Moby Elastic Wrap

Moby Elastic Wrap

Zorana Putnikovic, Serbia

I’ve been using this wrap for month now. We use it often, baby is always happy when she’s see me wraping because she knows that we are going for a walk. Although wraping seemed hard at first, all it takes is a little practise (there are various Youtube video tutorials that can help you adjust the wrap properly). This wrap makes life easier, your hands are free and the baby can look all around. It’s comfortable for baby and soft. Baby slept in this wrap when we were outside. Two thing you should be vary about: 1. carryng baby in this wrap when it’s hot outside wasn’t to good experience for both me and the baby because we can’t stand heat. The solution to this problem is to wear light and comfortable clothes during hot days. 2. Because I have problems with my spine, carrying baby who is currently 7,5 kilos tend to be tiresome after some time (after about an hour). It’s not painful, but tiresome, but that’s just my experience because of the problem I have. To summarize: Moby wrap has been good choice for us and we will carry on using it. #lenastravelingcarriers

Nataša Nastasijevic, Serbia

As someone who didn’t use a wrap with my first baby I think I can say that a babywrap is the best thing to be invented. Since I’ve been using the wrap both my baby and I are enjoying. My baby is 2.5months old and 6.5kg. I would reccomend babywearing to everyone first of all for the convenience and then because I feel that babywearing, alongside with breastfeeding, is the most beautifull and conecting thing between a mom and baby. And dads can also enjoy babywearing. I can’t compare the Moby wrap to any other since this is my first one. Before deciding on a stretchy wrap I watched so many videos of it being used. What I noticed once I got it was that it’s not as stretchy as the ones in the videos and was a bit more difficult for me to put on but once you get a hang of it’s great. In the end; I’d reccomend it to everyone.

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