Little Frog Red Cube

Little Frog Red Cube
100% cotton

Zorica Beljanski, Serbia

This beautiful ring sling has been our dear guest. It was the right type of carrier for us, since baby sometimes used to like to walk together with her mammy, sometimes just to snuggle up with her. She is 1 year old and around 10 kilos, but it is so easy to put the baby in the right position, and it doesn’t move. It glides easily through the rings, and at once you and a baby feel comfy. Thanks a lot to “Lenine putujeće nosiljke” ❤️❤️❤️and “Little Frog” for such a beautiful Sling Red Cube.😍😍😍

Tamara Babin, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we had an opportunity to we try Little Frog ring sling #littlefrogLPN.
The fabric feels great to touch; it is soft and smooth, slightly thicker yet runs smoothly through the rings. The wrap sits nicely and doesn’t cut in shoulder. It is way easier to tighten this wrap than wraps made of other types of fabric, such as linen. thanks to LPN we now have us RS from the same brand. I can say we are fascinated
Tnx Lena’s traveling carriers and Little Frog

Ana Ikonic, Serbia

Thanks to LPN we got opportunity to try Little Frog Red cube. This beautiful ring sling has been our guest for almost 3 months, and it is still with us. This was 1st RS I tried with my 5 months old doughter, weight around 6,5 kg and I have no problem to set it. It is very comfortable, and easy to adjust. Wrap is a so soft and it slides through the rings easly. It takes less than a minute to set it and you are ready to go

Sanja Nikolic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarriers we have the opportunity to try the ring sling again, this time for a little longer. In the moment of renting, my baby is 9 months old and about 9kg .The Little Frog Red Cube is lovely, soft and easy to set up, although I’m not too experienced in using it. The baby immediately fell asleep. A she isn’t calm baby at all .Thanks again to this wonderful group for allowing me to get to know the world of babywearing.Sending hearts to everyone❤️❤️❤️

Mira Madzarevic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcarrers we had the opportunity to try a little red cube frog and we were delighted with the quality and with a material that is light and therefore almost breathable. When the ring sling arrived, the baby was 5 months and 5 kg . I’m not an expert on the ring sling, but I managed with ease and the baby is very comfortable, which shows that every time I put it on, she falls asleep. Apart from the quality of the scarf, the design itself is very interesting. Thanks to this wonderful group @Lena’s traveling carriers which allowed us to behave and love even more my daughter and I. Greetings

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