Chibolo Elastic Wrap

Chilbolo Elastic Wrap

Željka Krunić, Serbia

This wrap is with us for less than a week now. Our baby is 4months old, over 6kg and has some issues with “rigid” muscles or hypertonia. She is really enjoying! I am a bit of an anxilus mom who was scared of wraping a baby sling but we got it right from the first try and I love it. The wrap is soft and comfortable. It may not be the best choice for summer but is perfect for this spring. Older sister is a bit jelous and wants to carry her sister too. Our physiotherapist sasy we’ve made a good choice but she doesn’t really now how exactly we are wrapped. I hope to wear her for a long time and enjoy the closeness and smell of my baby.

Jovana Bjegovic, Serbia

We were very lucky to have this beautiful group send us a stretchy wrap. We enjoyed it for three months, right when we needed it the most. I hadn’t known about babywearing but thanks to this group I started to learn. I became a member when the beautiful Ana sent us a wrap.
This wrap is something amazing. Soft, elastic material that you can wrap quickly and it adjusts perfectly to the babys’ body. At first I wasn’t very skilful but after a few tries we were ready in just a few moments. It was summer when I got this sling but it’s all cotton so both the baby and I enjoyed it. I remember our first walks on the town, people were looking at us and smiling. This is a perfect wrap for begginers like we were. You enter the world of babywearing with something soft, nice and easy to use. There is nothing so beautiful as wearing your baby as they sleep in a sling. Thanks to this one we slept at home and out and about but also while mom made lunch. I would say it serves to some 10kg of babyweight. It can take more but then it needs more tightening. It really means much when you have free hands and your baby is sleeping or just enjoying being carried in something as soft as this and most importantly in the adequate position for them. We got to experience walks witouth tears and that was not the case when we tryed a stroller. It’s simple “I’m close to mom and it’s good”. I saw other moms breastfeed in a wrap but we haven’t tryed that.

All in all I would garde this an easy 10 and I’m sure it’s an amazing gift for any new mom. Thank you to the group for making this joy possible. Thank you from a haopy baby and mommy.

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