Manduca Sling

Leja Stojiljković Mitrović, Serbia

Manduca sling is an interesting elastic wrap, made of 100 % cotton, thin, but strong. It holds easily my 5 months old and 6 kg weight child. It is easy for wraping, but not too warm wrap. The length is also very good, not too long, but it ‘s not short eather. I am very thankful to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and manduca for a chance to try it. #lenastravelingcarriers

Adnana Hodžić, Serbia

I have been surprised by the strength of this 100 % cotton elastic wrap. It can carry either a small baby and my baby of 6 months old and around 8kg weight, without any pressure and problems, and I believe that can carry bigger babies too. Color is a neutral,material is thin but strong. Thanks Lena’s traveling carriers and manduca for this opportunity to try elastic wrap for the first time, it was a big pleasure for me and my baby ❤️❣️

Nataša Kuzmanovic, Serbia

This is the first time i have tried an elastic wrap and in a word i am thrilled. The color is great because it is neutral and not much thick. The baby is 7 months and 7.5kg and we enjoyed making all 3 connections. I’m very sorry that I haven’t tried it before and I recommend it to absolutely everyone because I think it can be worn from birth, even when the baby is heavier. Thanks to the Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and manduca for this opportunity.

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