Bazzinga Carriers Opimum Preschool

Sneguljica Jo, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers , for who knows how many times ,we had the opportunity to use a one more. This time our choice was Bazzinga preschool. The boy of 3 and a half years and 20 kg was a tester.Carrier is easy to use, soft, made of beautiful and comfortable material with the divine print of the galaxy. The straps are easily adjustable and wide. The belt does not tighten and is easy to buckle.
The hood sewn to the carrier is ok, although it is a better option when it can be removed. We wore it on the back and front and we were really comfortable, bearing in mind that 20 kg is no longer easy to carry. While babies and toddlers know that properly wear it when you can kiss them on the head.When it comes to a bigger boy, then you know you are wearing it correctly by having him kiss you on the cheek.We had a wonderful babywearing adventure with Bazzinga, all praise from me.💖

Jelena Lazarevic, Serbia

Bazzinga baby carrier came to us as a tester. And we are very grateful, it is quite comfortable, but for my baby it was a little bigger panel. The baby is 12 months and about 12 kg. The material is very soft and the design is interesting. recommendations for comfort. The straps are very nice .Yes, and the cap is a full hit only for some slightly colder days. Thank you LTC

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