Amazonas Carry Baby

Amazonas Carry Baby

Selma Hamidović Kujučev, Serbia

After some 20 days that we’ve had the Amazonas we’re ready for a review. Fist of all I would like to thank Ana Anastasijevic Vuletić for this wonderful group and the oppotrunity to try one of the baby slings. We took the wrap with us to summer vacation and took a 6km walk every evening. Baby was calmand fell asleep quite a few times. I like how it’s very easy and quick to put on. We got some guidelines from Jelena Antolković and soon enough we were enjoying babywearing. It might not be the perfect solution for extra long walks since I do have some pain in my back after 10 days of constant carrying. We used the wrap during some really hot weather but neither the baby or myself were bothered by it. In any case I really like it and am happy to be able to hold on to it for a while longer.

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