Elirile Collection comparation

I have tried:

Blossfolk Vesna – 100% cotton

Crystallo Apollo – Material: 48% combed bio-cotton, 38% mercerised, gassed long-stapled egyptian cotton, 7% Tencel®, 7% steel fiber

Crystallo Royal – Material: 51% baby alpaca, 37% mercerised, gassed, combed egyptian bio- cotton, 9% combed bio- cotton, 3% silk

Crystallo Amazonne – Composition: 36% mercerised and gassed long-stapled Mako egyptian cotton wih certificate  OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 class 1 for baby 0-3 years, 24% supercombed organic cotton, 16% merino wool, 16% viscose, 8% polyamide

Blazzire Princie – 100% cotton

Blossfolk Perun – 100% cotton

Blossfolk Klasik collection – 100% cotton

Klasik collection Jumbo – 100% cotton

Klasik collection Rosehearts – 100% cotton

Klasik collection Deepsea – 100% cotton

Quartz Maroon – 88% cotton, 12% tencel

Elirile Flowind Gentiana – 65% combed cotton, 14% merino wool, 14% viscose and 7% polyamide

Wow those are quite many, so let’s start as I need a lot of writing to do.

Rosehearts from klasik collection

This is a wrap I order as my older daughter loved the design. When I have opened box I tought it is a bit stiff on first touch. Obviously each wrap need a spa treatment before use, but my girl wanted up. I never miss the chance. I was honestly surprised as I tought it will be much harder to tighten it up, but It was easy and really comfortable considering I wrapped in front 5year old and 20kg.

I would say to using it on a newborn first it will need few wearing with larger kid and ready to go. It holds perfectly all the weight and it doesn’t move. I really fell in love with a wrap. My daughter says it is a really soft and she is in love.

Crystallo Royal

OK this wrap arrived months ago on a test tour in our group and there is seperate post for reviews of others, but it finally reach me also. It is a gorgeous as design and also on hand wrap. It is perfectly moadable and for my sensitive skin pass the test as not itchy wrap.

It is easy to tie and work with it and it has a cush on shoulders which obviously gave much needed support for my big girl. This one I would really like to have in my stash also.

Deepsea Klassik collection

Deepsea is similar as Rosehearts in weaving and wrapping, I would say the are all somewhere there just you have to choose a design you like. I also loved it as my kid has a blue eyes and it such a summer, kid friendly wrap.

Crystallo Apollo

This one I was most curious about. And it is unbelievable thin and airy. I almost felt like I hold gauze wrap. It was see through.

But don’t let to full you, this wrap is really supportive. This one for sure need a spa before using as it is itchy. It will go away, but wash it before use.

As for such a thin wrap it holded beautifully my 5year old, so easy to work with and generous sizes of Elirile wraps helps a lot to play with. The design is beautiful.

Colors are really hard to catch as there are parts It will have beautiful purple splashes. I love how this wrap has been made.

Jumbo from klasik collection

OK, this is a second wrap my younger has chosen. What is there not to love. Adorable little elephants in summer colour between yellow and orange. This is a great all year wrap your kids will love it and you will want to keep it as perma and made something of it after. The specifications is the same as other from Klasik collection but it is also the one you will feel in love at once. It is such a fun wrap to have and I would recommend any from this collection.

Blazzire Princie

This one actually blown me away how soft it is. And when I say soft I mean you really want to have another baby to wrap it from begging. And it looks beautiful. I love this one really really. This as Blossfolk collection comes with all recommendations to buy as a first wrap. It so easy to work with, easy to tie and love.

Crystallo Amazonne

I have tried Elirile Crystalo Amazonne with both kids, older 4.5years old and 18kg and younger 1.5years old and 10kg.

The wrap arrived new and in beautiful vibrant colour combination of red and green.

Before washing I could feel that is was itchy and I have extremely sensitive skin so I was a bit sceptic how it will be after wash and really hoped it will get softer on touch. Which actually happened and I think after several washes and wearing it for a while it will be really soft, so I am already looking forward of trying it again after test tour is finished.

