Little Frog Carrier Toddler Orange Ammonites

Little Frog Carrier Toddler Orange Ammonites

Snežana Simić, Serbia

Thanks Lena’s traveling carriers and Little Frog – chatter box for having the opportunity to test the Little Frog Toddler Carrier – Orange Ammonites.
The carrier is in toddler size, but since it has a completely adjustable panel in height and width, I was able to carry my child who is 15 months old and wears size 80. The belt is quite firm and as such is very comfortable. The panel is made of woven wrap of beautiful design and color, soft and gentle under the arm. The shoulder straps have the possibility of crossing on the back for greater comfort in front carries. It was a pleasure to test this carrier.


Azra Velisavljev, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) we had the opportunity to have a great week with this carrier. It is the first of Little Frog I have tested, and I am surprised how lightweight it is, although it’s toddler size, belt is very cushy and shoulder straps are nicely filled and thick, very comfortable. It is adjustable in height and width so it fits both for smaller child and a todler. My boy is nearly two years old, size 86, and it was like made for him. We loved it!


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