Nashsling Next Air – Uno

Nashsling Next Air – Uno
Baby size
6-36 months
Cotton with mesh 100% polyester

Maja Savic, Serbia

Thanks to #lenastravelingcariers and #nashslingsltc we had the opportunity to try this wonderful carrier, the material is perfect, even during the summer one layer can be removed over the baby’s back, that thrilled me. We wore it for almost 2 hours on the first day and we were comfortable, I didn’t feel the baby’s weight.
The baby is 14 months old and 10.5kg
I’m sorry we don’t have another picture, I hope that’s not a problem.

Azra Velisavljev, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and amazing woman Tanya Denisenko we had a chance to enjoy in another lovely carrier, the diference is that this one has a mesh for hot days. We used this carrier a lot, but not the mesh because it is winter time. The material that covers the mesh is on the zipper at it can be rolled down. At first impression, the carrier is light weight, easy to fold and take it with you in some bag. I love linen, it is airy but strong, easy to maintain, that is why I think that it would be great for summer even without mesh. Linen is so breathable. Carrier can be adjusted in height, so it fits to smaller child and also go a toddler. Panel can be narrowed, also to fit the baby, but I didn’t really like that button pulling through system, I didn’t find it practical, it took me time to adjust it. Also the belt could be little softer, but it is very comfortable. Overall I really liked this carrier, me and my little one had such a nice time with it. We tried back carry also and it worked just fine.Even dad wanted to carry him. I would definitely recommend it to all.


Olivera Bajić Ristic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) and we were able to test this great carrier. I like it, the height and the width of panel are easily adjustable. And it has mesh on the back wich can be very useful when it’s hot outside, although we didn’t use it because it cold outside now. My son enjoyed in it, and he has 11,1kg and is 83cm high.

Bojana Ćelap, Serbia

I had high expectations for this carrier because I already use one from this manufacturer, just another model. This carrier is very comfortable, the panel is adjustable from knee to knee and there is a possibility to lower the front part during the summer. It is suitable for small babies and older children, as well as for all seasons. My baby is 9 months and 10kg at the moment and the carrier fits her perfectly. All recommendations for this carrier! It’s made of cotton, it’s sturdy and meets all my needs and expectations. Thanks to Lena’s traveling carriers and Nashsling.

Marija Zivkovic Nikolic, Serbia

Thanks to Lenine putujuce nosiljke (Lena’s traveling carriers) I tried one more Nash sling carrier, and it I love it. It is easy to adjust, comfortable, shoulder straps are well padded and very comfortable, like the weist belt too. And this one is great for all seasons because of the air mesh. My boy is now 21 months old, and around 12 kg weight and it is still comfortable for longer walks. Thanks again for this great opportunity ❤️

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