Babywearing is inclusive

Lena’s traveling carriers have motto that babywearing belongs to all and huge part of our work is dedicated to include all parents and kids in babywearing. We have previously wrote about children with special needs, like spina bifida. Ruckeli inspirational story is based on sister love when babywearing connected neice and aunt with mental retardation in safe walks and hugs. And we want to share another story with you to encourage parents to babywear and also to share their stories to break all stigmas.

Babywearing in wheelchair

Our group joined mum Barbara who has beautiful kid and most amazing smile. She asked for advice and solution how to include babywearing in their everyday life.

We have been carefully read all the requirements it should met and went back and forward with questions how to find best solution tailored to her needs and we came to conclusion to have 2 options. One is to try with regular ring sling and second is that we will design special carrier for her with our local brand DracoMom Carriers.

Barbara and her son in normal day out

Because it has been emphasized that her hands get tired and painful in this postion but she would rather keep the position as both of them find it comfortable we have suggested ring sling as a stash around them and wheelchair which can be easily tighten and not dependeble and intefiring with weelchair accessibility. Also huge part of choosing was a design of wheelchair itself as it doesn’t have any additional points to tied something on a back and wanted to avoid having extra material around her because not able to fully adjust her self and sitting position could make uncomfortable postion and pressure on a back of mum.

with Sari ring sling tided around wheelchair and both of them

I think smile says it all. Currently this is perfect solution for two of them and they can enjoy rides and cuddles.

Everyone is different but there is always solution if we start listen carefully and thinking a bit outside of the box.

We are thankful for Barbara allowing us share the story and love and it was always a honour putting a smile on parents face

Ana Vuletic, certified babywearing consultant

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