Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone Grey

Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone Grey, size 6. Donation from Grli Mama.

Jelena Ivanovic, Serbia

The first encounter with the Little Herringbone Gray scarf was just a month ago and now we simply adore it. My baby Dorotea and I enjoy the charms of the Lenny Lamb scarf. The design in our color is enchanting. Light and dark shades of gray show elegance and uniqueness of appearance. Woven scarf size 6 suits babies 2-5 kg. Dora now weighs 5kg, but as long as the width reaches her neck, we will carry her. Apart from the phenomenal design and pleasant material it is easy to handle. So much creativity in just one scarf. It is practical for tying and for carrying a baby while doing house chores. It is quite an enjoyment when we are walking outside or just go shopping. I would like to annotate that baby can suck while tied. The feeling is wonderful and special. The hearts are then connected, and you feel whole, like when the baby was in the womb. The baby needs the warmth of the mother, and the mother needs the closeness of the baby. You can kiss her on the head at any time and show her love and happiness. My recommendation is exactly this scarf for moms whose babies are born prematurely. A tiny baby and LHG are an ideal combination. The great relief for single mothers, who do not have help in daily tasks. We are overjoyed and satisfied. 💚


Milijana Matic Babic, Serbia

Lenny Lamb Little Herringbone Gray size 6.This lovely wrap is a bit narrower than classical wraps and softer because it is made for preemies, for smaller babies. There is no excess material, it is cuddly and soft, thin and also easy to wrap and carry tiny babies. For the wearer it is wonderful to wrap and carry, it stands nicely on the shoulders, on the first glance it may seem uncomfortable but is is actually a firm cloud extremely gentle and strong at the same time, and once tightened it doesn’t move. My baby is one month old and weighs 3,5kg. She enjoyed being carried all the time.

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