Ergobaby Omni 360 carrier

Ergobaby Omni 360, from 3.5kg to 20kg. All position carrier. Donation from Mikroedra HR.

Vesna Djinovic, Serbia

We had a chance to try Ergo Baby 360 Omni when baby was 11 months old. This was a first time for me to meet famous Ergo, and on first look it is a beautiful carrier made of cozy twill. When we try it on for the first time, I needed more effort to adjust it so it fits properly, but when we adjusted it carrying was very comfortable. Braces and the belt are comfy. I think that this carrier is not suitable for the summer, we tested it in September, and it was a bit hot in it, so it would be a small objection. Thanks to the Lena’s travelling carriers for an opportunity to test this Ergo.

Nataša Bogicevic, Serbia

My baby and I had a chance to use an Ergo Baby 360 Omni for a few weeks. I was delighted because of a chance to keep in my hands a worldwide famous Ergo.

Baby was 6+ months old. We practiced front carriage when we were outside, but I couldn’t carry him for a long time, since I had a back pain in lumbar zone (that was not the case with any other carrier). Most of the time, I used this carrier at home in a hip position. Baby was crawling a lot at that time, but he couldn’t sit yet. So, taking him with me in a carrier on the hip was my only chance to prepare a food, do a laundry etc.
Altogether, a carrier was fine to me, but not perfect. The panel is too hard for my taste and unfortunately, a belt did not fit to my body.
Big thanks to #Lena’s travelling carriers and wraps who gave us a chance to wishes convert into reality.

Marija Mladenovic, Serbia

We use Ergo for some time now and I can only say praise for this carrier.
It is made for us, I like that all weight is on hips, and not on shoulders. I didn’t manage to place it on side, belts tightened my neck and I used their official instructions. Advantage is that the carrier can be used for a very long time, for small babies and for bigger ones. It is easy to put on, useful if baby is nervous and you want to go out because you need a few moments to adjust it. Thanks to the Lenas travelling carriers for an opportunity to test this miracle

Eva Petrović Žanić, Croatia

We use Ergo for almost three months now and we are very satisfied with it. Dad is all in babywearing so it is his ritual wherever we go. Unfortunately, I can’t carry the baby since I have back pain every time I try. Auntie is wearing him when she comes for a visit, and for the baby it is very comfortable. Thanks to the Lenas travelling carriers!

Violeta Skejić, Croatia

For some time now we have the honour to use this carrier and Leon loves it.
We use it for the back carrying since it is the most suitable for us, since it is the way I can have free hands to do the shopping, vacuuming, cooking.
Leon is watching over my shoulder and enjoy. He has 15 kilos and 19 months and I do not feel his weight on my shoulders at all. The belt is comfortable, braces are soft and we pack in it for a second. When the baby see that I am putting it on he gets excited, laughing and can not wait to put him in it.
Husband adores to carry him also, so sometimes we have a problem to agree who will carry Leon when we go somewhere.
Thanks Lena’s traveling carriers for this opportunity.

Mina Aleksić, Serbia

For some time now we use Ergo 360 Omni and even it is very comfortable for me, we do not manage to set it properly. Babies head is barely up to the panel so I can not see her face. I do not know if the problem is in assembly or the baby is too small for this carrier, but the carrier is not for us. I can say that the baby fall asleep when we tryout the carrier. Thanks to the Lenas travelling carriers for the opportunity to try this carrier and enjoy in babywearing.

Zorica Coka Makic, Serbia

We had a chance to try Ergo 360 omni but we wasn’t trilled. Baby is 3months old, 6,8kg. We didn’t like it because it’s a little bit rough, just like armor. Daddy try it too, and he had the same oppinion.. I expected more from Ergo…
Anyway, thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for opportunity to try it .

Tijana Petrovic, Serbia

We have been using Ergo Baby Omni for about a month now to both the baby’s and my pleasure! When we started he weighed 9kg at 9 1/2 months of age. Now he is 11 months old and weighs close to 10kg. Since day 1 he fit in the carrier perfectly. The panel reaches from one knee to the other and the legs and bum are still shaped ‘M’. He seems snug and comfortable and although as he gets older he stays awake more, he does not fail to fall asleep while being carried. I did find his arm space somewhat tight and shoulders constricted but we moved the head-rest one button higher and he now seems to move his arms more freely. I find the carrier very comfortable even though I am pretty short (163 cm). The belt and back support are great and I do not suffer from back pain while carrying him even today. However, I always feel like the shoulder straps could be tighter, although I cannot tighten them any more. I find wearing them crossed on the back much easier, both for setting up and while carrying. I do not see the need for the little purse on the belt since whenever I tried to use it I needed to lift the baby’s bum. Also the little hoodie seems somewhat unnecessary, but that may be so because we have a carrier cover that has its own hoodie. All in all, we are very grateful to have had the opportunity to rent Ergo Baby Omni. We have another month to enjoy it and include the dad a little more. He also tried and loved it. He is 186 cm tall and used the straps parallel.

