going to the store and when we go in just roll up mesh+cover to keep the baby from getting hot. #ltc #dracomomcarriers

Lada Weygand, Croatia

I tested both the De Novo (stars) carrier with mesh and the Close 2 Heart carrier (triangles) with my 4,5-month-old baby who weighs almost 8kg. Both carriers were very comfortable and provided sufficient options for fine-tuning the straps. I am quite short (155cm) so I like the fact that you can cross the straps on the De Novo carrier, although the standard option suited me as well. My goal was to find a carrier for the summer and I must say that the mesh really helps. I did have some difficulty adjusting the panel length, but after several attempts and some guidance, I managed to set it just right. In the end the testing process resulted with my ordering of a wrapster carrier with mesh and cover ❤

Mihaela Malenica, Croatia

we had a chance to test DracoMom baby size. The carrier is very comfortable and for longer wear I even managed to work while Miss enjoys it. Thanks to #Lenineputujićenosiljke 🇭🇷🇭🇷

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