Babywearing Story Darija Maho

I have officially entered the babywearing world a little more than 6 months ago, when my baby boy was already 5 months old. However, that is not when our babywearing story started. Even during my pregnancy I thought about the idea of carrying my baby in an elastic wrap.  But, after giving birth and talking to my family and friends about it, they did not quite support or understood me (other than my husband, of course), which made me give up the idea for a while.

Being the rebel that I am, and having a baby that wanted to be around me all the time, I reconsidered and went and bought a SSC, as I only ‘trusted’ this type of carriers.

Some of my family members still thought I was crazy, and since I live in a small town where babywearing moms and dads are not something you see on a daily basis, we were quite a show. During my search for the first carrier I heard about Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps, but only a month later I joined LPN. And LPN family (yes, we are more than just group members, we are a family) changed my world and my opinion on SSC.

I still love SSC, don’t get me wrong, but through LPN I discovered my babywearing soulmate – Ring sling.

My baby is one year old now, and we still get to test the most amazing carriers and wraps, and are looking forward to giving a shot to woven wraps as well, as we did not have the chance to really get to know them. Oh, and just for the recored, we proved them wrong, our entire family is now in the babywearing world. 🙂

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