DracoMom carriers De Novo Ice Cream

DracoMom Carriers

Aleksandra Joksimovic, Serbia

I finally got a chance to try a carrier so much praised among other parents – DracoMom. At the moment of testing, my wee one is 4 months old and weighs cca. 6 kg.
So, let’s start. Expectations? Had a lot of them and all were very high.
The carrier has a nice, soft, adjustable panel and comfortable straps. It offers a cross-strap option which is, in my opinion, a great move on #Dracomomcarriers’ part with the new DeNovo collection. The belt is also very supportive, but I’d like it more if it were a bit softer. 🙂 As for the panel itself, it is super easy to adjust. We had fun with Ice creams these few days and both me and the baby enjoyed cuddling in it.
In a nutshell:this is a nice, high-quality carrier and I would not object to adding it to my collection one day.
A huge thanks to both @Lenastravelingcarriers and @Dracomomcarriers for providing us with the opportunity to try this carrier. ❤

Vasiljević Katarina, Serbia

This is the second carrier from this manufacturer’s that we’ve tried. It’s little to say we’re thrilled. We were particularly impressed by the canvas. The carrier is the right choice for a little colder days. We didn’t get a chance to try the crossword shoulder pads, but we found it interesting anyway. The baby’s five months old and almost eight kilos and I didn’t feel her weight. The only thing that was crazy to me was a transverse belt that’s on the opposite side than the carrier we use. We love it and we would recommend it ❤️

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