Porto Baby Sling Light Gray

Donation from Elobaby

Mirta Zlošilo, Croatia

Tried it as a leader of the tour and a consultant for LPN in Croatia to know what to expect from other members tryouts. Personally I think that this is amazing eith smaller children (babies in precise) as a replacement for elastic wrap due to easier setting time. One small problem could be for parents that didn’t meet with any kind of wraps before. Carrier a lot remindes me of another simmilar brand but that is only bonus cause I felt that I already know how to handle it. My child is a bit big for it now with almost 4yrs so demo doll is not perfect measurment but I am thrilled to try it out when I give birth in spring. Fabric is great, shouldn’t be hot in it although it goes in 3 layers. To sum up – carrier is great but not suitable for non experienced parents that only used SSC.

Corrina Bacač, Croatia

I was really looking forward to try something new and I’m glad I did. That being said, I have some mixed reviews.
First, some informations. I’m 168cm and 74kg. My baby was 6 months, 69cm and 8.5kg.
So first time I tried it I was a bit confused just by looking at the carrier, but the guide that comes with it was very clear and I was able to put it on in few minutes. Keep in mind I have a lot of experience with both ssc and wraps, it would probably be a lot harder for someone who is inexperienced.
The panel on the back is really comfortable, but I did find it a bit harder to tighten the straps. It functions as a ring sling, but with the ring being down, I always had a bit of a slack that I just didn’t get to tighten. But still, I found it very comfortable, we enjoyed it.
I think with a smaller baby it would be even better.
What I didn’t like was the fact that the guide showed as an option to carry without the third layer (which is completely removable). I think it’s very unsafe, because babies lean back, and with the first two layers forming a “V” shape behind baby’s back I had the feeling that was a falling hazard. I’m already familiar with similiar type of carry so I knew what to expect when I started wrapping it and I kept the hand behind my baby’s back and good thing I did. I think it’s something that should be clearly stated. Even with the third layer I felt a bit of discomfort regarding the leaning, the panel just wasn’t big enough for my little one, or at least that was the feeling I got.
To summarize- it’s an interesting concept that could be an alternative for smaller babies. I would use it as an elastic wrap, although elastic wrap is still easier to pop in a little baby.
I really wanted to like it more because my back never felt so good and I did enjoyed carrying my little big one in it.

Monika Barišić, Croatia

This beautiful carrier amazed me how light it is comfortable and easy to set up. Baby is safe inside and ready for sleep for literally a minute, of course it’s a little harder for someone who hasn’t encountered a ring sling so far. My baby is 11 months and 10 kg, I see that it would not be so comfortable for us for a long time, so I would recommend it for children up to about a year and a half. Material is comfortable, the pattern is wonderful that fits everything and for me personally the best carrier I have tried so far!

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