Freda baby size wrap conversion

Freda baby size wrap conversion

Maja Živković, Serbia

Once again, thanks to #LPN and #CarriersByFreda we have chance to rent this lovely Freda baby size carrier. This was 2nd Freda for us because we love it😁. Panel is made from Little frog woven wrap, it’s soft, this is easy fit and easy to adjust carrier.
Baby tester is now 11 months old, about 8,5kg weight, so unfortunately this carrier will soon be small for us.
We enjoy to were it.

Ivana Nedic, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers I had the opportunity to test Freda carrier. This design is beautiful, the material is soft and breathable. Since this carrier is fully adjustable in width and height it can be used for long period of time . The belt is firm, keeps everything in place. The straps are padded nicely and comfortable. Since the carrier will be with us until the summer, we will be able to hopefully enjoy it for a long time to come.
Thanks again!

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