Weego twin carrier

Weego twin carrier

Maja Gajic, Serbia

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a baby carrier for twins. When you manage to place babies safaly in, the experience is unique, because you can be together for a long time. The problem can arise because the baby legs has to go over one an other in the middle, and the heads can collide when babies catch sleep, because they are too close to each other.

In terms of comfort, if all the belts are tightened well, it can be worn without any problems, but it is not recommended for longer wearing.

Tatjana Djordjevic, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers I had use a weego twin carrier. I have been using the weego twin carrier for two months. This carrier is made of beautiful fabric and is easy to use. I can alone fix two babies in this carrier, so I think that is one of the essential advantages of this carrier. It is comfortable for moms and babies, and we all have a great time using them. This carrier is a huge help when you have two babies, and both cry. We had use a carrier when my babies have colic, and babies fall asleep every time. But problems with the weego twin carrier have existed. Back pain after long-wearing and long-term use represent the carrier’s disadvantages. We rented this carrier when babies had 3kg, so I recommended this for low-weight babies.

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