Kamaris Ring Sling

Kamaris Ring Sling, 100% cotton, 240gsm

Nevena Bisak, Serbia

Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers we had opportunity to try this RS and use it for a month.
During this period we used it only in house because i needed one more hand to finish everything in the house. I didn’t kinda like it so much because it is hard to go through the rings, but the baby liked it, and it is not so comfy for longer carrying. Anyway it helped me with baby growing tooth’s and being alone with him☺️
Baby is 6m/8,5kg

Aleksandra Pavlovic, Serbia

By courtesy of #lenine putujuce nosiljke, we had the pleasure to use this lovely ring sling. My baby girl is 9 months old, weighs approximately 8 kg and this was our first ring sling. It is very supportive and fabric is soft and comfortable. It was easy for my baby to fall asleep in it. It makes carrying a sleeping baby an easy task and does not pressure on back or makes you uncomfortable. Sling has beautiful color, it’s great for hot summer days and we really enjoyed using it for past three monts ❤️

Danica Čolaković, Serbia

Kamaris ring sling is a great solution for a person who has two and a half year old child, and a baby, such as my self. Free hands are something that i need when we go out together. It is very comfortable, for both of us. Baby often falls a sleep during our walk. We learned to use it quickly, material slides nicely through the rings. It is easy to handle. This is our first time that we tried to use this tipe of carrier, and we had a very nice experience. When the weather is hot, cold or rainy, kamaris ring sling is a warm recommendation. We are grateful for having the opportunity to use this carrier. Thank you “Lena’s travelling carriers”.

Ana Frank Krstić, Serbia

This was our second RS that we have ever tried and I can’t really say that I was delighted. It was too stiff, it doesn’t slide easily through the rings, it hurts on shoulder and it’s hard to lay it off with only one hand. We were carrying in the house and also in one hour walks and it’s ok, but somehow purple one with fringes is good example of soft RS and I really enjoyed in it. In the time of carrying, baby was 3,5/4 months and weights over 6kg. She didn’t revolt, but for me as a carrier it didn’t knock me off my feet. I think it’s because it’s not break enough.

Irena Fridl, Serbia

First RS and first carrier ever tried. I think I was the first one who tried it. It’s not broken, it was really stiff and it was hard to slide it through the rings. Baby didn’t like something in it. My mother also tried it in the yard and we carried it in the shopping mall. It was carried shortly, not even half hour because it was uncomfortable for me. Maybe it would be better when it breaks more. Thanks Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for this opportunity to try something new for us. I will try other carrier until I found appropriate for carrying.

Sanja Putnik, Serbia

We had opportunity to test this RS and I can say we liked it. Baby 8,5kg and 7,5 months…
It’s first RS that we tried, maybe it’s stiffed but it was ok to us. It holds baby great and how we set it, it stays like that. We couldn’t set up good every time, I think it needs more practice, but when we succeed, it didn’t hurt anywhere and it’s comfortable. Thanks to this wonderful group Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and admin team who enable us to try something new.

Jovana Jovanović, Serbia

RS and I couldn’t bond somehow. Baby was 4+ and around 9kg in the time of testing, but he didn’t want to cooperate really. I was giving up couple of times because I couldn’t make ideal position. Compared with wrap, wrap was more for me probably because load is on both shoulders (or because I made some mistakes with RS). Big thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) for opportunity for carrying until we were grown enough for our carrier.

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