Kanga (African wrap)


Antonija Štimac, Croatia

First of all i want to thank @lenastravelingcarriers and @wee la for this opportunity, for my son and me to try african kanga. I am literally thrilled. It was our first backcarry and at first when I saw how short kanga is i was a little scared and I thought that there is no chance to get my boy in, but i was wrong it is really simple to tide it up, and we loved it, i carried my baby for 2 hours every day without the slightest problem. It is a little slippery so at first i was a little scared that the baby would not slip out, but when i relaxed it was great. For someone who has no expirience in babywearing I was literally blown away by that lightness and simplicity. If i had more opportunity i would definitely wrap again that magical African kanga. My boy is now 6,5 months old and have 9 kg. I sent it today and i allready miss it 😕

Manca Gojević, Croatia

Thanks to @lenastravelingcarriers and Wee La I had the opportunity to try this African Kanga for the first time 😊. It’s all cotton but very silky and thin in hand. At first I was not confident at all that I was gonna make it because of its short length but after few video instructions we finally did it 😅
It was not easy to be honest but when we made it it was surprisingly comfy. My girl(9,5kg) fell asleep immediately.
It got loose a little bit after some time but nothing to be concerned. I like the torso wrapping but would be happier with something less slippery 🙂 ❤️❤️

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