Oscha Map of Middle Earth Compass

Oscha Map of Middle Earth Compass

FABRIC COMPOSITION: 58% Britspun Supima Cotton, 42% Thick Scottish Wetspun Linen, 71cm wide.

FABRIC WEIGHT: approx. 255gsm

Size 3 + 2 gold rings

Marija Adamovic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenastravelingcarriers this wonderful summer wrap visited us for testing.
Gorgeous yellow color, and amazing draw of the map of the middle earth, makes it sooo beautiful.

Britspun Supima cotton and wetspun linen blend is perfect for bigger kids. After little bit of love it becaomes suitable for newborns as well.

It gives wonderful support whilst mouldable and soft in hand. Low bounce, as I like, but I would prefer a little bit more grip than glide, but it’s just my personal preference.
If you are searching for summer wrap to make an impression wherever you go, look no further, you’ve found it!
Thanks for the opportunity to try this beauty. 💛

Katarina Andrejic, Serbia

This is one of the most confortable woven wraps I’ve tried. The color is beautiful and the design is unusual. My son’s weight is 10kg and he is ten months old. I wore it on my back,and we were comfortable,we both enjoyed it.

Anita Begovic Kuveljic, Serbia

We enjoyed testing this beautiful, soft wrap. It is so comfortable, gentle, easy to tighten, and ideal for hot weather. The only drawback for us was that it was short, so I couldn’t tie it on my back. Baby enjoyed what can be seen in the attachment. Thanks for this opportunity ❤️❤️❤️

Kristina Kostic, Serbia

We had the honor of hosting Oscha Map of Middle Earth. Color is ideal for summer. Design is very authentic. Weaving is dense. Wrappies are 5 months, 10 kg and 2 years, 13 kg. Wrap is thin and has a lot of glide, length is ideal for Ruck Carry and FWCC TUB, but also for learning new short carries. It needs to be tightened carefully. Modable and easy to tie. Cushy on shoulders, even on long walks, I didn’t feel weightness. Medium diagonal stretch give good bounce to this wrap. Enough grippe to doesn’t move when it’s tied. Thank you for this pleasure @Oscha slings and @Lena’s traveling carriers

Milica Andrejic, Serbia

This is a beautiful wrap and easy to mold. It is smooth and strong. The color and pattern are beautiful. Baby is 11 months old and about 10kg. Length is ideal for ruck carry. It doesn’t blister or cut into the shoulder. Thanks for the opportunity @Oscha @Lena’s traveling carriers.

Darija Maho, Serbia

We had the pleasure of hosting Oscha Map of Middle Earth. The design and the color of this wrap ara breathtaking, especially to those of us who are fans of the LOR franchise. The wrap is thin and breathable, yet holds perfectly, and is very comfortable on the sholders. I really enjoyed testing this wrap. Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke ❤️

Marija Teofilovic Janicijevic, Serbia

Thanks to LPN we tested Oscha map of middle earth. The color is absolutely beautiful and the wrap is thin, light anad comfortable. It is very easy to wrap. Both me and the baby realy enjoyed it. At the time, my baby was almost 1 year old and had 9kg.

Jasmina Djukanov, Serbia

Thank’s to @oscha slings and @lena’s traveling carriers we had opportunity try amazing Oscha Map of Middle Earth. At the time of testing my baby boy was 14 months and about 10 kg and this wrap was perfect for us with it’s size and thickness. We tried it in front and back carriers but mostly in our favorite rucksack. Colors and patern are breathtaking especially for fantasy lovers.We enjoyed testing this summer beauty very much and i would recommend it to both beginners and experienced wrappers.

Dragica Marinkovic, Serbia

We had opportunity to try Oscha Map of Middle Earth. I really love colour and design of this wrap. It is thin but very supportive because of linen in it. With lots of glide and enough grippe to stay in the place. It is modable and easy to tie. I didn’t feel weightless on the shoulders at all. My daughters is enjoying in this beauty. They are 9 months old, 10 kg and 2 years old , 13 kg. I always think that wrap in size 3 not for me, but I wrong. This is perfect wrap in perfect size for me, I know that now. Thanks a lot for this opportunity @Oscha slings and @Lena’s traveling carriers

Katarina Ilić, Serbia

I have never tried Oscha wrap before. I’m happy that this is the first one I’ve tried. When we talk about softness and comfort, I didn’t even think it had linen in it, which means it’s broken after just a few testers. On the other hand, it provides great support, which is a characteristic of linen. It is very airy and easy to work with. I think it is great for both small and big babys. Yellow is not my color, but this one is very special. I like both sides. My boy is 17 months old and about 12kg at the time of testing. We really enjoyed trying it out and thank you #lenastravelingcarriers so much for this opportunity.💛

Marijana Olbina, Serbia

How delighted I was when I opened my package with Oscha – Middle earth and saw the rings next to a woven wrap. My, my, how precious 😁
And they certainly were precious since it was the first time for me to wear a woven like a ring sling.
Firstly, let’s talk(ien) about the pattern. Or, let us not. The pattern is everything. Even if you are not a LOTR fan, you will love it.
The wrap itself was perfectly soft and broken, and was supporting a 11kg buttocks without a problem. Was great and comfortable on the shoulder 👏 also, it was great on a very warm day.
Loved this special one. Thank you LTC and Oscha for the opportunity. Jasna is a lucky girl ❤️🍀

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