Isara The Trendseter creamy code

Ivana Tominac, Croatia

Isara toddler 🥰
#tester #lenastravelingcarriers

We had isara toddler on a test, thanks to the Lena’s traveling carriers 🤗
First of all, i forgot how soft isara carriers are . I really don’t know did i ever tryed something so soft.
Carrier is like always, comfortable, easy to adjust, soft and really really beautyfull. This one has a posibility to cross straps and bucle them under the baby’s legs, so you get a position similar to the one in a wowen wrap. For me, iz was easyer to carry it normaly. Baby’s on the photo are 9 months, 2,5 years and 4 years. I need to say that iz was comfortable to carry a 4-year old. 🥰

Tea Orešković Sertić, Croatia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I had opportunity to test Isara The Trendsetter Creamy Code in toddler size. I try this carrier with my 17 months old girl, 3 years old boy and 5 years old girl. Although this carrier is suitable for my youngest we had some difficulties beacuse she is very tiny for her age. We could adjust width of the panel perfectly. She likes to have arms out and then panel was to high for her so she couldn’t fit in properly. Weistbelt and shoulder straps were very comfortable. I have to admit it was the best for my boy. #isara #isarathetrendsetter #lenastravelingcarriers

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