HoneyBee Family Serenity Full Wrap Conversion SSC

HoneyBee Family Serenity Full Wrap Conversion Soft Structure Carrier in Toddler size

Ana Vuletic, Finland – certified babywearing consultant

I was particularly excited to get this carrier and try it. I highly respect Handwoven as form of art and HoneyBee Family states that Serenity wrap is made on 200 year old loom and dyed with natural colours.


The carrier comes in simple but beautiful eco friendly bag which I also loved as detail.

In package

In package there is Instructions and carrier nicely folded.


As mentioned at the beginning the carrier is full wrap conversion of handwoven wrap Serenity and it has at least 2 layers and I have impression under hand that there is also possible third middle layer. Serenity draws its inspiration from an oceanic sunrise. The wrap is firm and have texture of linen wich comes with high density when weaving in plain wave. Wrap is made from Ecuadorean high-altitude organic cotton. Even in Finland warm days are over when carrier arrived I think it is also really good summer choice.


Oh  I was so happy when I saw all buckles are dual buckles. I love dual buckles and here they are on waist and straps and even chest strap.

Dual buckles allow you to adjust carrier easier regardless you are wearing in front or back you can tighten them in direction you are comfortable with. Also for waist buckle I find it much easier to tighten properly as you can pull in both directions simultaneously.


Straps are generously stuffed and longer then on standard carriers (52cm). But they have PFA (Perfect fit adjusters) wich allows you to make them shorter and I really appreciate this as that makes them adjustable to more different body shapes and sizes. Straps are also curved to provide better support and follow natural curve of body. I have tried carrier with my 6 year old (25kg) and my 3 year old (14kg) and padding on straps make it easier to hold heavy weight.


This carrier is declared to be Toddler size allowing to carry safely weight of 75lbs or 35kg. Panel width – 45cm and Panel height 45cm.

My 3y old did not have support from knee to knee but it is not necessary as she is a walker and still have that M position. In height she can still be fully covered with panel and hood fits her perfectly. So I would say starting point is around 2 years and size 92cm as I believe for smaller babies they will be with panel over head. My 6year old lost M size position but panel was right still in size 130cm.

Tara, 3y old
Lena, 6 years old panel is under her arms and still good in height


Waist is firm and comfortable. It doesn’t break over weight even when I have put my 25kg daughter. It takes a lot of kg away. It has 2 breaking points to deliver more comfort and better fit. It has some padding in waist but just enough. It really suits my body shape.

Soft knee support

There is extra padding around knee for more comfortable carry. Not too much and not too little, just enough cush especially in summer days.


Hood is sold separately and it is detachable with clips. It has two strings to secure it on straps. It is unique shape wich stands perfectly on babies head. The clip to attach hood is on slider so it can be easily adjusted.

Instructions / manual

I was bit surprised that Instruction manual was Jublii and logo on the carrier but I guess that HoneyBee Family partnered with them for custom carriers. Instructions are clear and printed black and white and I was pleasantly surprised that all women shapes are represented in pictures.


HoneyBee Family did good with this carrier. For me it has everything I like and it came just in perfect timing. It can maybe not be the best fit for really slim people but I would highly recommend as a carrier especially if you are plus size as myself. It is high limited eidtion and in Europe it will be declared as High End Carrier as it comes with a price of 1.217$ plain and if you add hood and suck pads it will cost you 1.563$

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