Fillikid hiking carrier

Fillikid hiking carrier

Donation DarMar Outdoor

Snežana Simić, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and DarMar Nosiljke za decu planinarenje / outdoor sport & baby shop I had the opportunity to try this type of carrier for the first time.
Although at first glance it looks bulky and intended for our stronger halves, I was pleasantly surprised how the carrier is light and easy to use, how safe and comfort it is. The part where the child seat is placed is comfortable, which resulted in him not wanting to get out of the carrier. Safety belts are easy to adjust and provide safety because they cover all safety points (over the shoulders, sideways and between the child’s legs). The weight is well distributed for the carrier. The belt and straps are wide and theire thickness is ideal for this type of carrier . The weight is perfectly distributed, the material is breathable and pleasant even at higher outdoor temperatures. The carrier has a large compartment under the seat, for storing things that are most needed when you are outside with your child, as well as two compartments for bottle space. The sun or rain canopy is easy to install and remove to keep your child safe from all weather conditions. What thrilled me about this baby carrier is the position that a sleeping child can keep even when you take the baby carrier off, and it can also serve as a rest chair so that a complete day in nature is guaranteed with this baby carrier. In a situation when the child does not want to be carried, you can return the frame of the carrier with one stroke and carry the carrier on your back as a light and inconspicuous backpack.
Thank you Lena’s traveling carriers and DarMar Nosiljke za decu planinarenje / outdoor sport & baby shop for this unique but not the last experience with the Fillikid hiking carrier.


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