Babywearing story Katarina Andrejic

My name is Katarina and I’m 27 year old. Mother of 2 boys Mihailo 4 year old (and 17kg) and Viktor 3 months old (7,200kg).We are from Belgrade and we love babywearing. 

My godmother Kristina Kostic introduced me to the world of carrying my first baby in an elastic wrap and I tried a kangaroo carrier because I did not know about ergonomic carriers, woven wraps and ring slings.. But now I have second child an she introduced me in this group and I am very grateful to her. We are currently wearing an elastic wrap , we have Bazzinga carrier and we have tried a woven wrap and we are waiting for the ring sling to test . And I will definitely rent a woven wrap probably  in the future. Babywearing is wonderful. Thanks  LTC. 

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