What not to do while babywearing

Above all use common sense. Here is a list of some most common list what is not allowed while babywearing (same goes as babyhandling). Keep in mind that while babywearing our balans can be affected, we are taking more space and visibility can be lower

Sport Activities

If not specifically designed class for parents while babywearing (some exercises or dance classes) all other sport activities should be avoided. Running, Rolers, Skiing, Bicycle… regardless how expirience you are.

Cooking and open fire

Avoid cooking while babywearing as also usage of sharp objects, hot surface or hot food and liquid. Hot oil can splash and caused burns. Avoid open flame and fire on bbq, stoves, bonfire…


Avoid cleaning house with strong chemicals while babywearing. Also all activities that require protective gear, like painting, spraying, usage of glue..

Swimming and slippery terain

Even there are some carriers specially designed for water they are designed only for standing in water on a safe surface in shallow watter, without waves and danger to loose control. They are not designed for swimming. Be extra careful on slippery surfaces like those around pool.

Climbing and Jumping

Climbing on any surface is dangerous while babywearing as they can result in fall. (Example rock climbing, ladders…) Jumping on trampoline, jumping in to the water, jumping over the rope…

Dangerous environments

As dangerous environment we can list for example construction sight, sport games with flying objects, music concerts not only because of noise but also large group of people we don’t have control over. Be extra aware of insects, animals and overall surroundings. Also be aware when passing narrow spaces.

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