DracoMom carriers De Novo new collection

New De Novo DracoMom carriers collection offer additional hio carry position and wearing cross straps.

Sanja Gajic, Serbia

Thank to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and DracoMom Carriers doo for this great experience. This carrier is pure perfection! At first I was surprised how lightweight this carrier is, and then how soft it is. Tester weights about 8kg and is 8,5 months old.
Carrier is really soft, beautiful and comfortable. Belt is perfect, shoulder straps are adjustable and whole carrier as well. We will recommend this type of carriers to anyone, but especially to people who spend more time outdoors. Thank you again đź’™

Szilvia Turi, Serbia

DracoMom De Novo carriee is the first carrier with buckles that I ever tried. I had a few difficulties at the start, but after a few tries and the help of wonderful admins I managed in the end. The carrier is comfortable, soft and thanks to to the mash on the panel we were able to carry even in the apartment where it was very warm. The 3.5 months old baby feel asleep very fast in the carrier.

Thanks for the opportunity to test it #lenastravelingcarrier #framedcarrrier #ltctester

Gordana Petkovic, Serbia

Thanks to @Lenine putujuće nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and @DracoMom Carriers we have tested yet another beautiful carrier. And without any doubt DracoMom Carriers are perfection. After trying many carriers from this brand I thought nothing will surprise me further but then they made something new and even more perfect. New De Novo Collection came with mash and cover and this is very soft and adjustable carrier. Because of mash and cover it is ideal for all seasons. Belt is the right amount of softness as aslo straps. Adjusting panel in hight and width is really easy and parents friendly. My baby is almost 14months and 10kg and I haven’t felt her weight at all while carrying. We used carrier also while breastfeeding and in one word to back to beginning of review – this carrier is perfection.

Danica Blagojevic, Serbia

I would like to say how much I am grateful Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) & DracoMom Carriers doo for opportunity to try this amazing carrier. This is our first carrier and we are so happy that we had a chance to test it. We are 5.5 months old and have cca 8 kg and I didn’t even have a feeling that I carry baby. We were using carrier mostly for napping and for goodnight cuddles. I would recommend this carrier everybody because it is great for enjoying in cuddles through the whole year and all type of weather.

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