Freda toddler Onbuhimo

Freda toddler Onbuhimo

Milica Jevđić, Serbia

On first sight I thought that it would be harder to set in onbuhimo because there is no that lower part of carrier (the belt) that gives us security when we are carrying and settling on back. However, that wasn’t problem cause baby is 10 months old (9kg) and he can stand by furniture and sit by himself so I put onbu on bed, I put baby to sit in it and I just put it on my back like backpack. I hadn’t feel that he could drop out as I thought I would have because there is no belt and the baby didn’t buckle out or jumped so carrying was nice. Shoulders are stuffed enough and material that panel is made of is soft and light. We were comfortable first 15 minutes but not enough for some longer carrying because although we were settled good (even I think we were) after some time I began to feel baby’s weight and pain on my shoulders. That is my personal feeling and experience, mostly I used to carry baby in SSC with buckles and that is incomparable comfortable for me. If I buy it, just like RS, I would use it for some shorter destinations. Thanks Ana ❤ and thanks to this lovely ladies who donated this carrier.

Jovana Mitrovic, Serbia

Tomorrow we are saying goodbye to this beautiful onbuhimo. When I first came in babywearing world I had wish to try Freda’s carriers and this one fulfilled all my expectations. Soft, light, transparent, beautiful. I’m delighted in way that is sewed. My little one is around 13kg and 2 years old. He isn’t big fan of carrying on back but he liked onbuhimo a lot. Probably because is really fast to settle, he was enough high to see everything around himself and he enjoyed. Before this one we had opportunity to try only one more Onbuhimo so I don’t have many experience but this one is great for us 😍😍😍 sister was first tester until little one jumped in 😂 (4 years old, around 15kg). Thanks for opportunity to try this gorgeous carrier 😍😍😍😍😍

Miljana Šabli, Serbia

Our first onbuhimo! In one word it’s phenomenal. 😍😍😍😍 Shoulders are great, stuffed great, panel is thin, transparent but still strong enough. It’s completely good for us. There’s no scratching, pinching or something else to bother, spine is straight as a stick 😁 Little one is 11 months old and 9.5kg and he enjoyed it. He sits in carrier and I put him on ma back like backpack. I’m delighted. If there will be another chance to test or rent this carrier I can’t wait

Nina Bukvić, Serbia

We said goodbye to each other yesterday… this is my first review so excuse me if I could be “scattered” 😇 so, baby is 9 months old in a few days, around 10kg. We were carried in RS and MT so far, this is our first onbu. As Milica said, I was afraid when I saw that there is no belt and how we are going to settle up and how exactly baby can sit in this???😄 First my husband helped me to settle up then we practiced that she sit/lay behind me so we go up something like that. I have to note that she is very active baby so there was fight 😁 Baby enjoyed in carrying however I settled up. Was she law, high, tighten, untighten, she didn’t care. She was pulling my hair, my ears, hitting my head, real enjoyment. Now my sight… when I first carried I felt pain in my shoulders after 5 minutes but then girls told me that we weren’t settled good. Second time I tightened stripes till the end and baby’s shoulders were in line with mine or almost in line and it was much easier. In the beginning is strange, little hard I think because we used to front carrying but after few minutes of walking sleepy stomach muscles are starting to wake up, spine becomes straight but then came problem where would I put my backpack now. 😄I have to change my bag. ☺️ Carrier has beautiful pattern, when we settled good it was comfortable on shoulders too. The only thing that bothered me was buckle across/above chest. Was it problem in settling or am I bony in that part but that problem I didn’t solved. But I suffer because baby enjoyed. ☺️ However, I would like to have one onbuhimo, but don’t know would it be exactly this one. For example, I feel more comfortable when I backcarry my baby in “ordinary” carrier than in this onbuhimo but maybe it’s just because of me and not much experience in settling. However I would like to try another one so I can compare it. Pictures are just from first two carrying/settling. Unfortunately that is how it looks like when you have bad phone which is falling apart all over the stairs until you are typing your message, carrying your baby and bags from market! 😎

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