Babywearing Story Selena Smiljanić

Our babywearing story begins during my second pregnancy. I realized I wouldn’t be able to take my first daughter (2,5 years) to the kindergarten. I couldn’t imagine to go somewhere alone with two children and bulky baby stroller.

On my mind was this situation: Bus is coming. Me: “Please, sir, can you help me with this stroller? Madam, please, can you give hand to my daughter and help her to come to bus? Thank you! Nevena, please go with madam, give hand to her. It’s ok, she just want to help us. Sit with her, mamy will stay here with baby”. But my older girl wants to stay with me, baby starts crying… Our station – Please, can you help us to leave the bus?…” I didn’t want to depend from other people. And I wanted my free hands for walking and embracing my big baby. Then I heard that isn’t imposible when you use some wrap.

What kind of wrap? I didn’t know any mum who use that… First I saw elastic wrap in some store, than heard for wonderfol group Lena’s traveling carriers. It opens big door of babywearing to me, and give me pleasure to wear my baby in so many carriers. Now I wear her everywhere, not just where I can’t go with baby stroller.

For six months, she try that stroller about five times. And most times it finishes with crying and shifting in woven wrap. Than all of her problems were gone. And my heart is full of pleasure when I can kiss and embrace her all the time, when her small heart is on mine.

Definitely, babywearing is beautuful for all of us- baby feels closeness and security all the time, me and my husband feel pure love, and older child didn’t lose our attention and time even when we expand our little family.

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