AmaWrap Stretchy Wrap

Amawrap Stretchy wrap

Miljana Letović, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and AmaWrap I had that pleasure to test this baby wrap. Colour of the baby wrap is really nice. Material is pretty thin in hand but holds really well. This newborn baby wrap is not elastic in all ways and this was the first baby wrap of this type that I have ever tried. This was really nice experience. Thanks again for the opportunity ❤

Leja Stojiljković Mitrović, Serbia

I tested this beautiful Amawrap newborn baby sling with my 10 months old baby. She weights approximately 7,5 kilos. This stretchy wrap is very thin and light, the cotton is soft and breathable. It holds baby very well, but it is not too hot, even in this hot summer days. I am really delighted with this baby sling! Thank you AmaWrap and Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for the opurtunity to try this baby carrier #lenastravelingcarriers #lpntester #Amawrap

Minja Vuckovic, Serbia

This was first time I encountered with an stretchy baby wrap and thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I had the opportunity to try it on. I’m sorry I didn’t have that experience when the baby was smaller. It seems to me that for us without experience with it would be easier if the newborn baby wrap was a little more elastic. Regardless, even though the baby is 8 months and 10kg, one pleasant experience. I would recommend AmaWrap .

Andja Jankovic, Serbia

We tested #amawrap for a week. Baby is 5 months and around 7kg.
Unfortunately this was our first stretchy baby wrap, and I do regret it. I found it very easy to adjust it and he loved it! Very comfortable, thin, fabric is soo soft.
Overall, great experience with this baby sling wrap! Thank you #lenastravelingcarriers

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