Luluna Slings – Driada Mossy Twilight

Size 6
60% cotton, 40% tencel

Darija Maho, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers I was able to test Kenhuru Olive Rocco wrap in size 6. This is one of the softest wraps I ever tried. It has a perfect balance of grip and glide, just a pinch of bounce. Moldable and supportive, suitable for all ages. The design is beautiful. I was afraid of high percentage of wool due to my sensitive skin, and I was surprised it is not itchy at all. A perfect wrap! Thanks again for this amazing opportunity.

Jelena Lazarevic, Serbia

I am delighted with this black and green scarf, but I did not manage to fit the baby in it. The scarf is soft and flexible, but we somehow did not manage to wrap ourselves nicely, the baby was still cold. #luluna #lenastravelingcarriers

Milijana Matic Babic, Serbia

I had the opportunity to test Luluna Driada Mossy twilight wrap in size 6. I really like Luluna wraps, do this one is not the exception. My girl is 4 months old and about 5kg, and she enjoyed. The blend is magnificent, it’s soft, thin and sets up nicely. Really enjoyed testing it. Thank you, LPN and Luluna.

Vesna Obradovic, Serbia

I become so detached to this wrap, by colours and by softness. It is so easy to wrap and thin that it blown me away. I love thin wraps and I would love to have this one in my personal stash. My wrapee is 5 month old and around 6kg and also my 2y old daughter with around 15kg. I also tried tandem with this wrap. Thanks Lena’s traveling carriers and Luluna Slings for this amazing opportunity.

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