Balkan traditions in babywearing

✨ Nurture Balkan traditions In babywearing ✨

We recently got idea to try to get hold on old traditional carriers used across Balkan by our grandgrandmams and try to make at some point collection of pictures with those as a loving memory. This will be our tribute to pay respect and spread awareness that babywearing is not something “new and modern” but something it has been also in our community for so long.

Till now we collected:
Vlaška torba – trasta – inharated and in family of one of our admins @maladebeladevojka

Then one of our members Leja help us scout :
Cedilo – gornjeg visoka – (Stara planina) Old Mountain, Pirot.

And this is: Ljuljka from Timočka krajina

We will try to find more if possible trough time and then write accordingly, but we just wanted to share this new idea and invite you all if happens that you across something similar to please let us know.

Will be wonderuful if we manage to find also more, for example those on next pictures:

Krepoljin, Serbia, Žagubica 1959. (Traditional babywearing)
Serbia, Osanica, Žagubica, mother with a cradle and Chapel, 1958. (Traditional babywearing)

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