This group is unique in many ways.I start carry my son when he was 5 mounts old.I could afford just a ring sling little frog for my baby.When he was about 10kg,my rs wasn’t so comfortable for me.That will be the end for our carring that we didn’t find out for a Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers).This charity group give us an opportunity to test so many beautiful carriers and to rent it for a months or more.What you can ask more?I fell in love in beautiful wrap Storch Leo Marine,that was our first time wearing in the wrap and since then,my favorite carrier is wrap and than rs.My son is almost 23 months old now. For this time,in addition to wearing, I met some wonderful moms, not in live but when we go to chat it is like we’ve known each other for a very long time.The group is unique because it helps and gives support to parents and children who need love and understanding more then others. This group for me isn’t just a baby wearing group,this is for me LOVE,HAPPY,FRENDSHIP AND TRUST.Thank you all in LPN and thank you Ana Anastasijevic Vuletic thank you for your great heart!!!💙💙💙