Babywearing story Kristina Kostic

Hello,I’m Kristina from Belgrade, Serbia. I’m 27 years old, and have three kids. My first babywearing experience was with the Hug Bug elastic wrap, when my oldest child, Helena (2012), was 2 months old.

I wore her for up to 9 months,and then she was too heavy for this wrap. The next baby, Dunja(2014), I also wore in the same elastic wrap, for up to 9 months approximately.With my third child (2018) I started with the elastic wrap and then I discovered the whole babywearing world, various woven wraps, ring slings, ergonomic carriers,etc.

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers I tried a lot of it and found that woven wraps are my love. A fourth baby is coming soon, he will be worn in a woven wrap Loktu She from Lena’s traveling carriers,and I’m very grateful to this humanitary project for everything they do to help parents who need it.

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