My younger doesn’t like to be wrapped so sloppy wrapping but it holded perfectly
The wrap is soft from the box and doesn’t require breaking at all. Really modable and steady. It has enough grip and once you put layers on it won’t slip and it can hold 18kg without an issue. On shoulder is gentle and nicely pleated so I would recommend it as a toddler worth wrap. Even thicker in hand it was easy to tithing it and makes a beautiful knot in Kangaroo carry. It will stay also in half knot without moving.

I will recommend a wrap as toddler wrap, probably colder days (need to try it on Summer to be sure), it is suitable both for beginners and expirience wrappers and I said design is beautiful and brings in to cold winter really a joy.

Blossfolk Perun

Simply WOW. I opened the box and unwrap it and it was already buttery soft. One of the softest wraps I have evered touched.

It is a size 5, but I would say really genouros in size as my base is 7 and I still could manage to wrap most of finishes.

I have tested wrap with my 2 daughters, 4.5year old and 18kg and 1.5kg and 10kg.

Have I mentioned how soft it is? It is really soft. So tighting it is a piece of cake and just a perfect wrap for beginners. It is one of those wraps who will make you love wrapping. It doesn’t require any breaking, not at Inch. It is thin in hands, so if you are fan as me of those type of wraps you will really love it.

Even that soft and thin in hand I was expecting that it will not hold that well higher weight, but I was wrong. With older and 18kg it required a bit more paying attention how to wrap it, but In layers it holds perfectly. Younger and 10kg it could be a sloppy wrapping and still I would not feel her weight.

I highly recommend this wrap for anybody but if you are begginer please learn on one of wraps from this collection as it you can’t get wrong and your wrapping/learning expirience will be amazing. You will not break a sweat while trying to tight it properly as it glides.

Blossfolk Vesna

You can also read reviews of this wrap on our website as it was on a test tour but I would say just Wow. The colour is so gentle that you really one marry again or go on some special occasion to look most elegant as possible. It is beautiful, pure and soft as a butter. Perfect newborn wrap you really want to have.

Blossfolk from Klasik collection

It is a bit stiffer then new Blossfolk collection but as all mentioned above with spa and few wears it will be soft as a butter. Gorgeous and easy to wrap. You have already noticed that all cotton ones are my favourite and those are also buget friendly and the one you can use through whole babywearing. I simply love those.

Quarz Maroon

I order this one because of tencel and summer as we now tencel is cool in summer days. It is a perfect summery wrap which holds well and so easy to tie. I think one of the best benefits of all wraps I have tried is they are so easy to work with even if you are not expirienced wrapper. It holder well my 2.5 year old and about 12kg now. It does not dig to shoulders with her waight. I love how light weight is wrap and have amazing transformation depends on lighting. It is really hard to catch colors. I would recommend it from birth to 15kg.

Elirile Flowind Gentiana

This one I ordered as it was so beautiful to pass it. It is still not officially in the shop but it is for sure breathtaking. The colours are simply amazing. Unfortunately the owner already told me, but I needed to try it anyway, it is for smaller babies not for toddler and 5y old I have 😂 It is easy to tie and perfect new baby. Everyone can enjoy it experience or not as it holds and ties beautifully.


If you need one wrap from newborn to toddlerhood go with all cotton ones and you will not regret a day. I have tried them all and I love them all. Soft, moldable and yet really supportive. If you have not heard before about Elirile now it is the time to chase your own.

Blends are all really different from thicker to really thin to perfect winter to all year wraps. Some are more itchy at first some are not at all like Royal. But those are mostly I would say as a second wrap and bit older babies. But let’s not that keep you away from blends as we could see those can really work well with a bit bigger babies and provide much needed support and cush.

As for me, I need to order for myself few more wraps as I fell in love during trying them and to see if there is something hidden I haven’t tried yet.

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