Katarina Rakić, Serbia

The carrier arrived about a month ago, and we use it every day (baby is 6 months old, 9800g), because we have an older brother who needs mum. Thanks to this carrier I made my day easier, now I have time to make lunch and some cakes too 😁. We are very pleased with it, it is simple to assembly, baby enjoying in it so much, that he needs only 15 minutes to fall asleep. When the baby is heavier it is hard to wear it in a carrier for a longer time, but definitely it is easier than to be worn in hands. This is our second carrier, first was love&carry one which I preferred but the baby wasnt so excited. Maybe I didn’t put him properly in it, and he was smaller. Anyhow, we vote for Ergo since it seems that baby can be carried in it for a longer time.

Ivona Milošević, Serbia

We have been using Ergo Baby Omni for almost a month now. This is the first carrier we are carrying our nine-month-old baby in. She weighs 9kg and I am 170cm tall. First time we tried it, baby fell asleep in it after 15 minutes. We are currently using it only parent-facing front and it is very comfortable. Baby is easily sat in M position and her hips are supported all the time. It was really easy to adjust body panel on the waistband. The shoulder straps are padded and for me it’s more comfortable to wear them crossed on the back. Buckles seem strong and not too easy to unfasten. My opinion is that this is a good carrier when the outside temperatures are not too high, in the summertime maybe it is going to be a little bit hot for the baby to be worn in it, but we have to wait and see. My husband who is 180cm tall also enjoys carryng the baby in this Ergo Baby Omni. #lenastravelingcarriers

Aleksandra Zarkov Vulovic, Serbia

First, I want to thanks to #LPN for the chance to try Ergo 360 Omni. Nikola has 6 kilos and 62cm, 4 months old. For us, this is the perfect carrier. We had a couple of longer walks and I have not felt the baby at all. Assembly is simple and the baby falls asleep instantly. I like the bag. Even I was afraid since the panel has hook and loop fastener, and I was not sure would it withstand the baby weight, but it is strong and steady. So far is perfect!

Zorica Kranjc, Serbia

We use Ergo 360 omni for a month now for carrying a baby that has 7 kilos and 3 and a half months. Baby was protesting only the first time when I was placing his legs in M position. He got used to the carrier and now he oversleep each walk. The carrier is confortable and easy to put on. I had a problem with positioning the belt not to fall on hips. Shoulder pads are very confortable. The bag is super useful since I can put a lot of things in it. I am afraid that it will be too hot for the summer, since it is hot in it even now, on 25⁰. Thanks to the Lenas travelling carriers, you are great!

Milica Ljubisavljević, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we started using Ergobaby omni 360 when my baby was 7.5 months old and we have been using it for a month. She was 8 kg and 65 cm at the time. My height is 165 cm. The carrier fitted us from start, it is very comfortable for both mother and baby. I had spine surgery because I had scoliosis, so for me it was very important that carrier distributes weight properly – Ergobaby did that for me, but I achieved this by crisscrossing straps instead of wearing them paralelly. The baby has never protested in the carrier (but she had been worn before in the elastic wrap). She often falls asleep in it. It is very quick and easy to set and adjust. It becomes heavy to me after an hour / hour and a half. It is perfect for winter, short walks, shopping and babywearing at home.

Marina Radinovic, Serbia

This is our first carrier with buckles and I have to say that it is love on the first wear. Because of covid, the crrier was more than a month late for us, and when it arrived, we eagerly mounted it immediately (three times that day😀) and we still enjoy it almost every day. Because of the problem with my right shoulder and the weight of the baby (currently he weighs almost 10.5 kg), I was afraid that we would not be able to carry it for a long time, but this carrier is a lifesaver, it sets up quickly and the baby and I enjoy so much in walks. We use front carriying most of the time, face to face, but sometimes I turn him away from myself and it’s interesting too, but I don’t practice that often. We didn’t dare to back carrying yet. I’m afraid of mounting and his reaction a little bit, but I will try soon. The only problem with this carrier is that somehow it can’t be tightened well enough on the shoulders, so it has to be stretched in the middle, and it is always a little free space on the shoulders. Anyway, we are satisfied and so grateful to #lpn for opportunity to try another beauty of babycarrying.

Monika Trivkovic, Serbia

We had a chance to try Ergo 360 omni. Baby is 4 months old, 6,5kg. It’s comfortable,baby enjoning every time and fall asleep after a few minutes.
Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for opportunity to try it .

Iva Jovčić, Serbia

Thanks to this group we got a chance to rent Ergo omni 360 carrier. After few wekks I can say that it’s amazing. Very comfortable, easy to put on, baby loves it. We wore her on the back, on the front facing to us, and out, all the positions were comfortable. And thr baby is big, 1 year old, 11kg.
I am pregnant, almost six months, and I wore her a lots of time without any problem.
I reccomend this carrier for everyone. ☺️

Kristina Trisic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we had opportunity to use this carrier. Baby is 8+ months and around 8kg. This is the great carrier. Very easy to set up. Its great for beginners. The panel is adjustable in width, so it can used for a long time. 💕

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