Ergobaby Omni Breeze Pearl Grey

Suzana Knežević, Serbia

First of all thank you wonderful family in Lena’s traveling carriers and Darija Maho on opportunity to enjoy in this carrier. For me and for the baby this carrier is love on first sight. We enjoyed it so much that we also slept in it.

Pre svega, divnoj porodici LPN i Darija Maho, veliko hvala na prilici da uživamo u ovom modelu nosiljke. I za bebu, i za mene, pomenuta nosiljka je ljubav na prvi pogled. Toliko smo uživale, da smo sa slatkoćom i dremnule.

Milijana Matic Babic, Serbia

Ergo Omni Breeze Pearl Grey baby size
Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and Mikroedra , for a chance to test this carrier. I heard a lot about it and was eager to try it. Baby tester is 8 month old, 8kg in weight and 68cm in height. The carrier is extremely comfortable, the waist belt is wide and firm, the shoulder straps follow the shoulder lines, the lumbar support is just wow. We have tried both front and face carries. When I set the baby to face me, the setting up is so fast and easy, the weight of the baby is evenly distributed. The face front carries asks for a bit more setting up, you need a lot of pelvic tilt to get the perfect position. That can be a bit complicated if the baby is restless, or pulls forward and wiggles, because that can shift the weight and moves the person who carries the baby. We enjoyed using it facing the parent, it suited us both in the best way. It is a great carrier for the summer, cause it’s so airy and the material is great.
Now, I have heard in some babywearing groups that you could use it with bigger children, as well as babies, so I decided to try it out. My toddler is 2,5 years old, 13kg in weight and 96cm in height. Those claimes are not true, it was too small for him, it was uncomfortable for both of us. It is truly a baby sized and perfect for one year olds.

Biljana Aleksandrovski, Serbia

Thank you Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for an opportunity to try Ergobaby. I was very curious when it comes to this carrier as it is probably the most well known carrier in the world. I have to admit it was very comfy, I really liked the belt and all those little pockets + bag. Everything on it just makes sense and I completely understand why it is so popular, details are fantastic. The material is not my favorite, feels like an armour to me, but it is airy, so this is just my personal experience. Although it is said that bigger babies can be carried, I have to say that it was almost small for my 6m old/70+cm tall baby. He barely had knee to knee support and my guess is that in a couple of months it would be too small for us. Nevertheless, this is a great carrier for smaller babies, he liked being in it, slept well, and I didn’t feel his 8kg at all. I would recommend everyone to try it and enjoy it!

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