LTC (Lena’s traveling carriers and wraps) is the the most special group in the world. Just one enthusiastic and beautiful soul decided to share her kindness with all the parents in need. From just one beautiful idea in her head, she created the most amazing kingdom in just one year.
With her little helpers,(admin team 💙) this wizard mom, succeeded to make secure place for caregivers, for small and not so small talk. A place to share our little daily success.
We all crave for free hands, peaceful baby and some quiet time. Without this group, a lot of members couldn’t be able to afford a carrier to help them achieve this.
LTC empower us to do good things for everyone. To help the one in need. To ask that young mom how is she doing. To spread love and beyond.
LTC brought some great people in my life. Some of them became friends for a lifetime. Some of them are making me laugh when I feel lonely and frustrated as a mother of three kids under the age of three.
And last but not least – a place without mom shaming.
When I grow up, I want to be as Ana and LTC! ❤️