Tula Light Soar

Tula Light Soar, najnaj.eu

Bojana Stanić, Serbia – Certified babywearing consultant

Bojana Stanić, Serbia – Certified babywearing consultant
Tula Lite standard size

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I’ve tested this great carrier with my 2 year old toddler who is almost at the upper recommended limit weighting 12.5kg. Panel height was perfect for him, it came to his armpits. Width of the panel was a bit smaller, but that hasn’t affected M position at all, or the comfort this carrier has provided to both of us and it’s not that important for him anymore, because he’s walking already. Even so, I would love if Tula Lite version comes in toddler and preschool size, I would definitely buy one of those. I love Tula as a brend, and I have owned Tula free to grow, Tula standard, Tula explore and Tula toddler and my husband and I really enjoyed in each and every model and size, carrying both of our children in them. We both loved the simplicity in adjusting, comfort you get in longer walks with Tula, large selection of desings, and the fact they are affordable to us. This Lite version is unpacking itself from it’s own waist bag with with a zipper and the only suggestion I can give to the manufacturers is to make a zipper just a little bigger, because my personal impression is that the zipper is holding the panel width a bit, so the panel can’t reach his full width at the bottom. This is a perfect summer carrier, because when packed it takes very little space. This carrier is also very light, weighting only 0.5kg, so you can put in your purse or you can just wear it as a waist bag if your child desides to walk with you. It’s very easy to adjust and I would recommend this carrier for anyone, from begginers to experienced babywearers.


Darija Maho, Serbia – Certified babywearing consultant

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and najnaj.eu I had the pleasure of testing Tule Lite carrier. Tula Lite carrier takes so little space as it literally unpacks itself form it’s own hip bag. The bag can then be used to store your essentials when going for a walk. This asset is great when traveling, especially during summer. The material of the carrier is light and breathable, it is very easy to set up and adjust. The waist belt is thin and soft as well as the shoulder straps, but that does not take away any of the comfortability. While testing, my baby was 8 months old and had around 9,5kg. Both my husband and I, and the baby of course, enjoyed this carrier very much and think of it as a perfect travel carrier.
Thank you again for this amazing opportunity!


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