Close Caboo

Close Caboo

Maria Cikora, Serbia

Thanks to this group we were able to use in a long term rent this Close Caboo. The Caboo has been with us since baby was 1month old to some 4months of age. That was our first contact with wraps and babywearing in general. Stretchy wraps and precisely the Caboo are ideal for small babies and starting babywearing. Our baby was quite big from the start but we were able to get a nice fit in the Caboo. Puting the carrier on is very easy and quick to master. It supports the baby nicely but is optimal when baby is smaller. The Caboo is soft and light but does heat us up a little. As inexperienced begginers we used to really overheat in the begining since it was winter and the house was really warm and both the baby and I were overdressed. We soon realised we’re much more comfortable when we wear less layers. At first the baby did protest when being put in the carrier but soon enough she got used to it and almost always fell asleep. Those moments of connection and closeness between a mom and baby created by babywearing are truly something special. I would reccomend the Caboo as a first carrier for new inexperienced moms but also those who have babyworn before.

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