DracoMom Hatchling Green

Ana Poljo, Serbia

Baby: Luka
Age: 3 months
Weight: 7 kg

The carrier is intended for carrying babies from birth. It is easy to adjust, so it is really an excellent choice for the very beginning of babywearing. The carrier is quite light and does not take up much space in the bag. A good choice for quick mounting when you’re on the go. Although I was skeptical about the tight, soft belt, I was pleasantly surprised. The straps cross at the back, and the panel can be shortened in length and width. The material is too soft and airy. During this time of great heat, it is not hard to carry a baby in it. I think that the carrier is ideal for small babies, I wouldn’t specify up to what weight, but I don’t think it would be so comfortable to carry a baby with a heavier weight. Anyway, a recommendation for this carrier in the beginning of babywearing.


Tatjana Avramović Joksić, Serbia

SSC and Mei Tai carriers – DracoMom Carriers Hatchling Baby size
At first glance, the carrier seemed very small compared to my baby 🙉🙈 Stefan is 10 months old and weighs about 9 kg and this carrier does not fit us primarily because of the width of the panels – we are out of baby size. But that’s why I am a proud aunt 🥰 Luka, he is a month and a half old and about 5 kg. This is his first carry. ☺️ The carrier is extremely comfortable and light, soft material and very pleasant to wear on hot days. All recommendations. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and DracoMom Carriers doo for this opportunity,we injoyed. 🙏✨💞

Milena Obradovic, Serbia

4 months
7 kg Thanks you LTC for opportunity to try out this softness and gorgeous carrier. It was love on the first sight. Soft on touch easy to adjust and realy comfortable. My son slept and enjoyed wherever we use it.

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